AN: This has been running though my head for ever now and I thought I would put the perverbial pen to paper. It was suppost to only be a short fic that has taken a life of it's own. I was able to think of so many ideas for this that it just continued to grow and grow. Now the series should go all the way though seventh year and maybe a bit longer. Since I enjoyed writing it so much I thought I would let you read it. It's not the best out there and the updates will be erratic. The plot may get boring and choppy but I think it might just entertain a few of you out there. Thanks. Highbrass

Chapter 1 - The Vision

The bright green of instant death rushed toward him as the world around seemed to slow to a crawl. There was no avoiding or blocking this time. There was just no where to go without his wand and the little bit of magic he still left at his command. In that instant he knew he was to die this day, this hour, in this place. And with those thoughts time stilled.


The ride from Kings Cross had been a tense one after Dumbledore's funeral. Many of the compartments were empty. Almost no Slytherins were aboard the train. Those that remained either cried or sat in silent contemplation. All but three who had commandeered the Head carriage for themselves. Ron, Hermione and Harry sat alone with every privacy spell they knew blocking their conversation from prying ears.

As they arrived little was said in ways of greetings. The three split up going toward their respective guardians. Harry slipped quietly away until he had found Remus. After a quick discussion they left with no one, but two friends, being the wiser.

Getting out of school nearly two weeks earlier than he was suppose to wouldn't sit well with the Dursley's. Luckily Remus and Harry spent that time at Grimmauld Place. Dobby and Kreacher were asked to clean the place to livable conditions once again. It was clear that no one had entered the house since Sirius had died. The wards, even without the Fidelius, were enough to keep out even Narcissa and Bellatrix as magically speaking neither were a Black any longer. Harry smirked at the short sidedness of old pure blood families and their insistence on magical marriage contacts.

Those two weeks alone with the old were-wolf helped Harry more than he thought possible. The two studied magic together constantly not even worrying about the Ministry. At some point Sirius had confided in his long time friend that, being the dark family they where, the Blacks had erected wards to disable any identification of magic use. After all, it wouldn't have been good to have the Aurors knocking on their door while they were studying strong ancient magics.

One night the two sat in the study trading stories and toasting to the memory of their friend and those that they knew where to follow before the war concluded. After the two had finished off nearly three bottles of Rosmerta's mead and a full bottle of fire whiskey, Harry told Remus everything. It was like a dam burst and every part of his childhood to the present was laid bare to Remus. Remus in turn confided in Harry what happened after that fateful Halloween night so long ago. He left nothing out and Harry would have cursed the old headmaster within an inch of his life had he still been alive as a result of the conversation. The two drunk individuals passed out some time in the morning after they started drinking and didn't wake until the morning next began.

After that day though Remus took a special interest in supporting one of his best friend's son's. He helped studying new magic and was someone to bounce theories off of. It was lucky Remus was the one Harry spilled all his secrets to. One of the 'perks' of his curse gave him a distinctly feral mind rendering legilimancy impossible.


Harry watched the clock on the side of his bed. He was to leave for the final time in mere moments. Three hours before he turned Seventeen.

He would find out a day later that Number Four no longer existed. Riddle had taken his wrath out on his 'family' ten minutes before the stroke of midnight, while the wards were still active.


Bill's wedding went without a hitch. He and Fleur had left hours earlier on their honey-moon. The twins had already flooed back to their apartment above their shop. Charlie left with a couple of old school friends hours earlier to 'catch up on old times'. It didn't help the teasing that the 'friend' was a knockout from his old school days. Percy had shown, only to leave minutes after the wedding ended. And now Harry, Hermione and Ron snuck out the door after placing sleeping charms on the other three occupants of the house, ensuing a safe get away.

They had nearly made it to the end of the long dirt drive and the end of the wards when a blast of green lit up the sky. A green skull with a vivid orange snake slithering out of it's mouth illuminated the Burrow. Leaving forgotten, the three had barely taken a few steps each before the house exploded. The shock wave lifted the three off the ground and blew them back into the densely covered wood. Before Harry gave up on consciousness he thought he heard a shrill scream of frustration that could only come from one being. Voldemort had just missed him again.

