10 years later

"C-mon Dean, just let me borrow it for one night" 16 year old Sam said. Dean sigh agrivated. It was the third time that morning he had asked him

"Why, so you and your nerdy friends can go to the library? becuase the Library is within walking distance Sammy" Dean said smirking as he took a drink of OJ. Sam glared at him.

"No, Actually we were planning on going bowling" Sam said grinning, waiting for Deans reaction. Dean got a horrified look on his face

"No way Sammy, your not taking my baby to some bowling alley" He said firmly shaking his head. "Besides I'm sure Dads gonna have a hunt for us tonight. Before Sam could say rant about that, Hazel walked in putting her long hair up in a clip.

"He had better not be planning one!" she said huffily. Sam turned around and looked at her.

"Why, did you need to use the car too?"

"No, Larissa is coming over tonight and were going to watch tv and bitch about our lack of love lifes" She said pouring some cerale into a bowl and adding milk. Dean raised his eyebrows as he watched her

"Arent you a little young for a love life" he said in his usual big brother protective voice. Hazel snorted and sat down at the table

"Oh please Dean, I'm 16 and your one to talk, your were dating when you were 13" she said taking a bite of cereals mirking at him. Sam laughed and elbowed her in the side

"She's got you there man, but hes right Haz, your too young to date and no little sister of mine is going to become a tramp like half the girls in our class" he said looking at her firmly. Hazel sigh and put down her spoon, putting a hand on the back of her neck and leaning on her elbow.

"You know, as much as I appreciate the protective big brother acts, Its kinda getting annoying. Besdies, I'm no tramp do you see me witha boyfriend, im not gonna get a Bf anytime soon" she said witha bitter tone in her voice. The way they lived, and constantly moved around made it hard for ehr to connect with anyone, let alone a guy.

"You had better not" Dean said draining the last of his juice. The back door opened and there dad came in, his shirt wt with sweat and wiping his face. He had just got back from his morning 5 mile run. Something they all would ahve too do after school, along with target practice and sparring. John laughed a little as they got quiet when he came in

"Ok, you all got quit did I miss something?" he asked pouring a glass of water. His dark brown eyes searched them over curiosly.

"Just telling Hazel shes not allowed to date anytime soon" Dean said flippantly. John nodded and put a hand on Deans shoulder

"Ok, Dean get changed, meet me outside in 15 minutes for sparring" He said firmly. Dean nodded and stood up

"Yes, sir" he said hurrying down the hallway into his room. Sam and Hazel shared an eye roll. Dean was such the good soldier, always doing as there dad said. Not that they didnt, they just liked to give there dad grief alot more. They were known for pissing there dad off all the time. Dean usually had to play mediator between them. John sat his glass in the sink and looked at his two younger kids. He hated to do this, he really did. He wanted his kids to have a nomral life instead of making them grow up so fast. As much ashe loved all his kids, he sometimes wished they could be more like Dean. always follow an order and stop giving him grief. Only dean seemed to understand why they were doing this. Hazel ad Sam seemed to forget.

"Listen guys, I have a hunt planned for tonight, so I need you all to be ready. Sparring for half an hour after school and 2 mile jog" he said crossing his arms. Hazel groaned and layed her head in her arms and Sam glared at his dad.

"Dad! no I have plans tonight, make Dean and Sam go, why do you need me" Hazel said rasing her head. John sigh, he was getting so tired of this

"Becuase young lady you are a winchester and its what we do. Honestly, im sorry but your going and thats final" He said. His voice taking on thaty edge it got when she pushed him.

"Dad I had plans too" Sam said his voice also had an edge to it. John closed his eyes briefly and the opened them

"Your both going tonight and thats final! If I hear another word, your both doing laps before school" John said any ounce of patience he had left was gone.

"Dad I'v had this planned for days and I'm not cancelling, I think I derserve to drop out of one hunt" Hazel said crossing her arms. John pointed to the door

"Thats it, 5 laps, now!" he said. Hazel stood and agrily shoved her chair into the table and then left out the dorr, slamming it behind her. Sam stood up as well and started to leave, before he went off on his dad. John grabbed his arm

"You got a problem hunting tonight as well? he asked him. Sams nostrils flared with supressed anger, but he just shook his head.

"No sire" He said stiffly. Dean came into the room whistling. He frowned noticing the tention, then his green eyes looked around the room

"Where's Hazel" he asked. Sam nodded toward the yard. Dean walked over to ward the window and looked out, watching Hazel run around the yard. He whistled under his breath and then turned wearily to his dad

"Dad, did you two get into it again?" he asked looking between his dad and Sam.

"I told her that if she didnt stop argueing with me about gloing hunting, she was doing laps. You know your sister, more stubborn than a damm mule." Johns said rubbing a tired hand over his face. Sam was about to say something, but dean shook his head and agve him a look. There dad was tired and right now his patience was not to be tested.