You're on the air

Elphie? Do you hear me?

I'm underground

Why do you never pay attention to me?

I thought you loved me.

Signals fading

"Glinda, I can't love you.

I can't feel.

Can't be found"

How can you actually believe that?

I know you can feel.

I've finally opened up,

I love you. You love me.

For you I would do anything

Who told you the thing about your soul?

You have more soul than anyone I know.

But you've turned off the volume

Just when I began to sing.

Come to your senses

I've seen you, the life you have.

Defenses are not the way to go

Just let love happen.

And you know or at least you knew

That this was the right thing.

Everything's strange, you've changed

Now you're just turning your back.

And I don't know what to do

I want you to love me.

To get through

I want to get through to you.

I'm here. Notice me.

I don't know what to do.

I have to laugh

Elphaba, are you paying attention to him?

We sure put on a show

Fiyero's your lover. But you don't seem to love him.

Love is passé in this day and age

Love doesn't mean much

Here in the Emerald City.

How can we expect it to grow?

When there's no life, there's no love.

You as the knight

You always fight for what you believe in.

Me as the queen.

He just waits for you to come home.

All I've got tonight

And that wasn't going to last for long.

Is static on a screen.

Come to your senses

Standing over Fiyero's corpse,

Defenses inside are not for real

She felt everything inside of her collapse.

If we feel as we did and I do.

Memories of Glinda flooded back.

Why had she ever told anyone she loved them?

Can't you recall when this all began?

It was only you and me

Love didn't work for Elphaba.

She lost Galinda and Fiyero…

She was beginning to lose herself.

It was only me and you.

But now the air is filled with confusion.

There's something to be said for

The Novelty of love.

Maybe that was what Elphaba had felt.

We've replaced care with illusion.

It's cool to be cold.

Anyway, Elphaba wasn't the intimate kind.

Nothing lasts anymore

When she was alone at Kiamo Ko,

She wondered why she had thrown away love.

Love becomes disposable

But she didn't care anymore.

This is the shape of things we cannot ignore.

Come to your senses

Elphaba didn't have a soul,

So she couldn't love.

Suspense is fine

And yet, she'd fallen in love.

If you're just an empty image emanating out of a screen.

Elphaba wasn't her own person anymore.

Baby, be real, you can feel again.

She was just a vessel for anger.

She'd never be able to love.

You don't need a music box melody

To know what I mean.

But after Fiyero and Elphaba died,

Glinda couldn't see that being true.

Deep in my eyes,

Glinda had seen love in Elphie's dark eyes.

What do you see?

She'd seen heart, but had she seen soul?

Deep in my sighs, listen to me.

Glinda had heard Elphaba speaking words of love.

Let the music commence from inside

When Elphaba sang, her voice had resonated

With soul.

Not only one sense, but use all five.

Maybe the soul is grown by others.

Come to your senses.

Perhaps soul is the kind of thing

That only shows when you try to use it.

Come to your senses.

Maybe you have to believe in a soul

For it to exist.

Come to your senses,

But Glinda knew that Elphaba had a soul.

A soul can be broken, just like a heart.

The soul can be nurtured back to life.

Baby, come back alive.