This is it, the final chapter. It's been nearly 5 years and pretty much encompassed my entire college career. For whoever has stuck around this long, you must be a very patient reader ;)


The hour had arrived and it was time to move out. The trio of Brannigan, Armstrong, and McKay set out to eliminate the Blitz team once and for all.

"This is a fine night for a good old fashioned slaughter!" Brannigan exclaimed. The other two could hear him on the open channel. This reassured Mark that he had made the right decision in switching sides. McKay also was reassured that she was following someone with a damned conscience in this organization, even if they were both technically saboteurs now. Thinking about it, it wasn't much of an organization anymore. The Backdraft had already been eradicated; this was simply a sociopath with too much money.

The trio headed out in their choice of Zoids: Brannigan in a custom Redler, McKay in a Sword Wolf, and Armstrong in a Whitz Wolf. Brannigan's plan was simple: destroy the Blitz base, mainly targeting their Zoids, and eliminate them in person soon thereafter.

It wasn't but 20 minutes before they reached the Blitz team's hover cargo. The initial strike would be smooth and fast. Brannigan spoke.

"Ok, it's just as we orchestrated, their Zoids will be in that bulbous section, and we want to do this part as fast as possible so do just as we planned. Ready?"

"Affirmative" came the reply from both McKay and Armstrong. Brannigan lead the charge and sliced through the hover cargo with the Redler's laser blade. Catherine and Mark followed suit with the Whitz and Sword Wolfs' Strike Zan Claw. The damage was more gaping with the claw attacks and the inside of the hover cargo was clearly visible.

"What the hell, there are no Zoids in that damn thing!" Came Brannigan's shocked reaction. It was going according to Mark's plan. Suddenly a figure swept over the three Zoids. And then there were two.

"Commander! He has me! I can't move." McKay's voice came over the radio. She was being carried off by Jamie in the Raynos; of course it was a feint. He dropped her off behind a tall enough hill out of sight. Instead of letting Brannigan know about the betrayal first hand, she and Armstrong would serve as backups in case things went awry. Jamie went back to pick up Armstrong.

"Lieutenant, look out, that thing is back for more." Brannigan alerted Armstrong. Mark pretended to try and shoot the Raynos down but missed deliberately. The Raynos carried him off too.

"Commander! Get this thing off me!" Armstrong faked a plea. Of course this was after they were out of range. While Brannigan's Redler could fly, it was no match for the Raynos' speed even carrying the Wolf. Unfortunately this particular Redler was customized with non-standard equipment.

"Haha, you think you can take my people? I'm the only one with the knack for kidnapping." Brannigan said while launching after the Raynos.

"Shit, he's right about one thing." Jamie said.

"I guess he has a point, that Redler is a lot faster than I thought too. You're going to have to put me down Jamie." Jamie descended and made it in time to take off before Brannigan reached him.

"Damn coward, looks like we're down a soldier, Lt. I can't tell where he might have dropped her…I'm surprised he didn't simply let you go instead of coming down this low." Brannigan spoke to Armstrong.

"Must be…flight stability reasons. Letting me go from high up would've destabilized him in midair…I wonder what he was trying to accomplish then?" Armstrong suggested.

"Probably separating us at best. We'll proceed with hunting those Zoids down, but lets destroy the hover cargo first, there's obviously no one left inside, but now we'll disable their ability to change weaponry." Brannigan said and turned his Redler around.

"Sir, they're clearly expecting us, I wouldn't be surprised if that thing was rigged to explode."

"But we already attacked it once, why didn't it explode then?"

"I don't know sir, but it seems risky to go back, they must have planned something. And it's going to be all of them versus us two. Perhaps we should regroup and-"

"NO! We will finish them this night!" Brannigan exclaimed. There was a new hitch in Mark Armstrong's plan now, they were going to ambush Brannigan but it was too soon. Mark would either have to expose himself or make a convincing fight with the Blitz team. He decided it would be better to fake a fight and look for an opportunity to strike Brannigan in the middle of it. He radioed over a secure channel to the Blitz team of the change in plan. Of course they were able to hear everything Brannigan's trio were talking about since Mark was leaking Brannigan's channel as well.

