Title: Boomerang of Fate
Author: ferretgirl1124
Pairing(s): None
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Mild Ironic Violence
Disclaimer: Not mine, which is odd since I abuse them less then thier owners do.
Word Count: 140
Summary: Sokka didn't know what he hated more; fate, or the woman that predicted it.

A/N: Just a quick Sokka drabble, written for sokkascrew on LJ.

Sokka was in a world of hurt. After another fight with Katara over the condition of his socks (it was her fault she couldn't darn to save her life, and did she really expect him not to say anything as they fell apart around his ankles?) he had thrown his boomerang into the forest in frustration. Unfortunately, while it did always come back, it rarely came back the way he expected.

Now, he lay, his head cushioned in Katara's lap as she treated the wound on his forehead, and reflected how cruel fate was. Not only had even his faithful boomerang betrayed him, and left him at the mercy of the cruel girl he was forced to call his sister, as well as her wretched trade of chores for cures, but it had once again proved the fortune teller right.