Marie D'Ancanto (Rogue)

Sending you on a little vacation. Just some relaxation time.

That was what that bitch Emma Frost had said, in her uptight, righteous voice.

Vacation! I'm a prisoner. Okay so my prison is a one-story picturesque country house, my gates only a foot above my head and covered with ivory, my cell is comfortable enough with a soft bed with a quilt of feather down and a lovely view of the sun drenched back garden. My jailor could easily be someone's grandmother and probably is, she looks like she jumped off a cookie dough poster just to cheer up the little boys and girls of the world.

But Emma Frost made it clear enough that if I so much as thought of leaving from my 'vacation residence' she would make sure that I would not only ever see the mansion again, but that I would find myself at the top of the Mutant Registration list. And anyone on that list is done for.

I don't blame her for what she did. I would have done the same thing, or worse in her position. Since her arrival at the mansion, since day one, I had made it clear that there wouldn't be any co-operation or co-existence between us. Even the other X-Men couldn't persuade me to call truce; I didn't care who she was or what she could do. I saw her as the usurper of what was rightfully Ororo Munroe's, the position as headmistress of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Dr McCoy had explained to me the night Storm had gone to pack that she needed to return to Africa and nobody in the mansion was qualified to run the school. I pointed out that that had hardly ever stopped us from doing it before. In fact, there had been occasions when the X-Men, of whom I was a dubious member, had made a sudden dash across the country without any warning and I had found myself running the school alone! For weeks on end without any idea when they would be coming back. Dr McCoy admitted this but now that the world knew about us, now that we actually had to comply with the Education Board we couldn't do that anymore. Besides he offered me a tantalizing prize to sway me, with Emma Frost arriving, an actual trained principal, I might finally be able to go to the NYU campus for lessons. That had nearly won me over I admit.