Well I am back and here is my new story:


Chapter 1: Arrivals

Sailor Mars was sending arrows of flame at the attacking army, Jupiter was a few feet away to her left, Serenity stood beside Endymion with Rose in her arms. "They need me…" she whispered.

Chibi-moon, Sailor Sol and Earth Mask stood protecting their parents. The scouts flanked trying to hold off the enemy forces. "Silence…AHHH!!"

"SATURN!" Chibi-moon screamed, running towards her fallen friend. Sol soon found her self taking over for the fallen Mars and Earth Mask for fallen Jupiter. Their mother's soldiers were falling like flies; quickly leaving the three moon children alone against the enemy.

"ROSE!" came Serenity's voice, filled with fear. Chibi-moon turned in time to see a sword plunged into her mother.


Before anyone had time to react the same sword plunged into Endymion. Just then Moon Mask and Pluto arrived. Serentity's head sat in Chibi-moon's lap, while Endymion's head lay in Sol's lap.

"Serenity? Endymion?" Pluto said as the enemy disappeared.

"Mom? Dad?"

"Alex, you must take my position until I am healed…" Endymion said looking to his eldest son. Moon Mask released his transformation so he stood before his injured parents as Prince Alexander, he kneeled beside his father letting a pair of tears fall from his eyes.

"Pluto, take the children to the past. They'll be safe there." Serenity's weak voice whispered. "Serenity, you must explain to them what has happened." Chibi-moon nodded as she released her transformation revealing Neo-Princess Serenity.

Pluto raised her staff transporting everyone to the hospital wing of the Crystal Palace. Then after giving Alex and the doctors some instructions took the six remaining children to the Time Gate.

Usagi and Mamoru stood in his old apartment when a portal opened where the T.V once was and Chibi-Usa stepped through. "hey, glad I caught you…"

"Rini? What are you doing back? We are just moving your father to his new house." Usagi told her future daughter.

"Well for starters…I would like you to meet," She paused as a Mamoru look-a-like with blonde hair and a Usagi look-a-like stepped through. "Sol and Crystal, they are twin eight year olds." Another pause brought to brown Mamoru look-a-likes stepped through followed by Pluto with a small bundle in her arms. "These two are Darien and Tarren, they are five and Baby Rose is two."

Pluto walked over and handed Rose to Usagi, "They are all your children, your majesties."

"That is not Mom or Dad! They are imposters and I am going home!" Sol spat angrily.

"Sol Hikaro Alexander Rhea! You will stay put and apologize," Pluto demanded.

"No! My parents need me!"

"These are our parents, Sol," Chibi-Usa explained.

"Mom's taller and where is her crescent moon? Dad never goes outside the palace without his mask and sword."

"Sol, we are you parents past selves, before we become King and Queen, when we are normal." Usagi said gently.

"Prove it!"

"Why you little punk… have you no respect?" Mamoru demanded.

"Chibi-Usa could you or Crystal hold Rose, please?" Usagi asked.

"I will okaasan," Crystal said taking the sleeping toddler.

"No, Usako. You are still recovering from the last time you used the crystal. You don't have the energy!"

"He needs proof." Usagi said closing her eyes and summoning her birthright. Soon Endymion and Serenity stood in all their glory. Serenity's eyes slid shut as she collapsed into Endymion's arms.

"Proof enough, Sol?" Prince Endymion asked his future son as he lifted his Princess into his arms and carried her out of the room.

"I must go, farewell." Pluto said as the Prince returned.

"Chibi-Usa, call the scouts!" Endymion commanded, as Rose began to stir. "I'll take her," he told Crystal reaching for the toddler.

"They are on their way, otoosan."

"Arigatto, Chibi-Usa. When they get here answer the door and show them into the kitchen. "Earth Wall!" With that the kitchen became a room. Rose started to cry with the sound. "Shhh, my baby Rose. It's alright."

"Daddy?" Rose asked sleepily.

"That's right, Rossy," Endymion said rocking her back to sleep. "So, Sol, do you believe us now? or is your mother being passed out from exhaustion because of using the crystal not proof enough?"

Sol just turned awa. "He just needs time, Endy. Let him be," said a female voice from behind him.

"Usako, you should be in bed," He said seeing Serenity standing in the door way.

"I am fine. Now, what happened to bring you all here?" Usagi asked.

"Mom and Dad were critically injured and left Alex in charge till they were better. Then mom told Pluto to bring us here." Sol spat out.

"Who is alex?"

"Alexander is a year older then me and our brother," Chibi-Usa explained.

Why didn't he come back with you then? Especially when the black moon attacked?' Usagi thought. RING! RING!

"Chibi-Usa, please let the girls in. I'll be there in a minute," Endymion said.

"Yes, sir," Chibi-Usa said heading to the door.

"Now, you five be quiet and stay here. Got it?" Endymion asked looking staight at Sol. Darien and Terran sat down on the floor and Endymion handed Rose back to Crystal who was also looking at her twin.

"Sol, sit down. You will do what otoosand has asked, understand?" Sol nodded to hi sister and sat down on the couch. Endymion took one last look and went to meet the scouts. Serenity got up to follow but colapsed. "Okaasan! Are you ok?"

Sol with Endymion fast reflexes caught Serenity before she hit the floor, "I will put her in the other room, again." Crystal nodded as she watched her twin carry their mother out of the room.

In the kitchen at Endymion's request the scouts transformed and Mercury scanned him. "Well from these resaults this is caused by your powers preparing for the asention. They should wear off about ... now."

Sure enought Mamoru returned. Mars stepped forward, "Now, why are we here? Transformed? Where is Usagi? and why is Chibi-Usa here?"

"The King and Queen have been injured. Now, if you will follow me," Mamoru said leading them into the living room.

"Great, more imposters," Sol said under is breath coming back from the other room.

"Scouts meet your future royals," Mamoru said.

Crystal placed Rosed down and bowed, "I am Princess Crystal Alexandra Solana Rhea. The two on the floor are Darien and Terren. Rose is the little one asleep on the couch."

"Darien Endymion Hikarei Rhea."
"And Terran Stephen Endyrei Rhea," The younger twins stated proudly standing up.

"And Sol," added Mamoru said angrily.

"So, how much is this guy payin' you?" Sol asked.

"Please excused my brother,he is quite arrogant and doesn't know when to hold his tongue." Crystal apologized.

"Where is Usako?" Mamoru asked urgently.

"In bed, Mister. The weakling passed out again," Replied Sol. The room became silent no one sure of Mamoru's response. Mamoru however just pushed past Sol on his way to retrieve Usagi.

"I believe we have enough energy to teleport to the new house," Mercury commented.

"Can we do it without destroying the apartment?" Mars asked, remembering their first teleportation.

"We should have enought that our surrounding s won't be effected," Neptune agreed.

"And we can help," Chibi-Usa put in as she transformed. "Moon Activate!"

"Sun Activate!"

"I guess I have to ... Earth Armourize!" In seconds Chibi-Moon, Sailor Sol and Earth Mask appeared. The senshi made a circle around the twins, Mamoru, Usagi, and the last of the boxes. Usagi lay in Mamoru's arms; Chibi-Moon moved Rose to lay between the twins.

"Ready?" Uranus asked. The warriors nodded and began calling their powers.

"Sailor Teleport!"