Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or places or any of the song quotes in italics. All quotes are from Fuel's Most of All, off the Natural Selection album (shameless plug).

A/N: This is what's considered to be a songfic, is it not? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I see our stars tonight, Do you recall that light, Or do you ever think of me?

The stars patterned the midnight sky, always so bright in Niebelheim. None of his companions knew the irony of the fact they'd woken him from his thirty–year slumber today of all days; it was the anniversary of the day he'd met her, in this town. Where was she now? Was she alive, dead, or stuck somewhere between, like himself?

Do memories rip and tear, The ones that always keep you hanging on, To all that might have been?

Every night, when the nightmares came, he welcomed them. At least he got to see her face. He'd never be able to forget; such a heavenly torture. He wondered if she suffered the same, wanting to see him as much as he craved to see her. Yet he knew she didn't.

And I love you now, And I hate you now, And I miss you most of all, All those times we laughed, The scars that you left, Still I miss you most of all

This hilltop, where he fell in love with her. That mansion, where he watched as she laughed and cried and made her decision to value science over the life of the child she'd always dreamed of. That window, where he stood every night until his first death, staring out at the town, forcing himself to stay away. Because that's what she wanted. And he needed her to be happy.

By the waterside, The tall grass where we lied, The nights we cried ourselves to sleep

Did she remember how she told him that she'd always wanted a son? Did she remember that he'd told her he wanted to meet that son? Did she know that he desperately had wished that son to be his as well?

Most Septembers now, I break down somehow, Remembering all we've said, All those dreams we never got to see

He wanted to reach out and steal one of those bright orbs from the sky, let it burn him into nothing but pain and light. Maybe then, could he find some peace?

Did you ever find, The star in your mind, Or do you miss me most of all?

Are you some where, Without a care? Or are you alone as I? Did you ever make it home?

Did she know of this feeling that threatened to drown him? Did she, maybe, feel it too?

And I love you now, And I hate you now

And I miss you most of all…