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Marina: Down with 4kids!

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Straw Hats Meets the Earth Defenders

By Emma Iveli

The Earth Defenders, for the past few months the Earth has revealed a war with the Jenans, a race of people that fled Earth due to powers they had… now they wanted to retake earth... however many earthlings has the powers which are divided by 17 different elements (Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Ice, Lighting, Plants, Dark, Light, Sun, Moon, Star, Black Hole, Neptune, Jupiter, Meteor and Uranus), each country has at least one earth defender division… well at they are trying… it's hard for someone to waken their powers… so far the Area 51 division exists… and it's not fully formed… only 6 out of the 17 members have their powers awakened. They used ships called The Space Bird… and mecha called the Mecha Suits.

The captain is Marina Baron who's element is Moon (a mixture of Ice and Light) a 15 year old girl from San Francisco CA USA, she's cheerful and full of spunk, she's also a major anime fan. Her weapon is a necklace that heightens her powers.

Reiko Nara a 17 year old girl from Kyoto, Japan. 2nd in command is who's element is Fire. Stern and serious rarely ever gets along with Marina. Her weapon is a katana that has been modified for use of her powers.

Daniel "Dib" Baron 13 year old form San Francisco CA USA, who's element is Neptune (A mixture of water and light) and is Marina's younger brother as well as a member of the repair team, he's into Sci-Fi and his weapons are laser guns.

Johnny Kipper a 16 year old boy from London England who's element is Lighting. An aspiring musician who plays guitar. His weapon is a guitar modified for use of his powers.

Alex Ringa a 16 year old girl from New York NY USA who's element is plants. She's a street smart girl who has an attitude. She often plays card games and she often has an attitude. Her weapon is a modified deck of cards.

Princess Kata Jiji, a 14 (earth) year old girl who's element is Black Hole. She's the princess of the Jenans, however she believes that this invasion is not the answer and wants to stop it… she figured the best way is to join the forces of Earth… but now her people consider her a traitor. She very kind and wishes the war will end soon… but it's highly unlikely… her weapon is ring that utilizes the same properties as Marina's necklace.

They are the Earth Defenders and they will save the Earth… we hope…

Chapter 1: No Way!

Luffy was bored… very bored… he was whining.

"Why won't something happened… it's so boring…" whined Luffy.

Everyone tried their best to ignore him, but only Robin who was reading and Zoro who was sleeping managed to tune him out.

"Will you shut up Luffy!" yelled Nami.

"But I'm so bored… hey maybe a bunch of people form another dimension will come in from another world and get stuck here!" said Luffy.

Nami sweatdroped, "Like that will happened" said Nami.

Meanwhile on Earth, Reiko had just finished training when she walked past the Earth Defenders Lounge… it was noisy… she gained an agree vein. She opened the door and was angry what she saw, Marina and Kata were playing One Piece Grand Adventure, Johnny was strumming his guitar, while Alex and Dib were playing poker.

"Honestly… I hate playing with you Alex… you always win…" complained Dib.

"Too bad…" said Alex with a smirk.

"Come on Sanji… you can beat the moss head… oh man! I lost!" said Marina.

"Good Game Marina…" said Kata.

"Looks like Kata is getting a hang of video games…" said Johnny.

"You think so…" said Kata.

"Oh year…" said Johnny.

"ENOUGH!" yelled Reiko.

Everyone stopped what they were doing.

"What is it Reiko?" asked Dib.

"You should be training not hanging out! Honestly am I the only one who trains!" yelled Reiko.

"All work and no play makes Reiko a dull girl…" said Marina.

"What was that!" yelled Reiko.

"You heard what I said…" said Marina walking up to Reiko.

Reiko's hand drifted over her sword.

"Not this again…" said Dib.

Marina put her hands in front of her body preparing for an attack while Reiko drew her sword.

"Sibling immunity!" yelled Dib.

"I got last time…" said Kata.

Alex and Johnny played rock paper scissors, Alex drew rock, Johnny got scissors. Johnny turned on his guitar's power amplifier and began to play a slow tune, a bolt of lighting came out of the head and tied both of them.

"Johnny!" yelled Reiko.

"Honestly you two… can't you just get along for one minute." said Alex.

Both huffed and tuned away from each other.

"That's a start… I think…" said Kata.

"Red alert! Earth Defenders suit up now!" came a call.

Johnny stopped playing, "looks like it's time for a brawl…" he said strapping his guitar to his back.