Harry was jerked from his dreamless sleep by the worried whisper of Hermione casting healing charms as fast as she could. It was still dark out and by the position of the moon he had been out for only an hour or so. Looking back toward the Burrow he already knew it was too late for whoever was left. The only thing that was keeping it up was the magic that always seemed to keep it from collapsing. After they got Ron awake the inconsolable teen rushed into the house only to find the charred remains of his parents and sister.

Harry bent over the remains of the one person he had loved in all his long years. tears streamed down his soot covered face. They left eventually only stopping by the Granger's house to beg them to leave the country post haste.

They did, and when they came back from their vacation three weeks later nothing was left of the house they had spent years making a home but a burned out shell.


For months the papers went on about the where-abouts of Harry Potter and his friends. Neville had been killed only days before a new term at Hogwarts started. He had managed to kill Rabastian and his Gran had hit Rudophus with a curse that blew apart his nether regions. The deatheater died in pain from blood loss. Before he died though, Neville landed two curses to the evil hag that was Bellatrix. A jet of acid melted half her body nearly off and a cutting curse to her neck left her with no voice. She lived however, but now her outside appearance was much more in line with her inside. After that she would forever be remembered as the 'Monster'.


Remus, Harry, Hermione and Ron never left the house but for two hours and those were disguised as different muggles they encountered thanks to polyjuice. They ran each morning and then lifted weights. After that they studied branches of magic. All branches of magic.

Dumbledore had left nearly everything in his office to Harry after his death. After the will had been read he received a trunk with five compartments. Within the trunk were all the books from his private library, his pensive, protective clothing and notes. Not just any notes though, they were notes about everything the old man had worked on all his life. The first they all looked at was the information the old man had gathered about horcruxes. Through whatever channels he had, Dumbledore managed to get the process of horcrux creation and was therefore able to reverse engineer the process to figure out how to destroy them. It seemed the final glitch had been worked out only after the aged professor had lost the use of one of his hands. The rest of the notes were of spells the old man had either produced himself or rare arts that had been lost through time. But perhaps the most interesting was all the work Dumbledore had done with Flammel was listed there. All the notes on alchemy.

The group seemed to split on what they studied. Hermione dove into alchemy and potions. The two fields of magic differed from each other greatly unlike one would think though. Potion brewing had very stringent rule that must be followed or the cauldron was no more than an large grenade. Ron delved into curses, mostly on the darker side of magic from the Black library. He seemed to have lost all his prior prejudices after watching three of his family members blown apart along with his home. Remus too seemed to abandon the 'take prisoners' notion in regards to his studying of magical spells used in combination with weaponry but also tampered with runes and rituals. Harry though learned a little bit of everything. Most of his time though was taken learning the new spells he would need to defend himself.

No one knew the exact reason but the 'Chosen One' absorbed information like a dry sponge. He would go though book after book and then be able to recite the information back when he finished. Any average grade spells only took minutes to learn. Advanced only hours. The mage level spells from Dumbledore's collection took weeks to learn each. And the Horcrux notes and spells even longer. Soul magic was thought to be one of the most difficult magic ever created, still Harry plowed on and mastered the spells quicker than any one in history. As a break in his work he studied other arts. He learned how to brew some of the more necessary potions the group would need but was nowhere near as good as Hermione was. He helped Remus with some of the rituals he has learned about and with that a few runic patterns. He even preformed a few on himself to give him a little edge. The only problem was the length of time one had to study a ritual to ensure it was perfect. That time was not something Harry had in abundance


By Christmas Harry finally broke down from the stress and grief. For a week he had been inconsolable. It was only the support from his best friends and his 'Were-dad', as they all had started calling Remus, that he was able to pull though.


