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He didn't know why he did it. Grabbed the girl and ran.

Her terrified voice rang in his ears. And the cries of her loved one. All tore at his heart. But, it didn't matter.

He held her small body closer to his and dove into the bushes at the side of the path. Leaving bullets whizzing past where he had been moments before.

Then, it came. The deafening noise and the screams. The droning like a million bees.

He lay there for what seemed like forever protecting the child's body with his own.

When, he finally got up. It was as if she understood what had happened. She didn't cry out. She just simply raised her small arms in the air for him to pick her up.

He carried her through the silent and desolate town. "Close your eyes." he whispered and started to run again. To the stargate and home.

He couldn't stand the silence and the everyone was gone.

He understood now.

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