"Ok, nothing we can't handle." Came Bit's reply. Brannigan and Mark were almost back to the location of the hover cargo when the Blitz team descended on them. Bit went after Brannigan while Brad decided to spar with Mark, convincingly of course.

Brannigan took to the air where he had a better chance. Bit fired with the shock cannons but the Redler was too fast.

"What's the matter boy? Too fast for you? Hahaha!"

"Come down here and say that!"


Brannigan made a wide turn and dived at the Liger.

"Good, you moron." Bit said snidely. The Redler was obviously going to attack with a Strike Claw. Bit charged up the Strike Laser Claw. Bit was going to try to delay going into the air until the last second to get as much push to the Laser Claw going up, that would be sure to decimate the Redler instead of relying on gravity like usual. It was a good thing for that delay, because just as the two were about to meet, the Redler banked to the Liger's left and opened up the Variable Laser Blade. Bit had to change his plan fast. He concentrated on and struck the blade of the Redler, to avoid getting cut apart himself. The blade was long but no match for the Laser Claw's direct strike. The blade snapped off.

"Damn you, Bit Cloud!"

"Hmph, you think I took down the Berserk Fury with a kitchen knife?"

Brannigan didn't hesitate for long though. He used the Redler's custom boosters to make a sharp turn and come at the Liger with a Strike Claw. Bit of course was ready and countered with another Laser Claw, this time taking out both the attacking leg of the Redler and a good chunk of the side; the Zoid would not be of much use now, or so Bit thought.

"Now you're done for!" Bit yelled. Brannigan waited until the Liger was just a couple strides away before he lifted the glass casing to the big red button in his cockpit. Bit saw the puff of smoke as Brannigan ejected out of the Zoid.

Jamie could see the explosion from a distance.

"Bit!" Jamie yelled into the com. He landed the Raynos and went to check up on the crippled Liger. It was still in one piece, barely.

"Liger! If you can hear me, open up the cockpit." Jamie said to the beaten Zoid. Liger made a groaning sound and complied. Jamie dragged Bit out and laid him on the ground.

"Good, he still has a pulse, and there don't seem to be any serious injuries." Jamie said. The only visible scarring seemed to be a trickle of blood from his head.

"...Shit….what the hell happened?" Bit said regaining consciousness fairly quickly. He look at the crater and then to Liger.

"Sonuva BITCH blew up his own Zoid!" Bit exclaimed.

"Fortunately, Liger's reflexes are faster than my own, he was able to stop mid stride and pivot around, so I didn't take the blast to the face…Sorry buddy, but it looks like we won at least. Here comes that asshole now." Bit said looking up. Brannigan came down in his ejected seat with a parachute.

"You're beaten, Brannigan. Now give me back Leena!" Bit demanded. Brannigan pulled out a pistol from the side of his seat and stood up.

"What? How did you know she was still alive!" Brannigan said with a sour face, mad enough that Bit survived the assault from their last encounter.

"Why wouldn't she be?" Bit yelled back.

'Interesting, the boy seems to have amnesia. That's unfortunate, but so was the fact that he's still alive.' Brannigan thought to himself. Two Zoids then appeared and came behind Brannigan, it was McKay and Armstrong.

"So you two made it to the party." Brannigan said as they got out of their Zoids and approached with caution.

"Commander, you seem to have done well. The Shadow Fox was a pushover but he's gone now." Mark said as both him and McKay stopped just behind him. Brannigan took a couple steps back so that they were in his view.

"Yes, I want you to tie them both up. I want to have some fun with them first, the painful kind." Brannigan said. Armstrong stepped toward Bit and Jamie.

Mark thought to himself "the only chance we stand in this situation is to get Brannigan to lower his weapon so we can seize him. It should be simple enough once I tie them both-" his thought process was cut short by a loud bang. He felt his stomach and it was wet, he toppled over.

"Mark!" Catherine yelled and ran over to him. Brannigan adjusted his aim to her. Fortunately Jamie was faster. He pulled out his .45 and disarmed Brannigan, literally. Brannigan's right arm was shot off and he yelled out in pain. Jamie lowered his weapon as Bit ran over to the fallen Mark.

'Not this time, Boy!' Brannigan said out loud. He pulled out a smaller pistol with his other hand and brought it to bear.