They suited up in their uniforms and went into the briefing room.

"Captain Marina Baron"

"Reiko Nara"

"Daniel Baron"

"Alex Ringa"

"Johnny Kipper"

"Kata Jiji"

"Are reporting for duty" said all of them saluting.

"Good it's good to see of all of you." said the principal of the school (don't ask) who's name was Miss Nathen, "The Jenans are sending a force with some sort of large weapon…"

"What kind of attack is that?" asked Kata, "There are no plans for such an attack."

"They must of changed plans then…" said Marina.

"This is definitely a trap… I know it…" said Reiko.

"Well I say we go for it… we need to stop them, if they attack the base and the school all will lost…" said Marina.

"Well I still say it's a trap…" said Marina.

"Won't they ever get along…" said Miss Nathen with a sweat drop.

"Depends on Reiko…" said Dib.

"We're going in!" said Marina.

"Remember Reiko it's Marina's call…" said Miss Nathen.

"Fine…" growled Reiko.

"Get in the armor…" said Marina.

Not too long later they were in their Mecha Suits which were mecha the size of the Kobu from Sakura Wars incase anyone wondered.

"I still say this is a trap…" said Reiko.

"Here they come!" said Kata.

They approached several people in front of a weird machine.

"Well, well the Earth Defenders…" said a man ingrown of the strange machine.

"Who are you!" demented Marina.

"Killick…" said Kata sadly.

"Kata…" said the man sadly.

"We don't have to fight… we can have peace…" said Kata.

"Peace… with the Earthlings… after they forced our ancestors to leave? Ha!" said the man named Killick, "Now the Earth Defenders will be sent to another world… with no escape… and with enemies we will send…"

"What in blood hell are you talking about!" yelled Johnny.

The strange machine began to work…

"You see this will send you another world and when your sent there your mechs will be destroyed… and you will be stuck there… and what's worse is that we're send agents to destroy you…"

"What…" said Dib.

"I told you… this was a trap…" said Reiko.

"I have an idea… Dib" said Marina.

"Depending on how many parts come wit us I think I can rebuild them… and I have a supply of red bull and hot pockets to last me a month…" said Dib.

"Okay…" said Alex with a sweat drop.

"Say good bye forever…" said Killick.

"No don't…" said Kata.

There was a bright flash of light and everything went black.

On the Merry Go or Going Merry… what the ship's name is, they managed to sock on a small uninhabited island, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper were exploring a beach.

"This is so nice!" said Chopper.

Then a bright flash of light appeared from the sky… it began to rain metal parts.

"What's going on?" asked Chopper.

"Cool…" said Luffy.

Then a teenaged girl wearing a strange black and white outfit (Kata) landed on Luffy.

Usopp couldn't helped but to laugh… he got hit when boy wearing a similar outfit but blue-green and white and wore glasses (Dib) and girl wearing an ice blue and white version (Marina) landed on him.

"Ow…" said Usopp.

"You two all right?" asked Chopper.

That's when a girl with landed with a katana strapped to her side and wearing a red version of the outfit (Reiko) landed on Luffy and a boy wearing bright yellow version with a guitar strapped on his back (Johnny) and girl wearing a forest green outfit (Alex) landed on Usopp.

"I'm fine…" said Luffy.

"My spine…" moaned Usopp.

"Oh they need a doctor!" cried Chopper then realized something, "Oh no! I'm the doctor!"

"I wonder where they came from…" said Luffy, "Maybe their from another world!"

"I don't know… but maybe we should get them back to the ship…" said Chopper.

"Please take me too…" whined Usopp.

Chopper transformed to Heavy Point and grabbed Reiko and Kata. While Luffy managed to get Usopp and Dib. They ran back as fast to the ship they can. That's when Sanji noticed Chopper with the unconscious girls.

"What happened?" asked Sanji.

"A bunch of people came out of sky! And they were unconscious and we have to help them and their still at the beach!" yelled Luffy dropping Usopp and the unconscious Dib on the ground waving his arms.

"What?" asked Sanji.

"There's still more people at the beach…" said Chopper, "We could use help getting the rest…"

"And there's pretty girls there too…" said Luffy with a big smile while somewhat using his brain.

"Pretty girls in trouble?" said Sanji running away.

Luffy smiled while Chopper and Usopp were shocked.

"Luffy… used his brain…" said Usopp with a sweat drop.

"Yeah…" laughed Luffy who fallowed the love cook.

