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Chapter 5: Explanations…

Chopper was treating Kata's injuries.

"Well she's going to be fine…" said Chopper.

"That's relief…" said Marina with a sigh of relief.

"Though we have to admit with her fiancée as an enemy on this mission things are going to be very strained…" said Reiko.

"You said you would tell what's going on!" said Nami, "Who were those people!"

"Okay it's like this…" said Marina.

"It all began thousands of years ago in our world… called Earth…" said Marina.

"So that's where your group name came from!" said Luffy.

"Any ways thousands of years ago…" said Reiko, "People began to develop strange powers… these strange power caused many problems and people with out began to hate with the powers…"

"It's unknown how far this escalated but most of those with the powers discovered how to leave the planet and sought new land elsewhere…" said Dib, "Those that stayed on hid their powers and their decedents were unaware of the powers that they held."

"Those that left eventually found a place to live which they named Jena… they developed technology much faster than Earthlings did and binge to watch the people of their home planet… then came World War 2…" said Johnny.

"World War 2?" asked Usopp.

"It was a horrible war… between most of the counties of the world…" said Marina, "had it not ended the way it did… then I doubt the Jenans would invade us…"

"How did it end?" asked Chopper.

"Te Atom Bomb was dropped… it's a horrible weapon that destroys instantly every thing in sight and will even effects health years later because of radiation…" said Reiko.

"Jena decided then and there that the Earthlings couldn't have the Earth anymore…" said Alex, "They began to take closer looks at Earth by sending various parties…"

"However two years after it was decided one of the parties sort of crash landed their ship in the middle of the desert in a place called Roswell, New Mexico." Said Dib, "And that place rocks! Alien lover's paradise man!"

This made everyone stare at Dib with sweat drops.

"Sorry…" said Dib.

"Anyways those that crashed, were forced to tell them what happened and about the invasion… at first they hated it… but we know for a fact that one of the fell in love with the General's Daughter, got married and raised family…" said Alex.

"One of our "caretakers" is their granddaughter…" said Johnny.

The Straw Hats nodded…

"Though the years every single country new about this invasion and extremely elaborate conspiracy was set up in order to hide it…" said Marina.

"IT was as a slow process… it took years for them come up with a plan… over 60 years and then it finally happened…" said Reiko, "They started the invasion…"

"Our Planets only hope was to finally unite and form the Earth Defenders… find the decedents of the those that didn't left the planet years ago and get them fight the enemy… the 5 of us are decedents of those people…" said Marina.

"Wait, what about Kata?" asked Sanji.

"Kata's different than us… you could call her a traitorous Princess…" said Alex.

"She's the Princess of Jena but didn't want the war to happen so she thought she could stop it by joining Earth's forces… didn't work…" said Johnny.

"Now she's the one that gets the brunt of the attacks most of the time…" said Marina, "And often gets the most injured out of most of us…"

"Right now this is really bad…" said Dib, "We're cut off from the base and we have assassins after us."

"It's not you guys are the only ones right…" said Zoro.

There was a silence…

"If we weren't the only Earth Defenders Squad then I wouldn't be here right now…" muttered Reiko.

"Right now… the 6 of us are the only Earth Defenders Squad…" said Marina, "The 6 of us has to fight an entire army while other teens like us are trying to awaken their powers and it's not an easy task…"

"The 6 of you against a whole army?" asked Nami.

"That's right… we don't know how we keep winning but we do…" said Marina.

""What happened…" said Kata waking.

"Good your awake!" said Luffy.

Kata stared down for a moment as she remembered what happened…

"Can I have some alone time…" said Kata, "I really need it…"

Everyone left the room… as the last person did Kata began to cry.

After the explanation… everyone did their own things… told stories, fixed Mecha suits, went back into town to play poker and win a ton of cash, read, spared and things of the like.

"And that's how I defeated the great ManBearPig!" said Usopp.

"Liar…" said Dib, "ManBearPig was figment of Al Gore's imagination…"

"But I faced ManBearPig! How can he be the figment of some guys Imagination?" asked Usopp.

"Easy you were in Imagination Land!" said Dib.

Usopp only sweat dropped.

"Did I hear something about ManBearPig?" asked Alex as she and Nami climbed aboard the ship with huge sacks of money.

"Usopp claims he defeated ManBearPig…" said Dib.

"You went to the evil part of Imagination Land and defeated ManBearPig? Wow… with Freddy, Jason and the Christmas Critters that's very brave of you…" said Alex.

"Is there an inside joke going on the between the tow of you?" asked Usopp.

"Sorry we forgot you don't have a TV…" said Dib laughing.

Dib began t explain what they were talking about.

Inside the Galley, Marina was teaching Sanji how to make an Earth favorite…

"So this food is called Pizza?" asked Sanji.

"Yes… it's a very popular food on Earth, the US in particular…" said Marina.

"So Marina…" said Sanji blushing, "Do you have a boyfriend on Earth?"

"No…" said Marina blushing.

The two looked at each other blushing.

"Just kiss already!" yelled a voice.

They turned to the doorway here Alex and Luffy were watching.

Both stared at the two in the doorway.

"What are you doing!" yelled Marina.

On deck Reiko and Zoro were breathing heavily.

"That's enough for today…" said Reiko.

She got up.

"So…" said Zoro, "What did you mean by "If weren't the only squad I wouldn't be here"?"

"That's none of your business…" said Reiko walking away.

With Dib, Usopp and Chopper… Dib continued the repairs while Dib told the story of Imagination Land.

"And so, Butters parents grounded him anyways…" finished Dib.

Both Usopp and Chopper blinked at the story…

"Where did you come up with that story?" asked Chopper.

"On Earth there's a thing called TV, it's this box that shows stories, news and others things… one the stories is called South Park, which follows the lives of the boys from the story I old you about…" said Dib.

"Can you tell me about the stories from your world…" said Usopp.

"You plan to edit them into your stories… right?" asked Dib.

Usopp only laughed…

"Okay… what would be a good one…" said Dib, "A long time ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away…"

Kata finally left the women's cabin… she took a breath outside and looked up into the sky.

"So you look like you finished crying…" said Robin.

Kata nodded... but didn't say anything, she just stared at the water.

Sometime later, it was dinner time… about 5 Pizzas laid on the able: Cheese, sausage, peppers, mushrooms and olives and meat supreme (guess who the last one was for).

"What is this?" asked Zoro.

"Yay! Pizza!" yelled Dib.

"It's delicacy from Earth…" said Sanji.

"It's not so much a delicacy… as regular food…" said Reiko.

"What is exactly?" asked Usopp.

"It's bread baked with sauce, cheese and other stopping on top of it…" said Dib.

Everyone began to eat it like the Earth Defenders did… and they enjoyed it.

Meanwhile the Jenans were planning a course of attack.

"So…" said the brown harried man.

"We need to get more information on their little friends… then we will fight…" said Killick.

The other 4 nodded in agreement.

"I'm sorry Kata… but we choose sides a long time ago… this is how it must be…" thought Killick.

And with that the Straw Hats learned the story of the Earth Defenders… not knowing by helping them… they were thrown head into the war for Earth.

Next Time: Dib's repairs to his Mecha Suit are complete and manages into contact with Base... good news is that there hasn't been any attacks... bad news... still no way home... Meanwhile Marina needs to figure out her feelings with Sanji... sadly none of the ship can give good love advise...