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Importance Of Family

Mary Winchester gazed down adoringly at Sam and Hazel who were 6 months old. She looked over as she saw her oldest son Dean, who was 6 come into the room. She smiled and motioned for him to come over.

"Hey Dean, wanna say goodnight to sammy and Hazel?" she asked him smiling warmly. Dean smiled happily and nodded

"Goodnight Sammy" he said kissing his little brother on the forhead. He turned to the next crib and leaned over his sister "Goodnight Hazel" he said kissinf her on the cheek. Mary hugged her son

"Your a good big brother Dean. Your brother and sister are really going to look up to you one day" she said, her long curly blonde hair brushging across his cheek. There was the sound of quiet footsteps and they turned to see John walk in the room. Dean broke into a smile and ran to his dad

"Daddy!" he said and john smiled scooping him up into his arms. His down to him was his hero. Even though at 6 he had no idea what a hero was, he was crazy about his dad. John smiled and tossed him into thr air

"Hey kiddo" he said ruffling the boys blonde hair. Dean laughed as his dad put him down. Marry walked over

"Ok you too, be quiet I just got Sam and Hazel to sleep" Mary scolded, but she couldnt keep from smiling. John kissed her

"Sorry...Hey Dean, why dont you let your mom tuck you in while I say goodnight to your brother and sister" John said. Dean frowned and looked over at the cribs, and then back up to his parents

"Mybe I should sleep in here, in case they get scared" he said. Mary and John looked at each other, and then back down at there son. Mary scooped Dean up and headed out the door.

"Honey there not going to scared, I promise theres nothing here that can hurt them" she said carrying him to bed. John walked over to the cribs and kissed his daughter and son and smiled fondlty down at them

Later that night

Mary was sitting in bed readinh and John was still dressed sitting next to her. Mary smiled John often had isomnia and was unable to sleep. A month agao she had bought him a brown leather journal to write his thoughts down when he couldnt sleep. He had only used it a couple of times.

"John, have you tried writing in your diary, it might help,,that is why I bought it you know" she teased. He blinked and look over at her smiling.

"I know...I might ina afew minites" he said. Mary went back to her book, but stopped and looked up siddenly. Every hair on her body was standuing up and she felt the presence of something evil. She threw back the covers

"John, did you hear that?" she asked. John looked at her and then cocked his head listening. It was quiet for a moment, then thjere was the sound of a thud and something being scooted across the floor.

"The kids John!" she yelled heading for the door. He leaped out of bed and stopped her

"You check on the kids honey! and I'll check downstairs!" he said and hurredly went down stairs. He looked around for a few minutes, and then heard a scream for upstairs, followed by the sound of babies screaming.

"Mary!" he yelled seriously panicked now. He flew up the stairs and into the nursery. Dean was standing there looking up in horror at the ceiling. John hurridkly picked Dean up, who whimpered. JOhn looked up and his mouth opened in horro as he saw his wife pinned to the ceiling. Her mouth was opened ina silent scream and burst into flames. The entire nursery exploded in flames. John coughed and set Dean down. He picked up Hazel and Sam, who were screaming and ran into the hallway. He handed the babies to Dean

"Dean! take your brother and sister outside as fast as you can Go Now!" John yelled. Dean, nodded terrrified and ran quickly outside. A few minutes later John came out and grabbed Hazel from Dean. Fire trucks were soon heard and John sat on the grss crying holding a scared wide eyues hazel in his arms and with ana rm around Dean, who was holding Sam.

2 weeks later

John came through the door rubbing his face tiredly. He hadnt shaved in 2 weeks and he was getting quit the beard on him. Not that it mattered, His wife was Gone and if it wasnt for his kids, he didnt know what he would do. They were the only thing that kept him sane. John hadnt been to work since that night, but not getting a paycheck and without MARY to bring in the extra income, he feared some utilities would get cut off soon. He had chalked that night up to a supernatural incident. 2 nights after the fire, when he had been abvle to think clearere. He had spent most of his time at the library reading and doing internet research on everything he could find supernatural. He vowed to get revenge on the thing that had detroyed his family. He had even come across some online references about "Hunters" people who hunted all things Supernatural or unexplained. He had even found the address of a pastor Named Jim who was supposidly an expert. He had went to him and ever since them the man had taught John all knew about how to hunt and what things killed and what what weapons to use. Sadly, some of them were expensive, so, with a heavy guilty heart, John had gotten into Sams college find and even Deans. which Mary and Him had been saving since they were born. John looked at Jim sitting with Sammy, feeding him and Hazel was laying ona blanket chewing on it. Dean, who was coloring in a book, looked up and ran to him

"Daddy...I'm hungry and Jim can't cook" He said crossing his small arms. If he hadnt been so tired, he would have laughed. Jim chuckled and stood up handing Sam to him.