Chopper sighed as he took the other three into the Galley.

Back at the beach Sanji noticed the unconcioius Marina as well as Alex.

"I'll get the girl in green and the guy and you get the other girl…" said Luffy picking up the two.

Before Sanji could answer Luffy ran off. Sanji sighed and picked up the unconscious Marina and ran back to the ship.

Meanwhile in the Galley Chopper was examining Reiko, he had managed to bring in several mattresses for this… where they came form no one knew… Usopp (who was being over dramatic as usual) was in the room too.

"So what's going on?" asked Nami entering the galley.

"We found them at the beach unconscious… they don't seem to be injured… just unconscious…" said Chopper.

"I have two more!" yelled Luffy entering the Galley as well dropping the two on the ground hard.

"Luffy…" sighed Nami.

"You should have put them on those beds I laid out for them…" said Chopper.

"Sorry…" said Luffy.

Sanji came in with Marina in his arms.

"You could put her on one of the beds…" said Chopper.

Sanji did just that, he laid her gently on the bed. That when she began to wake up.

"What happened?" she asked. Then was she looked around the room, and recognized it immediately.

"This has to be… no way it has to be a dream…" she thought.

She laid her eyes on Sanji… she stared at him… you could almost see the drool come out her mouth. She was one Sanji obsessed fan girl. Sanji stared at Marina with a sweat drop

At that very moment the others began to wake up.

"What happened?" asked Dib.

"Where are we?" asked Kata.

"Why does it feel like some idiot dropped us on a hard wood floor…" said Alex.

Johnny saw Luffy and sweatdroped, "I think he did it…" he said.

They looked around the room and saw where they were.

"No way…" said Kata.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"Um… nothing…" said Alex.

"Uh-oh…" said Dib with a sweat drop looking at his older sister drooling at the site of on her two anime obsessions, "Marina's gone bye-bye…"

"Marina's always bye-bye… after she's a brain dead ditz." said Reiko.

This snapped out her Sanji love… in fact she push Sanji out the way and stomped over to mortal enemy.

"What did you say?" demanded Marina.

"What did it sound like?" asked Reiko.

That's when both began to glow, Marina glowed a mixture of ice blue and white while Reiko glowed red.

"Everyone duck and cover now!" yelled Dib.

"What?" said Sanji.

"Just do it!" yelled Alex.

The 4 Earth Defenders and Usopp did just that, but Chopper, Sanji, Nami and Luffy were very confused… that when the explosion happened. Out of the dust the fight spill on to the deck…

"How dare you say those things!" yelled Marina.

"Oh I get it… I thought you were always that much of an obsessive fangirl…" said Reiko drawing her sword.

"Oh yeah well then bring it on…" said Marina.

Nami, Sanji and Chopper just stood there covered in what looked like soot, Luffy was covered in soot as well.

"That was cool!" yelled Luffy.

The 5 who ducked and cover got up.

"The Galley…" whined Usopp as the Galley was half destroyed.

Marina and Reiko were in a full on fight, Reiko's sword began to catch on fire, while Marina cupped her hands as a ball of light appeared in her hands.

"Moon…" called Marina .

"Dance of the…" called Reiko.

"Beam!" called Marina.

"Phoenix!" called Reiko.

Marina let out an ice blue beam of light that hit the mast freezing it and missed Reiko while Reiko let loose a fiery bird that hit the door to the weapon storage… it was pure luck that it blow up the room…

"Okay who's going to stop this time…" said Dib who soundly began to scream "Sibling immunity! Sibling immunity!"

"I went last time…" said Johnny.

Kata and Alex began to play rock, paper, scissors… Alex had paper, Kata had scissors.

"Damn it!" said Alex, "And they have to be in full battle mode too…"

"Who are those two…" said Zoro with a yawn apparently just woke because of the fight.

"We don't know yet… and their destroying the ship!" cried Usopp.

"Don't worry I'll stop them…" said Alex lazily. She took out her deck of cards.

"A deck of cards?" asked Nami.

"Watch and learn…" said Alex.

She began to scuffle them that when she threw them… each one hit the area surrounding them.

"You missed…" said Luffy.

"That's not what I was aiming for…" said Alex. She drew on last card and held it between her fingers, "Vine Net Flush!"

The cards began to glow forest green… the vines came from the cards and created a net that cover the two fighters.

"That was so awesome!" said Luffy.

"What?" said Reiko.

"Alex!" yelled Marina.

"Sorry but your destroying the ship…" said Alex.

