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"Kasumi, come and play with me!"

Two girls run through the forest, their agile footsteps causing the dirt to rise and leaves to scatter. They are giggling and in general having a fun time. Although the day may have been sunny in the morning, clouds are gathering in and casting a shadow over the entire area.

Despite the dull weather, laughter shines in honey brown eyes, and the expression on the purple-haired girl's face is all smiles.

A blade flashes.

"I love these flowers." The brown-haired girl stops and bends down to inhale the scent of purple blossoms.

The other girl continues to run past her, a small smile lingering on her lips. She suddenly stops and stands still, her short purple hair hiding her face. Her body visibly stiffens, and the smile turns into a sneer.

The metal is very sharp.

The brown-haired girl stands back up, and the sound of laughter fades, although the happy grin remains on her face. She turns to face her half-sibling.

The purple-haired girl speaks rather quietly. "Come here."

The older girl obeys, trotting happily up to the purple-haired one. She sees the flash of silver about a second before the pain is even absorbed. A shower of rich, red blood sprays the air, splattering the outfit of the younger girl.

She says nothing, only smiles.

A brief look of shock can be seen in the honey brown eyes before they drift shut and her body falls limp.


Ayane wakes with a jolt, breathing fast and sweat covering her forehead. She is an experienced ninja; nightmares should not affect her that way. Her hands, however, are coated suspiciously in a sticky red substance.

It smells coppery.

Author's Note: For any of you that may not understand the meaning of this particular story, it is focused on the darker psychological impacts of what can happen to a person who has been constantly [emotionally neglected throughout their childhood. It does not make any "real" sense because psychology is often a complicated issue for those who may not recognize it for what it is (eg. a killer, a masochist, abuse, depression, etc), and the ending is left vague for deliberate interpretation of what actually happened.

No, therewill not be anycontinuation to "clarify" anything.