Inner Strength- part 1

Okay, most of you know the characters of the story, but for the other characters, I'll tell you about them.

So the story goes, Ash, May, Brock, Max, and Pikachu are walking along the trail to the nearest city... Which is for some reason, is taking a long, long, long, long time.

"Boy, wonder why it's taking so long just to get to a one mile away city," said Ash.

"Maybe we went the wrong way?" said Brock.

"Hey! Maybe that's it!" shouted May.

It was a city, but it was a very odd city. There where some people, but they all just stood there, smiling, and the houses were all the same color. In fact, all the people had the same clothes, hair dew, and it even looked like they had the same smile! As Ash and the others walked closer to the town, they noticed that everyone was looking at them, weirdly.

"They look like people," said Max.

"I think they're breathing," said Ash.

"But why are they staring at us?" said May.

"Pikachu," said Pikachu on top of Ash's shoulder.

"Maybe they have a store or something," said Brock

As they looked around, there was no store or Pokecenter, it even looked like there isn't any pokemon around!

"What is this place?" said May.

"Now that I've looked at the map, this town isn't even on it!" said Brock.

"Hey look!" Shouted Ash, "They at least have a gym!"

Indeed the town did. A gym right there . . . Almost like it wanted them to go there.

"I don't like this," said Max.

"Well, as long as they give me a Bage, I'm going in!" said Ash.

As soon as Ash was done talking, Ash ran towards the gym, the others just fallowed to see what would happen. As Ash ran up to the door and swung it open with Pikachu still on his shoulder, he ran inside, but just to find out that he ran into a deep, dark hole!

"Ahhhhhhh!" shouted Ash as he fell into the darkness of the hole.

"Pikachuuuuuu!" shouted Pikachu as he fell along with his master.

"Ash!" shouted everyone else.

While this was happening, Team Rocket was spying on the "twerps."

"What are they doing?" said James.

"The twerp with the Pikachu just ran into a hole!" said Jessie.

"I think I heard one of them say, 'this town'," said James.

"There's nothing but dirt and rocks around here," said Meouth.

"Then what could they be doing?" said Jessie.

"Maybe they saw some gold in that hole?" said James, but was later slapped from Jessie.

"That's impossible! ...Wait a second, that hole looks really deep. What if we gave those twerps a little push?" said Jessie.

"Sound like a plan to me!" said James.

"Wabbafet!" said Wabbafet.

Now we go back to trainers that are still at the hole.

"Ash! Can you hear me?" shouted May into the place Ash had fallen.

"Barley! Can you throw me a rope or something?" shouted Ash from the darkness of the hole.

"We don't have a rope, Ash!" shouted Brock.

"Maybe we could ask the people in this town?" said May.

"The people here don't even move. I hardly doubt they will talk," said Max.

"What do you have?" shouted Ash from the invisible hole.

"Um . . . nothing, but we'll find a way!" said Brock.

Then, May had an idea!

"What if we-," but May could not finish her sentence because James just pushed her into the invisible hole!

"Ahhh!" shouted May as she fell into the hole.

"Prepare for trouble!" said Jessie. (I'm sure you know where this is going).

"And make it double!" said James.

(I'm going to make this short, so here's the end of it)

"Team Rocket at the speed of light!" said Jessie.

"Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!" said James.

"Meouth, that's right!" said Meouth.

"Wabba, wabba!" said Wabbafet.

"Grr! Team Rocket! Are you the ones that made this fake town?" said Brock.

"Town? What town?" said Jessie.

"This town! You can't trick us!" said Max.

"Fine, whatever, just get in that hole!" said Jessie, already annoyed.

While Max and Brock were fighting Team Rocket, something weird was going on in the hole.

"Ow, my head," moaned May as she recovered from the fall.

"You okay, May?" said Ash.

"I think so. What is this place?" said May.

The cave was pitch black and very humid. Ash and May had to wipe their brows from their sweat because they were sweating so much.

