A/N: Well in this fic everything has happened in the books, but Sirius is still alive but didn't tell anybody. He has been alive since the veil incident. The Ministry found him a few days after. But Sirius erased their memory of finding him. He eventually tells Harry but Harry doesn't believe him. See what happens…..

Chapter 1

Harry James Potter woke up in his bedroom at Number 12 Grimmauld Place to the rising of the sun.

Harry is 17 today.

No matter how happy Harry should be that he is now considered an adult, when it comes down to it, to Harry it's just another day without his parents, Sirius, and Dumbledore.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione have been searching for Horcruxes ever since the day after Bill and Fleur's wedding.

They found that it is possible that Dumbledore's brother Aberforth might have Slytherin's Locket. So the next time they search, they will go to Aberforth.

Concerning the suspicions made by Dumbledore on the other Horcruxes, Hufflepuff's Cup, something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw's, and Nagini, they haven't been found yet.

But they are taking a break from searching, for Harry's birthday.

Right now Harry made his way downstairs to the kitchen.

When he got there he saw all his friends and old professors, well the ones who were on his side.

"Happy Birthday Harry!" they screamed.

"Thank you. But why are you all here this morning and not tonight?" Harry looked all around him at the decorated kitchen.

"Well we wanted to celebrate your birthday with you from the start since we haven't seen you in a while and also because you'll be leaving soon after, so we won't see you for a time after that. Oh there were two letters that came for you" Molly Weasley answered, handing Harry the letters.

"Thanks. You can all go in the living room. I'll be there in a moment" Harry said.

They all nodded and left, except for Molly, who was making breakfast.

Harry went in the corner of the kitchen to read the letter.

The first one he opened was from Gringotts telling him that he inherited his fortune, and wishing him a happy birthday.

Harry though his day couldn't change to be better or worse.

So when he opened the second letter, only a few words would change his life drastically, in a direction he didn't know.


It's me Sirius.

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