"Can you please… pleases… please… get along for just one day… we have no idea where we are… right…" said Dib with a wink that meant "Play dumb about being in an anime world"

"Fine…" said Reiko.

"Okay…" said Marina.

Alex held the card up and the vines withdrew.

"Okay who are you and what's going on…" said Nami.

"I guess we should explain…" said Marina, "Roll call!"

"Do we have to?" asked Dib.

"That's an order!" said Marina.

"This is embarrassing…" said Reiko.

"No kidding…" said Dib.

"Why is your sister like that?" asked Reiko.

"Who knows…" said Dub.

"Princess Kata Jiji of Jena! I'm 14 in earth years! And my weapon is my powers itself!" said Kata.

"Alex Ringa of New York, New York, USA! I'm 16! And my weapon is this deck of cr4ads!" said Alex taking out her deck of cards.

"Johnny Kipper of London England! I'm 16! And my weapon is my guitar!" said Johnny taking off his guitar and holding it as if he was going to play it.

"Daniel Baron, but you can call me Dib of San Francisco California, USA! I'm 13! And my weapon is one of many laser guns!" said Dib taking out one of his laser guns.

"Reiko Nara of Kyoto Japan! I'm 17! And my weapon is my sword!" said Reiko.

"And I'm Captain Marina Baron of San Francisco CA USA! I'm 15! And my weapon is my powers itself!"

"We are the Earth Defenders!" said all 6 striking various poses.

The Straw Hats stared at the Earth Defenders.

"Oookay…" said Nami.

"Please forgive Reiko and Marina for destroying your ship… they didn't mean to do it…" said Kata, "In fact I'm sure they will handle repairs…"

"What!" yelled Marina and Reiko.

"Look I may know how to fix things but I'm not going to fix your mess… again…" said Dib.

Marina was about to say something but the other 4 glared at her and Reiko.

"Fine…" said Marina.

"so who are you again?" asked Luffy.

"Well you see… we fighting our enemy and well they sent us here… we're from a completely different world…" explained Dib.

"We would like if we if we could stay with you guys until we can figure out a way back home…" said Marina.

Before anyone could answer Luffy yelled "Of course!"

"What?" said the others.

"Luffy they nearly destroyed the Merry Go!" said Usopp.

"Too bad their staying… they have no where else to go…" said Luffy.

"Fine…" said Nami.

"Hey I was wonder if you could show me where you found us…" said Dib.

"Why?" asked Chopper.

"I think pout Mecha Suits might be there… I should repair them…" said Dib.

"Mecha Suits?" asked Luffy.

"I'll explain on the way…" said Dib, "And you get to work or tell the others about your obsession with a certain someone Marina …"

"Fine… you little whelp…" growled Marina.

Knotty too long later Reiko and Marina were fixing door of the Galley. Johnny was strumming his guitar while Alex explained more to Nami. Dib fallowed Chopper and Usopp to the beach where they were found, in the Galley Sanji made special drinks for the new arrivals, while Zoro slept and Luffy listened to Jonny playing.

"This sucks! Why do we have to fix this?" said Marina.

Reiko began to speak Japanese… Marina could only make out "Baka" "Otaku" and "Kuso"

"Don't call me that…" growled Marina.

Robin who was below deck during the fight came out.

"What happened?" she asked.

"It's a long story…" said Nami.

"And it's all Reiko's fault!" yelled Marina.

"Hey little help came Dib's voice form over the side.

Nami, Robin and Alex looked over the side, Usopp, Chopper and Dib were all holding metal parts.

"All the parts are at the beach… but we can't get them all… and we need to bring up to the ship so Alex…" said Dib.

"No problem!" said Alex who took out a card and threw in the ground… she took out another and the card bloomed into a rather large flower. Dib put the parts that he was holding and fallowed by Chopper and Usopp fallowing his example.

"We may need some help being the other parts from the beach…" said Dib.

"I'll help." said Johnny.

"Me too…" said Alex.

"I'll help!" said Robin.

"Me too! Me too!" yelled Luffy.

"Okay…" said Dib.

As the Johnny, Luffy, Robin and Alex left the ship a certain someone watched them.

"So they have help…" said the person watching them… who was Killick, "That's too bad… for the help that is…"

Next Time: Dib begins to rebuild the Mecha Suits. Luffy also finds Kata crying... why? And what does it have to with Killick? Also Marina and Sanji... what's going with them? All this and more next time.