Then, in the darkness, was a voice.

"Hello, Ash. Hello, May," said the voice.

The voice sounded both a male's and a female's and they couldn't see his/her face in the dark.

"Who are you? How do you know our names?" asked Ash.

"I'm a scientist. I like to experiment, so I need you to help me with one I'm doing," said the voice.

"I'm not going to let you touch me!" said Ash.

"Who said I was going to touch you?" said the voice.

Then, a torch came aflare and Ash and May could see the person talking. The person wore a black robe with a hood on his/her head, so they couldn't see the person's face.

"What is it you want the most in this world?" said the voice.

"Why should I answer you?" said Ash.

"Is it fame, money, glory, or, as they say, the best trainer of them all?" said the voice.

"Who are you?" asked Ash.

"I am called many names, but you may call me Artemis. Now answer my question," said Artemis.

"Ash, just tell the guy. He might be able to get us out of here," whispered May.

"Okay, fine. I want to be the best trainer of them all, there are you happy?" said Ash.

"An obvious answer. Which is what the experiment is for," said Artemis.

Then Artemis got a bottle filled with an orange liquid out from his pocket, or back, or something.(It's hard to see in the dark).

"Ready?" said Artemis.

"No I'm not letting you touch me or her! Pikachu, thunder shock!" said Ash.

"Pikachuuuuu!" said Pikachu as he unleashed a bright light of thunder towards Artemis.

But, all the electricity went around Artemis, like if Artemis had a shield or something. Then Artemis raised the bottle, and all the electricity went strait into the bottle.

"Pikachu, enough," said Ash.

"Now it is done. With this, Ash, you will become the best of them all. Just simply drink it, smell it, or even touch it and you will be the best," said Voice, and tossed the open bottle to Ash, but Ash was a little clumsy. Instead of caching the bottle, Ash dropped it onto the floor.

"Oops," said Ash.

"Ash! How could you just drop it?" said May, angrily.

Then, the fumes from the potion came strait to Ash's nose and he felt a little dizzy. It was too dark to see, for Voice had gone away and blew out the flame on the torch, but May could hear Ash in pain as he screamed into the air.

"Ash? Where are you? What's wrong?" said May, concerned.

But Ash could neither see her or hear her from his screams of pain. Something was happening, he could feel his body changing. He felt his clothes fall off while he was getting smaller, but he wasn't only shrinking, he was changing. Then, he stopped screaming.

Soon, May (just like a blond moment, even that she is a brunet) remembered that she had a flash light in her pocket. May took out the flash light and turned it on.

"Ash? Ash!" shouted May.

"I'm over here," said Ash.


"Right below you, May," said Ash.

May pointed her flash light down, but it's what she saw that made her gasp. Ash's clothes laid there beside him (except his hat was still on his head), but he wasn't naked, he had been turned into a Pokemon! A Pikachu, to be exact.

"Ash? Is that you?" said the frighten May.

"Ya, it's me. Why do you have that look on our face? You look like I got something on my face or something," said the Pikachu Ash.

"Um, not quite, Ash," and May and took out her hand-held mirror and pointed the flashlight at Ash, so that he can see what happened.

"What the? What happened to me?!" said Ash.

May wasn't sure what to say, for she didn't even know.

Meanwhile, up on the ground where Team Rocket and Brock and Max were:

"Now you're gonna get it!" said Brock "Go Onix!" and Brock and through out his Pokeball to reveal his Onix.

"Srviper, go!" shouted Jessie as she through her Pokeball.

"Kacnia, g- ow!" shouted James as his Kacnia hugged him with it's needles after it was released from the Pokeball.

"Ow! Why do you have to do that all the time?" said James to his Kacnia.

"Onix, tackle!" said Brock to his Onix, who did as he was told.

Onix sprang towards Srviper and tackled his head against Srviper's. Srviper was knocked out cold.

"Ow! Kacni- ow, use poison sting. Ow!" said James through Kacnia's needle hug.