"SHIT!" Jamie yelled, reaching for his own weapon once more. But it was too late. There was another bang, this one more distant, and the scene was covered in dust. Everyone coughed.

"Who's hit?" Jamie asked, it wasn't him.

"I'm fine, Catherine is uninjured too…" Bit managed. The dust settled and Brannigan was nowhere to be seen…most of him anyways. There were a couple of bloody stalks, the only remaining part of Brannigan in sight.

"How was my aim?" Brad said over the com.

"Brad? That was you? How did you…?" Jamie inquired.

"Well Brannigan was so preoccupied with Bit, so Mark and I managed to stop our feint and I got into position a kilometer away. I suppose the long range buster cannon was sort of overkill but we won't be seeing him ever again. It's a good thing the hover cargo didn't get seriously wrecked, the buster cannon was worth the effort of walking a kilometer at 10 mph. "

"But those were some quick reflexes, how did you manage to see his second pistol?"

"I didn't."


"Well, I saw that you shot his arm and put your gun away, so I figured I should get my own crack at him. If we handed him to the authorities, he'd be back sooner or later. Now he won't be bothering anyone ever again." Brad explained.

"When you're right, you're right." Jamie replied knowing it to be the truth. Doctor Toros himself made it to the scene in a jeep.

"What'd I miss...Whoa!" Toros saw the stalks.

"Safe to say our troubles are over then?" Toros asked the crowd.

"Doc, can you take care of Mark? Jamie, Brad, I want you two to come with me, we're getting Leena. McKay, if you could give us the location of Brannigan's ship…" Bit said looking over to Catherine, who was still attending to Mark.

"Ugh…it's alright, go with him, I know how he feels…" Mark said to Catherine, still conscious.

"But…" Catherine looked down.

"I don't think there's any internal bleeding, it's not serious."

"Fine, but I'll be back!" Catherine said sternly. The four departed, Bit taking a ride with Brad in the Shadow Fox.

They made it to the late Commander's ship. Catherine cleared them all for entry. They traveled to the bridge and she spoke over the speaker system.

"Attention all crew, this is Lt. McKay speaking. The Commander is dead. Repeat, Commander Brannigan has been killed."

A crew member walked over to McKay.

"So, we're free to go?" He inquired.


"….Yahoo!" The guy jumped for joy, as did everyone else.

"I'm confused; did they simply do his bidding for the money?" Bit asked.

"That appears to be the case." She responded, partly bewildered herself by the response around her. They made their way to Leena's holding cell, Bit wasted little time making a run for it.

"Leena!" Bit yelled out opening the door to the brig. Leena looked up, having been sitting on the floor.

"Bit?...BIT!" Leena got right up and came over to the cell door. Bit then keeled over stopping short of reaching the cell door himself.

"Bit? What's wrong?" Leena yelled. McKay jogged past him and opened the cell door herself. Brad approached Bit.

"Bit? Bit!" Brad tried to figure out what was wrong. Leena made her way over and Bit got up.

"What happ-" Leena was cut off by Bit, his lips met hers. He pulled his arms around her in a tight embrace.

"You jackass...*sniff*…why'd you scare me like that?" Leena said with water forming in her eyes, clearly on the verge of crying.

"I just remembered what happened. I lost some of my memory when you last saw me fight. I remember him shooting at you…" Bit said looking down. He then looked back at Leena and touched his forehead to hers.

"But he lied. And I'm glad for it." He said staring back into her eyes.

"Oh Bit." Leena said initiating her own kiss.

Catherine and Brad waited patiently by the exit. The two lovers walked over to them, hand in hand.

"Hey, isn't she with Brannigan? What happened anyways?" Leena inquired.

"Oh this is McKay, she and Mark Armstrong helped us." Brad pointed out.

"By the way, you can all call me Catherine."

"And what's with all these people jumping for joy?" Leena inquired further.

"Brannigan is dead. These folk apparently didn't give a hoot about him. I suppose everyone wanted to quit but were too greedy or scared of what a psycho like him would do if they wanted to leave now." Catherine replied. They made it to their Zoids and took off shortly. It wasn't long before they reached the hover cargo which was now on the move. They all made it to the bridge.

