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"You want to what?" George asked one of his top designers incredulously.

Mary Lynne Andrews sat before him, exasperated at having to explain her idea again, "I want to set up a contract with a few NYPD detectives, and maybe the DA or one of the ADA's so that they'll wear Armani exclusively at all court affairs. It's pretty much free advertising, George."

"It's not free, Lynne," George said, wondering if it had been a good idea to hire the woman straight out of college, "You have to pay for the suits and the labor to make them, still. That's a pretty big cost to be giving away."

"But you wouldn't be giving it away! You'd be getting free advertising in return. Plus, making friends with the DA's office would hurt."

George stood from his desk, prompting Lynne to do the same. He sighed as he shook his head slightly, "You find the guys willing to do this, Lynne. It goes bust, you get fired … and if it works and sales go up enough … there'll be a bonus for you."

Lynne nodded once, relief evident in her eyes, "Thank you, George. I'll do my best not to disappoint you."

"You better, Lynne. You're a damn good designer, I'd hate to have to fire you over this."


Mary Lynne lived in a fairly good-sized two-bedroom apartment, close to Central Park, with her younger brother, Michael. He'd moved out to New York to live with her a few months before, after he had graduated high school in Alabama and wanted to get away from the rural life and join his sister in the urban "paradise" that was New York City.

Michael was trying to pursue a career as an actor, while working part time at one of the many party shops in New York. In between auditions and work, he spent a lot of his time either at the public library reading the extensive collection of plays and scripts, or out with friends he had made from work.

Needless to say, it was rather a shock for Mary Lynne, that when she arrived home that night she found two police officers waiting for her.

"Excuse me?" she asked as she came closer to them, trepidation rising in her heart. "This is my apartment, can I help you?"

One of them, the tall one with curly dark brown hair cropped close to his head, pulled out a badge, "I'm Sergeant Goren, this is my partner, Sergeant Casovick. We're looking for a Michael Andrews."

Lynne's face went white, "That's my brother. He lives with me." She moved to open the door and ushered the two men inside. "Please, come in."

Goren and Casovick followed her into the living room, where she dropped her things on the coffee table before turning around to look at them, "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier, I'm Mary Lynne. Can you tell me why you're looking for Mikey?"

Casovick started the conversation, letting his partner wander around the room that managed to be clean while still looking lived in. "We believe he's involved in a drug ring that we're investigating."

The gnawing dread that had built up in Lynne's stomach burst, leaving horror, anger and disappointment in it's wake. Goren watched as the emotions flitted across the woman's face, noting that surprise wasn't among them.

"Cocaine or heroine?" she asked, her voice quiet as she tried to keep her emotions in check as she digested the news.

Casovick looked at her, a little surprised that she was thinking about that, and not how she 'knew' her brother wasn't the one that they were looking for. "Cocaine."

The disappointment was what finally filled Lynne's eyes. Tears came to her eyes as she whispered, "If he's not hiding in his room, he's down at the auto garage two blocks south of here - Vinnie's Auto. There's usually about ten thugs there and five or six women who can definitely hold their own. Watch out for the one with the glass eye."

Goren met her eyes, relaying to her that he was very thankful and he'd do everything in his power to get Mikey out all right. "We'll be in touch," he said as the partners walked out the door.

Only after the door was closed did Lynne finally succumb to the emotions of betrayal and despair that filled her heart. He'd promised her! When Michael had shown up on her doorstep those months ago, he'd looked right into her eyes and told her that he was clean and was going to stay that way. She'd thought he had.

Her knees buckled underneath her petite, healthy frame as the tears overwhelmed her eyes. She didn't know how long she lay there, curled up in a tight, shaking ball as she sobbed about the betrayal her brother's sins and crimes made her feel. All she knew was that after a while she wasn't crying alone anymore – someone was holding her.

Her tear-stained face looked up to find Goren's concerned and empathetic eyes watching her carefully. "He promised me," she whispered after a few more moments of silence. "He told me he was gonna stay clean. He lied to me."

His sad face nodded, "I know." She buried her face into his shoulder, unsure why she felt so secure and safe in his arms when she hadn't let herself get this close to anyone since she'd left home nine years before.

After what seemed like hours, Lynne quieted down and let Goren go. She smiled softly as she wiped her eyes, "Sorry about that, Sergeant Goren."

He smiled softly in reply, a little boy smile that was hesitant and sincere at the same time, "Call me Bobby. And don't worry about it."