Kacnia let go of James and pointed his arms at Onix and fired thousands of needles towards Onix, but Onix was a rock type Pokemon, so the needles just bounced off.

"Onix, use another tackle!" said Brock to his Pokemon.

Onix knocked out Kacnia with it's rock head, and James got his Pokeball and told it to return, Jessie did the same with her fallen Pokemon. Then James and Jessie looked at each other and then at Brock.

"What?" asked Brock.

"This is the first time that you twerps beat our Pokemon and we didn't blast off!" said Jessie.

"Oh . . . Should we stick to tradition?" asked Brock.

"How about we just run before you hit us?" said James.

"Na. Onix, another tackle to get them out-of-here!" said Brock to his Pokemon.

Onix then gave another tackle and shot them upwards with Team Rocket saying, "Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!" and the distant sound of, "Wabbafet!"

"Well we beat them, but how are we going to get Ash and May out of the hole?" said Max.

"Maybe if Onix put its tail in the hole, Ash and May could clime it?" suggested Brock.

"No, the hole's too small for Onix's tail. Hm. How about you lean into the hole, and I'll hold on to your legs so you wont fall?" said Max.

"That could work, but I'm a little heavy."

"Hey! I'm pretty strong!"

So, Brock climbed into the hole with his legs sticking out, while Max held onto his legs. Then Brock shouted into the hole for Ash and May to grab his hands.

"Ash! May! We're here! Come grab on!" shouted Brock into the hole.

"Okay, we're coming!" shouted back May.

Brock could fell May's hands grab his and he told Max to pull.

"Man, you are heavy!" said Max while pulling up Brock and May.

Eventually, they got her out.

"Okay, Ash! Now it's your turn!" said Brock into the hole.

"Um, how about Pikachu goes first, then me?" said Ash, hidden in the darkness of the hole.

"Uh, sure," said Brock, confused.

Then, Brock could fell Pikachu's small hands on his and he told Max to pull. Pikachu was lighter, so it took less time.

"Okay, Ash! Now you got to come!" said Brock.

"I'm not sure I want to," said Ash.

"Why not?" said Brock.

"Just... Because... Okay, but you're not going to like it," said Ash.

Brock was a little confused with what Ash said, but he felt some hands and told Max to pull.

When Brock could make out Ash's face with the light coming in, he almost let Ash go. They soon pulled him out, and then everyone stared.

"Um, why did Ash hand me another Pikachu, with his favorite hat on it? Ash must still be down there!" said Brock, about to get back to the hole.

"No, Brock. It's me," said the Pikachu Ash.

"It talks!" said Max.

"Duh! It's me guys!" said Ash, a little annoyed.

Max fainted and Brock just stared. Wondering if it really is Ash.

"Ash?" said Brock

"Yes! This is me! How many times do I have to say it?" said Ash to Brock.

"I just can't believe this happened again," said Brock.

"This happened before?" said May.

"Yes you see, before we even came to the Hoenn region, we met a witch, and she told us that she could give Ash an ability to be able to go into Pikachu's mind, but she accidently turned Ash into a Pikachu," explained Brock.

"How did you turn him back to a human?" asked May.

"The spell eventually wore off," said Brock, "So, how did Ash turn into a Pikachu again?" asked Brock.

So, May told them about Artemis and about the potion. When she was through, Brock simply nodded his head, understanding everything.

"Hm, that's almost what the witch did to Ash. So, maybe it'll ware off too," said Brock.

"Maybe, but this feels different than before. But then, I haven't been a Pikachu ever since then," said Ash.

"How long did it take for you to turn back?" asked Max after getting back up from fainting.

"About two or three days," said Ash.

"Hm, this is still all weird, but I guess we still need to just keep moving," said May.

So they agreed to keep moving and wait for Ash to turn back to a human, but they where still a little worried about what had happened in that hole.

Who was Artemis?

Why did he turn Ash into a Pikachu?

How did he know their names?