"Where's Mark?" Catherine asked.

"He's resting on the couch. Jamie ran a quick med-scan on him and he looks to be fine but we're taking him to the hospital just in case." Toros replied.

"Thank you." Catherine said and left to join him.

"And is that my daughter over there? Leena, come give daddy a hug!" He exclaimed happily. Leena gave him a hug.

"I missed you too dad!" Leena said. They then told her the story of what had happened since she had been captured.

"Yeah, and I was the one who finished him off!" Brad said proudly.

"We're here." Jamie said. The checkup was quick and just as the med-scan had revealed, it was just a flesh wound.

"Well Mark, you're one lucky sonuva gun. You survived my kicking your butt way back when and now a bullet." Brad chimed.

"Gotta admit, the bullet was a mosquito bite in comparison. Heh." Mark replied with a chuckle. They all laughed. The real bad guy was dead and they all came out fine. It was indeed a hell of a day.

"So who's up for some food? I'm starved!" Leena said loudly.

"I hear that, it's nearly 2 in the morning already." Brad replied.

"Ok guys, I'm taking orders." Jamie said as he took out a pad and pencil. He went and got everyone their rather large orders from the late night taco joint. Nobody wasn't hungry and exhausted. After an unusual but rather enjoyable meal, everyone went to sleep except for Leena who jumped into the shower. Bit opened the bathroom door and walked in. He joined her in the shower.

Leena turned around and put her hands on his hips and switched sides with him.

"I would hug you first but I'm sure I'd freeze, got to warm you up first!" Leena said. They washed up rather quick so that they could get to the real action. However, Leena had a serious question for him first.

"Bit, have you ever thought about having kids?" She asked with a completely serious look.

"I had long ago decided that I wanted at least two. I still want that." Bit replied.

"I fantasized what our life could've been like together while I was held captive. I thought you were gone and our life together was all I could think about. What I had lost." She said back to him.

"I hadn't thought too hard about it before but I decided that if I could get you back then I would have as many as you wanted."

"Leena, are you sure?"

Leena simply nodded and put on a smile.

Bit, now thoroughly wet and clean as well, briefly recalled the dream he had from long ago.

"You know it feels like it's been years since I had that dream about us in the shower. And now it's actually happening."

"Oh that…well I could just…" Leena said trailing off mischievously. She stepped up to put her hands flat to his chest and kissed him. She then lowered herself slowly to give his member her full attention.

"Leena…" Bit said as she pulled his skin back and started working on him. Only ten seconds later she stopped.

"Leena? What's wrong?"

"We'll finish in the bed!" She replied teasingly.

Leena got out and calmly dried herself. Bit jumped out, grabbed a towel, and was done quickly and thoroughly.

"How did you do that so fast?" Leena asked.

"Friction baby, gotta love it." He replied and jumped into bed. He waited anxiously as Leena took her sweet time. She came out soon with her skirt like bathroom robe on. She walked over to the bed and took it off slowly.

"You tease." Bit said, hard as a rock once more. Leena saw his pitched tent and couldn't contain herself any longer. She jumped over to her side, expecting a bounce but instead she was caught by none other than her lover.

"So you've come right into my arms my angel." He said. She was a bit surprised by his reflexes and blushed slightly at his perfectly delivered line.

"I want you in me now, Bit." Leena said suddenly bolder but still blushing.

"Oh, but shouldn't I get you wet first?" He asked, reaching down with his hand. She was quite moist down below much to his surprise. She let out a moan at his touch.

"Well my time taking and teasing worked both ways…" She said with the slightest trace of embarrassment.

"So why did you tease me in the first place?"

"I'll tell you later, right now I want you."

Bit complied and got into position.

"This is either of our first time, are you ready?" Bit asked to confirm. Leena gave a nod and Bit entered her slowly. He reached her barrier and paused just briefly to look into her eyes deeply. He continued forth. She felt only a pinch, and although she had no expectation until after he had taken her, she was suddenly relieved that that was all it was. However she was suddenly feeling the rest of him slide into her. It felt incredible to finally become one with her one true love. Bit continued pushing forth until he was completely inside her. She felt him reach her all the way to her base deep inside, a perfect fit. Bit could feel that she was quite thoroughly wet. Bit then kissed her and began his rhythm, sliding out halfway before delving right back in. As he increased the pace, she started breathing faster and felt his breath on her, everything about him only drove her even madder with lust. She slowed it down before stopping to flip them over.