"Thanks Jim" John said gently taking Sam from him. Jim nodded and put his coat on. Jim was getting old with salt and pepper hair, but physically fit, as all hunters were.

"Did you find the thing?"

"No, the guy I talked too was too shaken up to think about it...It was like I suspected it Jim a fire in the nursery, same as Mary and the guys story was Identickle to ours" John said going to lay Sam down in the car seat. Jim Sigh and came over to place a hand on his friends shoulder

"Next time John I'm coming with you. Your taking too many risk lately. I know your still grieving over Mary, but you have 3 great kids to think about and they need more stability"

"Thanks Jim, but I work better alone...what do I owe you?" he asked taking a a checkbook, he was down to his last 4 checks. Jim waved his off

"You owe me nothing John I know your struggling finacially...I'll see you later" he said nodding at him and leaving. John shut the door behind him, and turned to his 6 year old son who was playing with an old truck he had managed to salvage. As he looked at Dean, a sadness washed over him and he wished he could keep his kids innocent forever. Dean was already having to grow up to fast and pretty soon, Sam and hazel would have the burden that there older brother did. John went to the kitchen and he could hear Dean following. He checked the cabinet buit there was only a few cans of soup and 2 cans od spagetti-o's, a jar of spagetti sauce and a pack of pasta. Opening the fridge, there was only a jar of peanut butter and a half carton of eggs.

"Dad, can you make spagettii for dinner" Dean ask hopefully his big green eyes looking longinly up at his dad, his rock and Hero. The one person in the world since his mother died that could make him feel safe and secure. John was exhausted from his last hunt, and hated to tell Dean no, but these days, he had little choice. Besides, with what little money he had in the bank he couldnt afford much groceries and they needed to save the spagetti for when they really needed it.

"Sorry buddy, its either soup or spagetti-o's for Dinner" he said. Deans shoulders slumped, but, afraid his dad would be dissapointed with him for acting like a baby, he forced a smile.

"Ok...I want chicken noodle...what about Sammy and Hazel?" he asked looking back toward the living room. John took two already made bottles from the fridge.

"Go feed them for me ok? and I'll make your soup" he said adding water and the soup to the pan on the stove. He watched from the kitfchen as Dean gently sat both babies up and propped them against the pillow. Sam took his bottle hungrily, but Hazel although young, was stubborn and batted her bottle away.

"Hazel,,,drink it please?" Dean said gently, pushing it against her lips, the baby smiled and finally allowed Dean to feed her. John smiled crossing his arms at how loving and Gentle Dean was with his Siblings. John poured the soup into a bowl and added Chedder gold fish crackers on top, one of Deans favorites.

"I'll take it from here buddy" he said. Dean nodded and sat at the coffee table eating while his dad fed the babies.

The next Day, John made the desicion that He wanted Dean to start hunting with him. He wcouldnt at his age of course, he figured he would wait until Dean was about 10. Until the, he needed to start training him. The first lesson was how to shoot. After school, John took Dean in the backyard and placed some cans on a fence. He didnt trust Dean with a real gun, so he had bought a bebe gun that wasnt too heavy for Dean to start out with. Dean made his way into the backyard and dropped his green backpack on the ground looking wary, but also excited. John Handed him the gun, and explained how to hold it

"Now use your left hand and hold it close to the top like this and your right hand gripping the trigger, but not too hard becuase you dont want it to go off" John said placing Deans hands in the right places. Dean sigh

"Daddt do I have to do this? I'm tired and hungry" he said in almost a wine. John looked at him sternly

"Yes Dean, this is important. You remember why I hunt right?"

"Yes, to find the thing that killed mommy" Dean said in almost a whisper, and tears welled in his eyes. He miised his mom so much. but he didnt like to cry, becuase his dad always told him that crying was a form of weakness and didnt do any good. Dean believed him becuase he was his hero and wanted to be just like him.

"Thats right...and I'm going to Teach Sam and Hazel when there old enough too..now get ready and aim for the can...thats it...now pull!" he shouted and Dean took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. He jumped at the loud sound and looked over, he had hit the can bulls eyes and it was laying on the ground. His dad beamed down at him

"I did it! daddy did you see..." Dean said excitedly.

"Good job Dean! your going to be a great hunter one day" His dad said. Dean no longer cared about how tired he was, his dad was proud of him and thats all that mattered. He couldnt wait until the day he could hunt for real.