Whatever those reasons are, they can't be good. But, they didn't have time to worry on it, so they kept moving, even that Ash was now a Pikachu with a hat on. That must have felt weird.

Pikachu was actually very happy that his master was a Pikachu too, so every time everyone stopped to rest, Ash and Pikachu just played together. The others liked to watch them play tag, wrestle, or play hide-and-go-seek.

Eventually, the group found a small town.

"Hey, Brock, What city is this?" asked Ash on May's shoulder.

"Hm," Brock got out the map, "I think this is Xemson Town." (I made up the name, so don't expect to see it in the T.V. show)

"Xemson Town? (z-em-son) I never heard of that town," said Max.

"Hey!" said Brock, " Listen to this: For over twenty years, people in Xemson Town hunted Pokemon, not catch them." Pikachu gasped, "But because of this, the Pokemon population decreased by over 85! So now they have a law not to hunt Pokemon."

"Well that's good," said Max.

"Especially for me and Pikachu," said Ash.

Everyone laughed.

"Well lets go see what they have," said May.

So, they went to see what the small town had. It seemed like an average town. They had some stores, restaurants, Pokecenters, and people that moved and waved at them. Ash had to stop talking, because it might seem weird to hear a talking Pikachu.

"Well? What do you guys think about the town?" asked Brock

"Not much here really," said Max, "Maybe we should just keep walking."

"No, I want to look in the stores and restaurants," said May.

"Okay, but first lets get to a Pokecenter," said Brock.

As they walked to the nearest Pokecenter, they noticed a large crowd around the corner. Out of curiosity, they went to see what it was about.

"Welcome, welcome!" said someone on a microphone, "Welcome, to our 5th annual Grow-A-Pokemon. Here, we get all the Pokemon in the town and let them breed to increase the Pokemon population!"

"That is not good," whispered Ash into May's ear.

"What do you mean? Don't you want there to be lots of Pokemon?" whispered May back to Ash. "Brock said that the Pokemon population went down by 85. I think they just want to bring back up the population."

"Ya, but, I'm a Pokemon now. That means that I would have to breed," whispered Ash into May's ear.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it's only for towns people's Pokemon," whispered May back to Ash.

As if on cue, Officer Jenny came and said, "Hello, are your Pokemon ready to breed?"

"Um, sorry, but no. We're just travelers," said Max.

"But I'm ready, Officer Jenny! Please be mine!" said Brock before having his ear pulled by Max.

"No! Officer Jenny! Please! No!" shouted Brock as Max pulled him away.

"Ignore him," said May.

"Well, um, either way, you still have to give us your Pokemon. It's the law here, for town's folk or visitors," said Officer Jenny.

"I don't like this," whispered Max into his sister's ear after teaching Brock his lesson.

"So, I guess I'll just be taking these Pikachu's," said Officer Jenny while taking Ash and Pikachu, "Do you have any more Pokemon?"

"Um, no," said everyone, while hiding their Pokeballs.

"Okay, we'll tell you when you can take them back, but for now, have a nice day." and Officer Jenny left with Ash and Pikachu.

"This isn't good," said Brock after recovering from the ear pull.

"This sounds like something Team Rocket would do," said Max.

"Ya, but, this is Officer Jenny, she wouldn't lie to us," said May.

"Maybe, maybe not. We'll have to find a way to at least see them," said Max.

While they are finding a way, Ash and Pikachu where having some difficulties.

"Pika Pikachu! Pikachu!" said Pikachu, trying to get out of Officer Jenny's grip.

"Sorry guys, but it's the law," said Officer Jenny and put Pikachu in a tall box and Ash in another.

Soon when Officer Jenny walked away, Ash tried to find which box was Pikachu's.

"Pikachu? Where are you?" said Ash.

He couldn't see over his box, and he had to whisper loudly, so no one will hear him talk. But then, Pikachu wont hear him talk either.

Then, Ash heard some people talking. Then he saw some people carrying a female Pikachu with a pink bow on her head.