"Allow me." She said and started her rise and fall with her hands placed on his thighs. Her breasts bounced up and down which attracted the attention of Bit's hands almost as an instant response. Leena arched her back and she started her rapid ascend towards climax. Bit in response put his hands on her bottom and started controlling the rhythm from the below. The increased power of his thrusting pushed Leena over and she climaxed. Bit continued power thrusting until he too reached his peak. She felt his seed spurt up into her. She rested herself on his chest.

"I can't believe how incredible you are." Bit said.

After a minute's rest, Leena spoke.

"So, want to know why I teased you back in the shower?" Leena asked him with a naughty smile once more. With his curiosity suddenly rekindled again, he asked.


"Well we both want kids and we haven't had any sort of sexual interaction in a long while. So the highest chance of me getting pregnant was with your first shot." She explained.

"Haha, I can't believe you thought of that so quickly, and while sucking on me." Bit replied in a laugh.

"I still want more of you though, Bit." She said getting off him and lying on the other side of the bed.

"You don't have to tell me twice." Bit said with renewed enthusiasm. He followed over on top of her and entered her again. Perhaps it was the reentry or re-excitement but it felt to her that he was harder than before. It wasn't five more seconds before she climaxed for the second time.

"Leena, wow am I that good?" Bit said surprised and with a chuckle too.

"That's exactly right, and don't stop!" Leena replied giving a push of her legs on his backside. Leena's serious and anxious reaction enticed him even more, and his new pace hastened even quicker. His thrusts were fast and powerful. Leena was moaning loudly and called his name.

"Bit! Bit I'm going to…!" She yelled as she came a third time. Bit came simultaneously for the second time, filling her up again.

"Bit, you're so amazing, tell me you can keep going." She asked anxiously. His member didn't wane even for an instant as his response came.

"I've got more than I can handle."

"Then…fill me up more, Bit!" She cried as he restarted his thrusting. The two were eventually spent. They drifted off to sleep, forever reunited at last.

The next morning was like any other day with the Blitz team, with the exception of their two new guests.

"So Bit, Leena, when's the new wedding date?" Brad asked.

"How's about tonight?" Bit suggested.

"What?" Toros exclaimed.

"Yeah, we already have the clothes and stuff, all we really need is a good place. Leena had an idea." Bit said.

"A simple outdoor wedding is all I really want; things don't have to be extravagant to be meaningful." Leena stated with definitiveness.

"You've made your daddy proud, Leena." Toros replied.

"And his wallet." Brad finished. Everyone laughed. Noon rolled around and everyone departed for the wedding. Even on short notice, Leon and Leena's mother were able to make the time. Naomi was there too who Brad had an eye on the whole time. Everything was set and the bride's music played. Leena walked out with her father, and although it was a small gathering, she was happy to see all the faces she recognized. Even Brad had to take his eyes off Naomi to get an eyeful of the bride. Bit's face was a delight at the sight of her.

Bit whispered to the minister "Hey do you think you could keep this short? We're not exactly the religious types anyways."

"That's fine, I'm not either!" The minister replied with a wink.

"Awesome." Bit then put his attention back on Leena who had just arrived in front of him.

"If you have made your own vows, please, we'll start with you Bit." The minster started as the music stopped.

"Leena, I've wanted you for a long time but this day has finally come. We've come across many hardships but if that was the easy stuff, I'm prepared to go through hell and back for you, forever and always."

"Bit Cloud, I know you love me because you came to my rescue many times and I don't doubt for a second that you wouldn't do it again. I'm happy that you're going to be the father of my children and the best thing that's happened to me."

They then exchanged rings.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cloud, I now pronounce you man and wife, you may-oh!" Bit had already taken Leena into his arms and bent her over for a real kiss. The clapping and cheering commenced. They walked over to Liger Zero who was brandishing a banner in the back reading "Just Married!"

"So where are we going Bit?"

"You'll see."

When they finally arrived they got out of the cockpit.