Harry decided that Occlumency was perhaps the best magic ever invented as he lay in wait that cold March night. It had been a few long hard months but he had managed to finally get a basic understanding of the skill after everyone else. After that he quickly formed his base shields then started sorting his mind. It was only magic that allowed any of this to happen. Now that he had done it things were much easier to remember though. Over the months he had personalized his mind. Hidden memories, changed the landscape of his mind and introduced traps. If someone did break his shields he couldn't wait to see what happened next.

After learning the skill Harry was able to control his scar link. Voldemort, being his arrogant self and misinformed by Snape of his true abilities, hadn't bothered to reinforce his occlumency walls, only basic shields, since they had dueled in the Ministry after fifth year and with relative ease Harry was able to use his 'back door' to spy on the reptile.

Tonight there were to be five different raids taking place. All were pure bloods that refused to join the dark side and were therefore considered blood-traitors and the enemy. It just so happened it would leave five Hogwarts' students orphans. Having no other options the five people living in the house split up. (Tonks had taken up residence with 'her' wolf after her parents were targeted by deatheaters. They survived, beating back the four intruders, even killing two of them.) Each had been practicing months for this.

The brief swirl of color indicated the deatheaters had portkeyed in. Harry lifted a small mirror and tracked the progress, happy when two separated from the group to circle around the house in opposite directions. He lay still, blending in with the fallen leaves under disillusionment. As the single man walked by, not even having drawn his wand yet, Harry wrapped his arms around the man, one hand holding the chloroformed cloth to the mouth. Sometimes it was better to use muggle means. Less action and no light from spells. A quick slit across the unconsious man's neck and he was ready to move on.

The other was taken out much the same way only with a stun gun. He didn't envy the black robed figure as a couple thousand volts of electricity coursed though his veins. Inside Harry could already hear the laughing of the other two. Racing across the lawn he quietly maneuvered himself behind the two deatheaters as they held the two house occupants under a 'legal' pain curse. He gripped his wand with his right hand and his left drew a long, blood stained, dagger from the folds of the mid-night black robe. Then like lightning both deatheaters crumpled to the ground, one unconscious the other a long silver blade sticking out from between her breasts.

That night lead to the gathering of much information. Veterisum would get any answer from even the most hardened enemy. Voldemort never knew what became of his twenty followers and the Malfoy line lost it's youngest member in a most horrible way thanks to Ron.


By November the war had nearly halted once again. Voldemort was in a fit after loosing nearly half his fighting force. After the first loss he never sent out his more experienced followers.

In a twist of dark irony Neville and Harry received their revenge on Bellatrix. The Dark Lord had to put his most faithful to death before she killed any more of his followers. Though gifted in silent magic, Bellatrix would fly off the handle if any one mentioned anything relating to speech in her presence. She had lost the few shreds of sanity she had left after her battle with Neville. After killing five other deatheaters Voldemort had enough.

Harry watched as the woman was held under the cruciatus until she was little more than a pile of drooling flesh and bone after she killed Greyback with a molten quicksilver whip. The killing of his most savage and advanced were-wolf had hurt recruitment and training significantly. Afterward he simply killed the insane witch before storing her to be used as an inferi.


In March Harry and Hermione had a breakthrough with their alchemy experiments. Living Metal they called it. It was able to form new limbs or simply cover existing ones. It was incredibly spell resistant and able to adhere to the owners will. In the testing a thin sheet of it was able to withstand a killing curse with only minimal damage. It had come too late for some though.


By July they had recovered all the horcruxes but Nagini. Slytherin's locket had been the hardest to round up surprisingly. After figuring out that RAB had been Sirius' brother Regulus they remembered the locked they had found in the house as they were cleaning so many years ago. Both Dobby and Kreacher searched the house but the locket was gone.

Harry hunted down Mundungus Fletcher and removed every piece of information the old spy had locked in his head. Livid at what the damn man had done not only to the locket and other effects of his home but how the man sold information regarding families to deatheaters as well.

