WARNING: Intended for mature audiences, if you are under the age rating of M, do not read on!

Ok this is inspired by the many random times Leena hurts Bit and the fact that I think they really like each other deep down

Starting in the episode where Leena steals Bit's cookie and what might've happened if Harry's sister just kept on going instead of stopping by the Blitz team's place.

Disclaimer: I don't own Zoids

Leena was distracted by the D. Bison's passing by. Bit took this wild chance to catch leena's lips and some of the cookie with his own mouth.

Leena stood in shock, as did Bit who didn't really know what he was doing.

"Bit… what…. THE HELL?!"

"Look I'm sorry! I just wanted my cookie back!"

"You didn't have to take it out of my mouth you pervert!"

Bit shrugged, he thought 'It actually tastes better than before!'

Later that night at dinner, Leena glared at Bit, a glare ominous enough to cut all conversation. "Uh Leena, something bothering you?" asked Toros.

Leena just kept on glaring but thought 'Maybe I shouldn't be so mad, it wasn't that bad of a kiss/violation'. "Bit, pass me the salt" said Leena.

"Sure here ya go!" Bit tossed the salt…but the cap was loose and fell all over Leena.


"I'm sorry! I didn't know the cap was loose!"

"Ohhhh that does it!" Leena exclaimed and stomped out of the room.

Leena got in the shower and got to thinking 'I hate that Bit sooo much, why can't he just pass the salt like a normal person….'

After dinner Bit thought about taking a shower and apologizing to Leena. He went to the bathroom, completely oblivious to the fact

that someone was obviously already in it.



But for some reason Bit didn't leave, he just stood there staring at Leena's naked form. Leena did the same to Bit.

A minute passed…

They spontaneously, yet at the same time, jumped into a passionate embrace of kissing. Bit and Leena both thought

'What the am I doing?'

Leena asked out loud "What are we doing Bit?"

"I don't know Leena, but I think we're in love" replied Bit

"Love?" Leena had always wondered what that was like, having seen many stories of girls falling for their man.

"So this is love?" Leena had never thought that she would fall for Bit, especially like this. Leena backed away.

"Bit, I think you should go…"

Bit understood and left; speechless. He was still able to think though 'What should I do?' Bit thought 'I think I may

really be in love with Leena'.

Ok so that's it for this chap. Tell me what you guys think and I'll continue!