"Bit, this is…beautiful." Leena said with glee. It was the beach.

"Hey, isn't this where we went on our mini-vacation right before we fought Vega and his Berserk Fury?"

"It is, I remember that cute bathing suit you had on, that's why I chose this spot. And we can't forget the champagne!" Bit popped the cork and poured a couple glasses. The two enjoyed a couple hours just being together. Around seven o' clock they headed out for the reception.

"Ah, there's the couple of the hour!" Jamie announced as they entered the lobby of the hotel. They were greeted with applause as they entered the reception hall. The evening rolled on and the two mingled.

"You know I never had a chance to thank you for saving my ass that time Leon." Bit said to his new brother in law.

"Haha, yeah I had some things to take care of and that day was just all hell. Anyways I'm glad we were able to do this properly. Welcome to the family bro." Leon said.

Jack Cisco then came over.

"Congratulations Bit Cloud, if what I'm hearing is correct, you've turned into one hell of a man and pilot."

"Thanks Jack, you still kicking it with Chris and Kelly as the Lightning team?"

"To say the least, they're my wives."


"Oh yeah, they actually proposed it to me! But we're a lot alike, Bit; I found something good and I'm hanging on to it forever."

Brad joined them. "Pimp Cisco! How's it hangin'?"

"Pretty good actually, Kelly's expecting our first, Chris is expecting our second about a month after."

"Christ man, you've got some endurance…well changing subjects, where's the honeymoon at Bit?"

"An island resort off the coast of New Italy. The sight is supposed to be like none other in the galaxy." Bit replied. The food was served shortly and then came the clattering of glasses. The couple was no stranger and gave one up for the crowd. The dancing started shortly thereafter. Leena's parents joined in the dancing after the newly married couple, followed by Brad and Naomi and Mark and Catherine. Around 2 am the guests started leaving. Soon it was just the Blitz team, family and close friends.

"I wish you two the best." Mark said leaving with Catherine.

"You guys as well, and thanks for everything!" Bit waved them off.

"Where to now?" Brad stepped over putting his arm around Bit.

"We'll be staying here the night and our flight leaves tomorrow. It's all thanks to Jamie, he's a good planner on and off the battlefield." Bit replied.

"Hey, when you guys come back and if you're not completely out of it, let's get ourselves into another tournament." Brad suggested.

"You betcha."

Soon it was just Bit and Leena heading for the elevator to the penthouse suite.

"Sucks, I won't be able to drink for another nine months, what should we have Bit?"

"Hey they have a Jacuzzi about some fruit sherbet to go with that?" Bit suggested. They quickly got naked and into the tub with their cold desserts. They looked out on the open sky outside; it was a pretty good view.

"Hey we should get some rest soon if we want to catch our flight, it's 4:30 already!" Leena exclaimed.

"Yeah, it's pretty late, but that's why I called Jamie and he changed our flight to 1 pm."

"That's good news." Leena said, huddling up with Bit. After the relaxing bath they still had enough energy to expend on each other a few times. Eventually though, they did get some sleep. At the airport, they barely managed to catch their flight.

"I feel like we're just a couple of teenagers. Staying up late having sex and considering 1 pm as early." Leena said as they finally got past their boarding gate.

"You know, we kinda still are. It's only been a couple years since we met, we were sixteen back then." Bit realized. They took their seats and the long flight began. They arrived roughly six hours later and it was only about 4 pm in New Italy. They would be taking a cruise ship over to the island resort. Time seemed to pass quickly on the flight and soon they were already at the ship.

"This ship is incredible, I can't believe dad actually paid for all this." Leena said delighted as they made their way around the ship. The cruise was a delight as they enjoyed the recreational facilities. Bit tried his luck with the mini-surfing machine and actually did well on his third try. Leena was a natural and got it on her first.

"I'm jealous." He said with a smile. It was twilight when they reached the island. They checked into their hotel and made it to their room. It wasn't a penthouse but it was still overly luxurious, similar to their room back on the continent.

"Wow, if this is their regular room, I'd get spoiled silly at the penthouse. Heck I'll get spoiled silly here!" Leena said with enthusiasm.

"No kidding, hey take a look at this view!" Bit said, calling her over to the balcony.