Harry left the man with no hands, no feet and a permanent password protected sticking charm to his lips. No longer able to run, steal or talk Harry left him on the blood soaked street of Knockturn alley. No one was ever able to open his mouth.

The other horcruxes had been fairly easy to find. With Voldemort's increased paranoia he had ordered the items rounded up and placed in new locations. It had happened to be a night Harry was watching. Though he wasn't able to find out the exact place they had been he knew exactly where they were going to be.

Due to the nature of the horcrux spell the items couldn't be close together or they would try to abandon their vessel and reconnect with each other. So instead of leaving them in a place they had been save for years they were moved to less secure but more easily watched properties.

Hufflepuff's cup and Ravenclaw's hair piece never made it to the new safe locations.


New years was celebrated at the funeral of Remus, Tonks, Hermione and Dobby. Voldemort himself destroyed the blood wards protecting Number 12. The three put up such a good fight that little fun was had with them. The living metal worked like a charm.

It had been strengthened and changed from the original formula that was meant to fight werewolves, vampires and be used as a shield and weapon. Dragons has also been captured and used in attacks. The notoriously difficult to subdue animals rained havoc on the small group for a while but with some ingenious thinking by Hermione they had made it so the even dragons fell beneath the force of Living Metal.

During the battle of Number 12 it was used to deflected multiple curses, killing and otherwise, before it was damaged enough to have to be removed. It appeared the four only went down when multiple killing curses took their lives. Each dying with a smug contentment on their faces. It was easy to tell why though. Around them the bodies of over thirty deatheaters lay and later reports stated that even Voldemort had been injured.


Harry hissed as he cauterized the stump that was were his hand use to be. Ron stared back at him with lifeless eyes. The final horcrux had been destroyed. The damn snake had bitten Ron and instead of getting the anti-venom potions out of his shrunken trunk he helped Harry subdue the damnable beast. The ten minute fight was all the poison needed to stop his heart.

Only one Weasley remained now. Bill had fled upon the insistence of Fleur and Harry really couldn't blame them. Bill had his own family that now became his priority. The shock of his last friend falling at his feet was all the time the virus like piece of soul needed to attach itself the the next closest living thing, Harry's hand. Knowing he had screwed up royally, the man cast a strong cutting curse, severing the damaged part from the healthy skin. The cut portion quickly turned black as night before Harry again cast out the fragment and this time killing it for good.

He gathered up Ron's body and apperated strait to the grave hidden under Potter family wards dating back to Merlin's time. A few spells and words of love, buried Ron next to Hermione, Remus, Tonks, the rest of his family, Lilly and James Potter. He poured his heart out to no one but himself, sobbing there with all that were dear to him. He didn't leave for two days.


Harry batted away the spell with his own silver hand before ordering the silver to shoot out like a bullet. Hundreds of silver bullets littered the body of Peter Petegrew. Harry buried the body beside his father's. It was winter.


Three years after the death of Albus Dumbledore:

The next day the Daily Prophet was littered with pictures of the dead.

For Six months Harry followed deatheaters. He was now known as The Ghost. No one other than Voldemort had been able to find him. They had dueled more than a dozen times now and the Dark Lord was the only one to survive those meetings, though not unscathed.

This time though Harry had executed his plan perfectly. Nearly one hundred deatheater houses were destroyed all at the exact moment Severus Snape had killed Dumbledore three years ago. The muggle explosives Harry had been stealing from army bases around the world did what no spell would ever be able to. In exact precision nearly one hundred and fifty followers of Voldemort were destroyed, leaving him only a handful of followers left. One of those being Severus Snape.


After his latest success and with no other loved ones still alive in Britain, Harry traveled to France and ended up spending half a year with Bill and Fleur. In that time he learned all the cruse breaker knew and together they studied how to build and break wards.