"It's just odd," Ash heard one of them say, "She doesn't like any of the Pokemon here, and because of that, she the last one." That gave Ash a relief, because is she didn't like any Pokemon and she's the last one, he could get out of here!

"Well, little guy, looks like your friend got the last girl," Ash over heard Officer Jenny talking to a Pokemon. Then she picked it up, and he saw that it was his Pikachu.

"Time for you to go home," said Officer Jenny to Ash's Pikachu.

Great, Ash thought. Pikachu gets all the luck.

Then, the people around Ash carrying the female Pikachu, put her next to Ash, and watched.

The female Pikachu looked at Ash with great, big, amber, eyes. Ash would have thought she could be a cute Pokemon to keep, not to love.

Then, the female Pikachu looked at Ash with lots of interest, studying his hat, eyes, body, etcetera. Then, the female Pikachu ran to Ash and gave him a breath taking hug. Everyone around said, "Aw."

"Well, it seems we've got a match," said one of the people.

"Yep, let me get the trainers that own these lovers," said one lady as she walked off. In a few seconds, May and Max where running over to Ash's box. Brock was just trying to flirt with one of the girl trainers.

As soon as May saw the female Pikachu hugging Ash, she went completely mad for some reason. She grabbed the female Pikachu and tried to yank the female Pikachu away from Ash, but was shortly electrocuted by the pikachu.

"Okay, you can have him," said May, after being shocked.

"You shouldn't do that you know. When a Pokemon falls in love, they'll hold on to each other for hours and hurt anyone that separates them," said a lady near May.

"Oh, thanks for the update," said May, still angry at the female Pikachu for some reason.

Then, someone on the microphone said, "Hello everyone! Can we have your attention, please?"

"They look familiar," said Max.

The man talking to the microphone was wearing bright blue all over him, and he had a bright blue head band that had a semble. That semble looked just like the sign of-

"Team Agua!" shouted Max.

"Oh, no, not here! Not here," said May.

Yes, the man talking was a part of Team Agua, and now that Max shouted his team name out, he simply said,

"Yes, I'm a part of Team Agua, and now we have more Pokemon than ever before! Just to let you know, none of this is real, so sleep tight." Then, he through out a Butterfree and told it to do sleep powder. Butterfree flew across the whole town, while releasing the sleeping powder. Ash hid in a corner of his box, so sleep powder wont fall on him. The female Pikachu was scared, so she held onto Ash with even more strength. Great, thought Ash, I don't think I can go anywhere without her hanging on me.

By now everyone (besides Team Agua, Ash, and the female Pikachu) were asleep.

Ash tried to find a way to get out of his box and felt around. It was made out of a tough rubber and was freezing to the touch. I guess it was made for every type of Pokemon, thought Ash.

Then Ash could hear the man from Team Agua talking:

"Butterfree, return!" shouted the Team Agua man as the red light came out of his Pokeball. Ash could hear him laughing, then he heard a female human's voice.

"Wow, that was a big crowd, Ray," said the female human.

"I know, It took me forever to send out ads. to tell everyone to come here," said Ray.

"Hey! I did most of the work here! I had to buy the paint and paint this whole ruined town," said the female human.

"Well excuse me! Now that I think about it, who's the one that made all the boxes, nets, and all the other stuff?" said Ray.

"Okay, fine. Lets just grab these Pokemon and get out of here," said the female human.

Ash couldn't see over the box, but he could hear the two people outside, and one of their voices sounded familiar. Then, Ash heard nets being thrown and Pokemon being picked up. Then, one of them, Ash guessed was Ray, looked in his box and saw Ash and the female Pikachu.

"Well! Look who didn't fall asleep. I wonder how that happened," said Ray. "All-well. Right now, you're coming with me."