"Wow, they have a bunch of little shops here; I heard there's even a Japantown like in San Francisco." Leena said.

"If you're not too tired, we could go tonight, of course we have a whole week here." Bit replied.

"How about we go out for dinner tonight and tomorrow we'll start the exploring."

It was a time of relaxation, Bit and Leena enjoyed the full week of their honeymoon. Afterwards, they rejoined the rest of the Blitz team.

"Well I bet you guys had fun. What are your plans now?" Brad inquired.

"Well we talked about it; I'm going to be making a living the best way I can, through Zoid battles!" Bit replied.

"I think I'm going to retire, it's fun and all but it's not exactly for pregnant ladies like myself." Leena added. Brad looked at her wide eyed.

"When did that happen?"

"Its only been a little over a week actually."

"No kidding, detection technology has really improved since the stone age huh." Brad responded.

"Do you know what I'm looking forward to the most?" Leena asked with an unexpectedly devious face.

"Uh…being a mother?" Brad answered unsure.

"Yes that too but I'm talking about all that food and craving I'll be getting!"

"Won't that make you fat?"

"Not with this metabolism!"

"Yeah, actually I can imagine you staying thin with your level of energy."

then walked into the living room.

"Hey honey I'm glad you're back and I look forward to being called grandpa one day soon!"

"Well that's nice timing." Brad said turning to him.

"What do you mean?...OH, congratulations honey! I guess my new son-in-law works pretty fast huh? Hahaha!"

"Yeah, I guess so." Bit said putting his arm around Leena's shoulder. They all shared a laugh, Bit and Leena a little more embarrassed than the others.

One year later…

"…And here are the challengers, the Blitz team!"

The Blitz team composed of the Liger Zero Schneider, a Whitz Wolf, and the Raynos approached the field. It was the semi-finals of the conference and the Blitz team was the favorite having won the previous eight rounds of the series.

"Yeah, go kick their butt honey!" yelled a three month pregnant Leena.

"I still can't believe you're pregnant again. Are you doing it on purpose?" Brad said standing next to Leena from the front row in the crowded stadium.

"Nope, we just do it multiple times daily, I guess it just happens when you do that!" Leena replied candidly.

"Won't you end up with like 40 kids? What about your body, that'll wreck your nether regions if you're so careless." Jamie said from her other side.

"C-sections my friends, C-sections. And no, we'll probably only have like seven or eight max."

"You're a strong, brave person Leena. I'm almost jealous but I think Naomi would kill me if I even suggested a number like that." Brad responded.

"Jamie, I thought you were out there, who's piloting the Raynos?" Brad asked.

"Oh, Catherine wanted to try it out, and she's pretty slick with the way she handled her Wolf so I figured why not."

"Wait, you mean this is the first time she's riding that thing?"

"Yeah, I guess experimentation this late into the game is pretty risky, but that's pretty much the Blitz team's middle name."

"You're right about that. Shoot, I wish I was out there." Brad said almost a little sad.

"Don't be so glum, we've got to have rotations in these things and you had your turn at the New Italian conference." Jamie replied.

"Who knows, after this one is born, maybe I'll go for a rotation myself!" Leena exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Speaking of which, where's the older brother?" Jamie inquired.

"Dad's looking after him, he enjoys spending time with little Bit."

Just then the match ended, the Schneider fell the last foe and the Blitz team's name was called as the winners by the white judge on the overlooking podium. The crowd roared with cheers. The Liger walked over to Brad, Jamie, and Leena's location. The cockpit opened up and Bit jumped out to stand beside Leena.

"This is the rest of my team, and this…" Bit then brought Leena's lips to meet his.

"…is the love of my life!" Leena then took the mic.

"Damn right I am, and in next year's championship look out, because Leena Cloud will be coming back to kick some butt!" She then set the mic aside, wrapped her arms around Bit's neck and gave a passionate kiss. Bit was momentarily surprised but his arms hugged her even so and everything was perfect, because this was his Leena. The crowd cheered even louder.

And that folks is the end of my almost 5 year old story in the making. It was in fact my first proper fanfic and I think I've improved a lot over the years.

Thanks everyone for the support and enthusiasm, I love this pairing now more than I did at the start!