Title: Under the Moonlight
Author: ferretgirl1124
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Pairings: Past SokkaxYue, SokkaxSuki, implied Katara in het relationship
Summary: The love was over in the blink of an eye, but it lasted forever in his memory.

A/N: Just a strange little drabble...Dunno where it came from, or if it's any good, but I'm glad I finally saw the episodes with Yue. Enjoy if you can, flame if you must.

She had been his first love. It had been a shallow love, yes, a teenage love mixed with infatuation through and through, but it had been love. Of course, looking back on it now it seemed to him that the shallowness made sense. After all, he hadn't loved a girl, per se, but a shy, beautiful shell that had been created only to house an emergency spirit. She had been, in the plainest of terms, a back up plan for the physical incarnation of the moon.

Yet he had loved her, and because of this he sometimes felt that he was cursed. After all, to fall in love with the moon was to fall for all the distance and coldness that any relationship dreads. Sometimes, also, he hated Katara, for pulling strength from the moon, for needing it so much that Yue had to die. Of course, that never lasted long; it wasn't just Katara, after all, it was all water benders, all existence that depended on the sun's mirror so vitally.

So he forced himself to accept and forgive the worlds need for her, and he tried to move on, finding solace only in his friends, and in Suki.

And then, things change. As he grew, and matured, Yue's memory began to fade, and Suki began to pervade his thoughts, his feelings turning from crush to true love. Of course, when he confessed she laughed at him and shook her head, telling him that he was a fool if he believed she could love a boy like him.

However, this did not deter him. He had lost one love, and was determined to not lose another. So, he grew, and waited, and confessed again, asking her to love the man he was now, since she could not love the boy he had been. To his surprise, her expression had softened infinitesimally, and she had caught one of his hands in both of her own, then preceded to tell him that she had always loved the man she knew he would be.

From there, it was just a matter of following the classic steps to a well known dance; they courted, kissed, and finally, in the safety of their marriage bed, conceived. And sometimes, as his children basked in the light of his first love, cooing at their cousin's water bending skills, he remembered Yue's last words to him, and smiled. She was always watching over him, and he knew in his heart of hearts that she was proud of him and what he had become, and he was glad that his children were blessed with a constant and loving guardian like the shining moon.