Ray grabbed the female Pikachu and tried to put it inside a bag he had brought. The female Pikachu was not happy that she was away from Ash, so she released a thunder shock on Ray's hands, but Ray was wearing rubber gloves. Ray just chuckled, and kept trying to force the female Pikachu into the bag, but she was not giving up. She then bit into the gloves, which sank into the rubber and, soon, into the skin. Ray shouted out in pain and let go of the female Pikachu. She then jumped right back into the box and hugged Ash.

Ray was now really mad and got out a knife. The female Pikachu saw the weapon and let go of Ash and got ready to fight.

First, Ray tried to stab the knife into the Pikachu, but she used a Quick Attack to get away. Then, in only seconds, was scratching all over Ray's face. Ray grabbed her and was about to cut her with the knife, but the female Pikachu used an Iron Tail and cut off the hand Ray used to hold the knife with. Ray yelled and held on to his bleeding hand. Ash was dumbfounded that this Pikachu could fight without anyone giving her instructions.

Then, out of nowhere, came a blue beam of light that got the female Pikachu right in the back. The poor little creature screamed out of pain, and fainted.

"Having a little trouble with one Pokemon, Ray?" came back the female human, still out of sight.

"Shut up, Misty!" said Ray clutching his bleeding arm.

Could it be? Ash hasn't seen her in months.

No, Misty might be just a famous name for girls. It can't be her.

Then, came "her".

She looked down at Ash, not knowing it was him thanks to the Pikachu body, but recognize his hat.

"Where did you get that hat, little fella'?" said Ash's old friend, Misty.

Ash couldn't talk, even if he could, he wouldn't be able to get any words out of his closed throat.



Can't be.

Not her.


A tear fell down Ash's eye.

"Aw, this one's crying," said Misty with an evil smile. "Come on, we'll take you to a place where you'll feel better."

"And your girlfriend," said Ray, holding the bag with the female Pikachu in it with his good arm. They both laughed.

"Here, put some bandages over your arm while I get this one," said Misty while tossing a roll of bandages to Ray. Then grabbed Ash.

Ash didn't fight back, he just couldn't move.



Can't be you.

Then, the bag that held the female Pikachu, started to turn red.

"What the?" started Ray, but the bag just got brighter and brighter.

The bag was obviously made out of rubber, but everything has its limits. The Pikachu in there must be REALLY mad that she was away from Ash and is trying with all her might to brake free.

Ray tried to hold on to the bag, but it was getting very hot and he was screaming in the pain as he held on. Eventually, the bag burst open, flinging Ray and Misty backwards, and out came the female Pikachu.

She looked at the two people, then looked very mad. She used Quick Attack on Ray with such speed that if you'd blink, you would've mist it. Then she thunder shocked him, knocking him out cold, and did a Quick Attack to Misty. The female Pikachu then kept scratching Misty's wrists until she let go of Ash. Ash was soon free of Misty's grip, and ran to the female Pikachu.

Ash couldn't fight, not in this body, he would have to ask his Pikachu how to fight. As for now, he would have to be the female Pikachu's trainer.

"Pikachu, use thunder shock!" said Ash to the female Pikachu.

The Pikachu looked at him, as if saying, you're not my trainer, or, you can talk?, but looked back at Misty and unleashed one of the most powerful thunder shocks Ash had ever seen.

Out came the bright yellow light from the Pikachu's cheeks, and towards Misty. But right before the thunder got to Misty, Ash could see the way she looked at him. The look told him that she knew it was him. Ash could have even sworn that he saw Misty mouth out, "Ash".

Then, the thunder shocked her hard. Ash could hear her scream in pain, it tore him apart.

Then, she stopped screaming.

She was breathing, but she was knocked out.

Ash look away. The female Pikachu was happy with her victory, but then she looked at Ash with concern in her eyes. Anyone could see the sadness in his eyes.

Misty will have to go to jail. I'll ask her then.

But still, why?

The female Pikachu came closer to Ash, trying to send comfort to whatever it is that is troubling her love. Ash just looked at her, then to his friends that were asleep next to his box. Right now, the female Pikachu and Ash were standing on the grown, but Ash felt lower than that.

