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Serena and Alex arrived in the conference room at the appointed time and found themselves surprised to find the genders already changed back to how they were meant to be.

Serenity and Endymion looked up and smiled, "We all decided that we would rather be as we were back in the millennium, so…"

"We went back to just before the sleep and changed ourselves to the true forms of Serenity and Endymion as we were meant to be."

"As you two were the only ones that were born before the freeze it gave you the option of whether or not you wanted to be royalty."

Seeing that Endymion's last announcement confused the young teens, Serenity explained by standing up and resting her hand on her not too noticeable stomach, "You both were old enough to decide and we wanted to make sure your choice was your choice and so we are now expecting another bundle of joy as well as made ourselves younger as to remove the pressure of announcing an heir."

Serena and Alex smiled. "I guess it is time for us to finally head home as things have been corrected and home should be there again."

Endymion approached his daughter and wiped a tear from her eye, "Do not cry for we will see you shortly and I love you no matter what gender I am."
Serena smiled and leapt into her father's arms and hugging him tightly. "I love you too, Daddy."

Alex took his sister's hand and said "It is time to go home." Serena nodded and the two disappeared back to their time.

Returning to the gates of time a female Pluto greeted them "Are you ready to end this adventure and go to your new future?" The twins nodded and closed their eyes and Pluto corrected them to meet the new timeline. One when they were born of Mamoru and twins. When they opened their eyes they were very surprised.

Serena awoke in bed next to Helios in Elysian as a young boy is next to her crying "Mommy." Serena looks up and slowly remembers her son, Morpheus and that she had a daughter as well. Helios entered the room and picked up the young child, "Morpheus, I told you to leave your mother to rest as you will be a big brother soon."

At that Serena noticed that she did feel heavier and when she moved her hand to her stomach it was very pregnant.

Alex awoke in the palace of Crystal Tokyo next to a beautiful girl, slowly his memories adjusted and he remembered his new wife of six months, Adriana. Born of Mars and Jedite, their marriage joined the houses of the Moon and Mars and rebound the Earth with Mars.

Things were once again as they should be and within the time it took Alex to wrap his arms around his wife all memories of his adventure to return the timeline to as it should be forever forgotten.

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