In this time Harry met Amee, a friend of Fleur's from Beaubuxton. She had ventured to Hogwarts all those years ago but she and Harry never met. It was easy to see it was love at first site for each of them. Amee, like Fleur it seemed, found the collection of scars riddling Harry's body a show a strength and character. Harry in turn thought she was most probably the most beautiful being on the planet. She had a light complexion and sea green eyes, coppery hair with gold high-lights and a smile just for Harry. After only two weeks of knowing each other they hardly ever let the other out of their sight.


That summer Harry and Amee married and prepared to travel back to England. Harry left things unfinished there.


Harry slipped the invisibility cloak around him with only his wand tip visible. Slowly he unraveled the wards protecting Spinners End. It took hours but finally they thinned then vanished without a sound. Snape wasn't in obviously and Harry quickly set up his own wards so as not to alert the man.

Three days Harry watched and waited. His time spent in occlumency. The greasy son-of-a-bitch wouldn't ever know what happened until he was at Harry's mercy. Soft voices alerted the young man as he prepared himself to the best of his capability. The next thing Harry saw made him stop in his tracks. Preceding Snape into the house having not noticed the ward change or Harry as of yet was Albus Dumbledore.

"I tell you Albus we need to be more careful. No one has seen the brat for nearly eight months but there is little doubt I am on his now short list to kill."

"Fear not Severus. I doubt Harry would kill you after I have explained things to him properly." The voice was a dead give away. No one could talk in that grandfatherly, yet condescending manner other than Dumbledore.

Harry's blood started to boil as the betrayal hit and his anger nearly swept away all vestiges of occlumency. Dumbledore's head lifted as if he thought he noticed something but after searching the room with both eyes and senses he went back to talking to Snape.

"You can tell that to the hundreds of deatheaters he has already killed. Hell, you've seen what he has done do some of those he killed. Where in the nine hells did he ever learn soul magic from. Rookwood and Malfoy Sr. each had their magic and souls ripped from them before being melted."

"I am afraid it would be my fault for introducing young Harry into that branch of magic. He needed it to be able to destroy the horcruxes. Where he has found further information I do not know. It saddens me greatly to see Harry killing. There is never a reason for it. Hundreds of magical folks dead by his hand. I never would have thought him capable."

"I told you over and over while we were still in control of that brat to use some kind of control potion." Snape muttered more to himself than anyone else.

"Yes, perhaps you are correct Severus. Still I did what I thought was best. I never would have believed Harry was capable of fighting this well. He never showed this aptitude while I knew him. Even using legilimency on him nearly every meal I had no idea of his true capabilities."

"True. I never had the impression he would amount to anything. It was amusing playing with Potter's and his friend's minds though. I don't even remember all the erroneous thoughts I planted in there. I must admit it was enjoyable making the boy miserable his entire fifth year."

"Yes our plans did work rather well that year. We were able to rid ourselves of Sirius therefore clearing the way for my plan to succeed."

"I still..." Snape yelled suddenly.

The old man didn't respond as as the next thing he saw were two shards of silver run through both of Snape's knee caps, severing the tendons and ligaments.. Dumbledore leapt up facing the direction the knives had come from. Nothing was there. Snape dropped to the ground whimpering like a baby, a leg clutched in each hand. Before Albus could react four silver spikes drove into him, literally nailing him to the wall. Two went through each shoulder another two though each knee.

Harry Potter let the invisibility cloak fall to the ground as he quickly disarmed Dumbledore then turned his wand on Snape. No tears came from the betrayal, only searing anger and hate.

"Don't Harry, Please." Albus managed though gritted teeth. "Let us explain."

"Yes you will be explaining." The cold soft sound of Harry's voice was chilling to the other men's ears.

A slight flick of his wand and the potions master's wand had been cleaved in two. Another and all portkeys drifted into the air then disappeared. Another and the man was dressed only in a pair of boxers and a white tshirt.

"How's that for keeping my mouth shut and mind clear Snivellus." Harry taunted, remembering the words the greasy git had spat after he had supposedly killed Dumbledore.