The female came even closer to Ash, enough to were he could see every detail in her face. He tried to back up, get his personal space, but the female Pikachu kept getting a little closer. She kept doing that till Ash tripped from backing up so much, and then, the female Pikachu kissed Ash. Right on the lips.

Call it weird, but that was what the female Pikachu did. Ash tried to push her away, but she still kept her lips to his.

Then, May woke up and saw them kissing.

From the bottom of the ocean, was a man at a desk. A desk that was in a sub at about 4,500 ft below sea level right now. The man watched his computer screen on his desk with anger. The man was a part of Team Agua, and was not glad that their plain had failed.

But then, he saw a Pikachu in the video. Then he told the computer to zoom in. It showed that Pikachu talking.

"How odd," said the man.

After all the Pokemon where sent to the Pokecenter and all the people woke up, Ash, May, Brock, Max, Pikachu, and the female Pikachu were sitting in a separate room in the Pokecenter.

"What was that all about?!" said May, angrily to Ash.

"She kissed me, okay? I tried to push her away!" shouted back Ash to May.

"Guys, calm down. Look, the other Pikachu is trying to breed with Ash, right?" said Max.

"Right," said everyone except for Ash who whispered to himself, "Against my own will."

"So, I hate to say this, but how do Pikachues breed?" said Max.

"Lets ask Dexter," said May, through clenched teeth.

Then, May got her Pokedex and asked it how Pikachues breed.

"Pikachu breeding process," said the Pokedex. "A male and a female Pikachu breed by pressing their lips together, as some call it a kiss." Everyone looked at Ash. "Then, the sperm from the male Pikachu goes through its mouth and into the female Pikachu's body. Then the offspring starts to develop closely afterward. The development usually takes about two or three days," said the Pokedex and then turned off.

"Only two or three days?! How is that possible?" said May.

"Well, I have studied a lot about Pokemon, but I never thought of studding how they breed," said Max.

"She could be pregnant right now for all we know," said May.

"Calm down sis, she would be showing the effects right now if it took only that long," said Max.

"So, we haven't bred yet?" said Ash, cautiously. May gave him a look.

"I don't think so," said Max. Ash felt very relieved. "But that means she is going to keep trying to." Ash's relief went away.

Just then, the female Pikachu went up to Ash and hugged him. He didn't try to get away, he knew that was impossible, but he did try to make sure that his lips weren't close to her's. May looked away and walked to another room.

"Well, Ash. The owners said that we have to keep her till you two breed. Trust me, I'm not looking forward to it either, but might as well get it over with so we can keep going," said Brock.

"Personally, I don't like kissing or breeding with Pokemon," said Ash.

"Sorry, but it looks like you don't have a choice," said Brock.

Then, Ash noticed that the female Pikachu was falling asleep.

"I guess its been a long day," said Ash, "I'm going to take a nap."

"Aren't you worried about Team Agua escaping?" said Brock.

After everyone woke up, both members of Team Agua disappeared. Ash didn't tell him about Misty, he just didn't want to tell him.

"Hey, Pikachu," said Ash, but both Pikachues looked at him. "Uh, we got to give the girl a name."

"How about, Brittany?" said Brock.

"No, how about Sam?" said Max.

"No, it has to be a Pokemon-kind-of-name," said Ash.

"Hm, how about Joy? After my true love," said Brock, staring into space.

"No, how about Misty?" said Max.

Ash froze.

Where did Max hear that name from?

"One time, at a hospital, I heard a lady trying to pick a name for her baby, and one of the options was Misty," explained Max.

"I think that could work. You know, one of our friends name's was Misty," said Brock.

"Really? What was she like?" asked Max.

"She was okay. If you include all the 'Where's my bike?' and 'What did you say?' and 'I think all water Pokemon are so cute' than, she's pretty crazy," said Brock to Max, but while they where talking, Ash was still thinking of that look on Misty's face before she got electrocuted.



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