Lynne smiled slightly at his attempt at informality, "Thank you, Bobby. Why'd you come back?"

His face became professional again; "Michael's refusing to talk to us until he sees you. Can you handle going down to the station to talk to him?"

Lynne quickly composed herself as much as possible. With a nod she got up and went to get her coat and purse.


Michael Andrews fidgeted nervously in the cold, metal seat as he waited with the state appointed lawyer for his sister to arrive. He didn't really know what had compelled him to ask to talk to her, but he did know that he had to do some serious damage control.

When Lynne walks in, the area under her eyes almost as red as her hair, he's not sure he can take what he knows is coming. Wordlessly she sits down in the chair directly across the table from him and his lawyer, her eyes sad listless.

"Lynne …" he began, but she shook her head, stopping his words.

"It doesn't matter, Michael. Nothing you can say to me matters right now. You lied to me – and that's what hurts most."

Michael looked down at his hands before turning to look at his lawyer, "Can you leave us alone for a minute, please?"

"I don't think …" the other man began, only to be cut off by his client.

"I don't care what you think! I want to talk to my sister!"

In silence, the lawyer got up and left the siblings in the interrogation room by themselves.

"I'm disappointed in you, Michael. You lied to me. That's what hurts the most." Lynne shook her head softly, "What'd you want to see me for?"

"I – I don't know, Lynne. I screwed up. Big time."

Lynne nodded, her eyes still sad and soulful, "I know, Michael. But you don't need to be telling me this. You need to tell the officers who're asking you questions, Michael."

He adamantly shook his head, "I can't, Lynne. Don't ask me to do that."

His sister leaned forward, one of her hands snaking out to grab his as she looked into his eyes, "Michael, I love you. But right now I'm not sure if I can ever trust you again. If you talk to them – tell them what you know – I'll try to trust you again. Can you do that for me?"

Michael shook his head, "I can't, Lynne. I can't betray them."

Lynne slammed her fist down on the metal table that separated her from her brother. She got to her feet, the anger and disappointment overwhelming her features. "When you came to New York what did you promise me? Huh! WHAT DID YOU PROMISE ME?" She rounded on him, coming within inches of his face as she yelled.

He refused to meet her gaze, afraid of what he'd find there, guilty that he was responsible for it being there. "No more drugs," he whispered as he studied his hands without really seeing them.

She cupped his face in her left hand, turning his head toward hers so he couldn't look away, "You need to tell them what you know, Michael. You tell them … or I will disown you." He tried to look away, but her face and eyes only followed him, "Who's more family to you, Mike? Me or them?"

Without another word Lynne released his face and left the room. She stopped after closing the door, finding Goren and Casovick waiting there for her. Her mind thought back to the challenge George had left her with at the end of her workday. She produced two business cards from her purse and handed them to the two sergeants, "If you have any more questions, please call."

Casovick looked at the card, "Armani? You a designer?"

Lynne nodded, "I'm one of the top designers in business suits."

"Business suits? There's more than one kind of suit?" Casovick asked.

Lynne nodded, an amused smile on her face, "If either of you are interested I have a proposition for both of you. Just give me a call when you get a chance."

The two men watched her walk away before turning back to see if Michael Andrews would cooperate with them this time.


"Mary Lynne speaking," she said when she noticed the shrill ringing of her telephone.

"Hi … it's Bobby. I was wondering … what the full … proposition was."

Lynne smiled, pleased that the big cop had called after all. "Well, Bobby, if you accept my deal it would mean that you get free Armani suits tailors specifically for you, in exchange for allowing me to take some photos of you in the suits so my boss can see I'm doing my job … and you'll only be allowed to wear Armani when going to public affairs like court or press hearings."

"I don't go to press hearings," Bobby said, slightly amused that Lynne would think that a guy like him would do something like that.

"Sooner or later you will, Bobby. … Thank you for helping my brother."

"It … wasn't me. You – you're the one that got him to open us ... to help … us."

"Yeah, well …" Lynne trailed off, unsure what to say to the officer. "Come by and see me tonight at my apartment after you get off work and I'll take your measurements."

"Sounds great, Lynne. See you then."


Lynne hung up the phone and smiled softly down at the sketch she was working on for a new suit. She'd had Bobby's tall, broad body in her mind when she'd been designing the cut and length of everything. Maybe it'd be the one she started with when she met with the sergeant that night to get his measurements…



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