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Chapter 2: A New Chance at Life

Harry woke up and saw that Lily looked peaceful sleeping on her bed, he thought that it would be a crime against nature to wake her up right now; Harry immediately got up and changed into some clean clothes that were in his trunk and proceeded to go downstairs and make breakfast for him and Lily.

Harry passed by a still unconscious Vernon and Petunia on his way to the kitchen, he noticed that they were in the same position he left them in and ignored them completely; Harry light the oven with an absentminded wave of his wand and with a flick of the said object he conjured a frying pan, then some bacon, sausage, and eggs.

Lily woke up to the smell of a well-cooked breakfast and went downstairs and felt her jaw go slack at the sight of a breakfast of truly epic proportions, the amount of food rivaled that of Hogwarts and it vastly surprised her when she noticed that Harry just turn off the oven with a flick of his wand.

Harry smiled when he saw Lily's astonished look and said, "If you don't eat soon the food will get cold," Lily snapped out of her daze and sat down quickly, Lily asked Harry, "How are you able to use magic while you're underage?" "That's a secret I have to keep until I speak to Dumbledore about something, then I can tell you everything that I have not told you from yesterday to that day I talk to Dumbledore," Harry promised her.

Harry told Lily that he had to go to Gringotts to create an account here because State gold was worthless in England unless it was transferred into an existing account, so Harry then went upstairs, opened his trunk and grabbed the money gem, and then went outside with Lily in tow.

Harry conjured up a Pontiac GTO and got in, when he noticed Lily was staring at the car he told her, "Stop gaping at the car and get in or I'll leave you here with your sister and the perverted whale," Lily laughed at that last comment and got in the car then she shut up and looked at Harry in absolute terror, "You wouldn't do that to me would you?" she asked with fear literally dripping from each word, "If you had stayed there for another minute I would have."

They rode in an awkward silence until Harry turned the radio to the rock channel and almost immediately Hinder's song 'Lips of an Angel' started playing, Harry's eyes went wide when he heard it 'cause this song or group does NOT exist yet; Harry hastily told Lily, "I'm shocked that this car can pick up the radio transmissions from America," at her puzzled look.

As they listened to the song, Harry noticed that Lily was humming to the lyrics, "Like the song Lils," Harry asked, Lily jumped at the use of the nickname James always called her, "How do you know that name?" she asked suspiciously, "I just made it up and, uh, who else calls you that?" Harry quickly replied, "James Potter," Lily said with disgust, "and yes I do like this song," she added with a smile.

When that awesome song ended, they coasted to a stop in front of the Leaky Cauldron, Harry and Lily went inside to go to Diagon Alley, they walked up to Gringotts with no trouble until they just about entered, "Hey Lils wait up," someone behind them shouted, they both turned around and Lily swore nastily enough it would have made a hardened auror blush.

Sure enough, it was none other than the Marauders, Harry smiled at three of them and glared daggers at Pettigrew; "Who are you?" James asked, "The name is Harry Riddle and Lily here told me some rather 'interesting' stories about you four or should I say three pranksters," Harry replied with a laugh.

Sirius said, "Okay what the hell, you and James look just alike except for the eyes and they look like Lily's eyes," Harry glared at Sirius saying, "We will have this discussion later Sirius Orion Black, but right now I have some business to take care of so shut up and wait here," and with that he turned and walked up to nearest free goblin leaving a pale-faced Sirius behind.

Harry took out the gem and put it onto the counter saying, "I'd like to open an account," the goblin snatched the gem and sneered, "Now why would a young pup like you want to start a new account," "Scan it and see for yourself," was Harry's reply; the goblin did a gobsmacked expression was plastered on his face, Harry leaned in and whispered, "You must keep this a secret, my life depends on it," "You have my word on it Mr. Riddle, or should I say Mr. Potter-who-has-yet-to-be-born," the goblin whispered back.

It took Harry all of hi mental willpower and then some to not appear gobsmacked at that last comment, How in the seven levels of hell did he know that Harry thought numbly, shaking his head he walked back to Lily and the Marauders, and he noticed that James and Lily standing side by side, "You two look like such a good couple right now, so good in fact I can see both of you going out with each other," Harry said grinning.

"He's right you know," Remus said and Sirius nodded, "Hey do you guys want to go to a dance club that has a bar in it?" Harry asked, the Marauders immediately said, "Hell yeah," while Lily just nodded; as they piled in the car Harry started thinking, I am going to make sure my parents survive the encounter with Voldemort hopefully altering my lifestyle in the future.

They cruised around for a few hours before James asked, "What is this car running on, the gas gauge hasn't gone down an inch?" "I conjured this car and it's running on magic…not ours, it runs on the dark magic that resides on this land and the exhaust replaces it with light magic," Harry replied; the others were stunned speechless at his reply for they had never heard of such a feat.

Two hours later, they found a good dance club/bar in the middle of muggle hell and they went inside; Harry and James walked up to the bartender after telling the other four to find a table, Harry said, "five pints of whiskey, an apple martini, and no questions asked," "Identification is needed for that amount of alcohol," the barman commanded.

Before James could react, Harry pulled out a two thousand pound note saying, "Is this enough ID for ya," judging by the barman's greedy look, it was, "Who are you? Oh right this is on the house my friends, have a good day," Harry and James made it to their table just as they busted out in laughter, James recovered before Harry did and told the others what happened and Sirius was just rolling on the floor holding his sides because he was laughing so hard, the Lily, Remus, and Peter were just laughing and shaking their heads at what Harry did.

Then right just then an explosion ripped through the building…


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