"What are you going to do Potter!" Snape spat out though his own pain. "Are you going to kill me while the headmaster watches?" It was obvious Snape had no idea what Harry was now capable of.

"He is no longer the Headmaster. That title belongs to another now. One who isn't a coward." The calm cool voice emitting from Harry did more to scare both older men more than anything else.

"Please let us explain Harry."

"No. You lost that privilege when you abandoned us, abandoned me, to this hellish war. You lost that privilege when I buried nearly every Weasley, Hermione, Remus, Tonks. YOU LOST THAT RIGHT YOU FUCK!"

His wand whipped down as he cast the most painful curse in existence on his once mentor. The anger and hate multiplied the intensity and the blood red vortex of magic struck the old man.

Dumbledore couldn't help but to scream in pain. The curse was the worse he had ever felt, worse even then Grindewald's or Tom's. Hours seemed to pass as Harry pushed his hate into the curse. Holding it until it was about to break the man's mind. Dumbledore's voice long since stopped working. Blood pooled on his tongue, ran from his ears and nose, splashing on the floor. Snape watched in total disbelief.

"You have no idea the amount of pain you are about to go through." Harry growled as he turned his attention back to the reason he came to his house in the first place.

For the next two hours Harry questioned the two men. Truth serum was hard for him to make but nothing compared to it when questioning someone else. After extracting the all the information he was going to need Harry spent hours making Severus Snape pay for his crimes. The entire time Dumbledore pleaded that he had only done what he needed to do to ensure the prophesy was fulfilled in their favor. That it was for the good of the whole, 'the greater good'. That only caused the spells to be fired in his direction.

Harry had left the dieing old man to watch as the final form of torture was prepared. A bag filled with a weak acid hung from a metal pole. Snape was no longer able to move as Harry inserted the IV needle into the man's artery. As he removed the clamp the slow drip of acid made it's way into the old potions master's body. Harry stayed for the first three hours, watching as the man to cause him so much pain died so very slowly and the cause of it all trying vainly to detach himself from the wall to help the man he felt were his own son.

Before Harry left and was sure enough of the acid had entered the system to kill him regardless of magical healing, Harry turned to Dumbledore, speaking only a few words as the man sobbed, still nailed to the wall.

"It's for the greater good Albus." Then he disappeared.

That night an anonymous letter was delivered to one Rita Skeeter with an address.

By the next day everyone in the wizarding world knew about Dumbledore's betrayal.


The final battle seemed to be taking forever. The idiot professors charged the deatheaters early on only to get mowed down with killing curses. By now only Amee, Dumbledore and himself were left on the field. The deatheaters weren't fairing any better. Most were dead thanks to Amee and himself. All the aurors died gloriously in battle from the same person they had stunned four times over already.

A flash of light drew Harry's attention from the battle only to see Amee fall to the ground reveling Albus Dumbledore. He wore a pained expression and was bleeding all over. If Harry had to guess, Albus had tried to 'assist' Harry with Voldemort before Amee stepped in. She died ensuring her husband's safety. Even in death her sea green eyes held a deep seated love for him. Before anyone had a chance to recover Harry ripped the shocked old man's heart out with his metal hand.

All that was left was Riddle and Harry. Both tired and battle weary. Both having fought for hours prior to this final confrontation.


His memories came back to the present as the green magic splashed across his torso. His eyes drifted shut.


"This is what might have happened."

The soft female voice raised Harry from his peaceful rest.

"Change what is yet to come Harry. Be the man we all know you can be."

Harry opened his eyes to a brightly lit green field. Before him stood two people he hadn't seen in nearly twenty years.

"We are so very proud of you Harry. We will always be proud of you. Never forget that."

"We love you...son."

Lilly and James Potter faded from view.


His eyes flew open, glowing with untamed power. His back arched from the thin matrice at a seemingly impossible angle. Arms stretched behind him as if trying to seek purchase on ice. The wheezing sound of air sucked into lungs at maximum force filled the air.

And Harry Potter lived once more.