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Inner Strength: Epilogue

Ash woke up. He was laying on his back, facing up towards a bright blue sky. However, he did not see the blueness of the sky first, for the blueness of a glowing black paw was being held right above his face.

The paw belonged to the Lucario. The Aura Pokemon had his eyes closed and his glowing paws right above Ash's body. His black hair stood up on the back of his head, seeming to vibrate on their own accord.

It didn't take long for Lucario to realize that Ash had woken up. The Pokemon opened his own eyes soon after Ash did.

"You're awake!" exclaimed the Lucario, pulling his two paws away.

Ash groaned in approval and tried to sit himself up. It was awfully and surprisingly hard for him to do so, and he would've fallen right back down to his back if it wasn't for Lucario's quick aid in helping him up.

"Son, you're tired. You need more rest," soothed the Lucario, softly pushing Ash towards his back. Ash didn't comply and forced himself up to a sitting position, using his abnormally long arms to push up his enormously heavy body. Lucario didn't fight him once he realized that the boy really wanted to get up.

Once Ash managed to sit himself up, he felt dead tired.

"What. . .what is wrong with me?" wondered Ash out loud, gasping between words. "Why. . .why is everything. . .so tiring?"

Lucario moved himself to be in front of Ash so the tired trainer would not need to crane his head around. "You're tired, that's the best explanation I can give. You just changed from one species to a complete opposite one, and that takes a lot of energy."

Ash groaned again, laying his hand against his head. It throbbed from some sort of small pain. "How long was I asleep?"

"A few hours, give or take," replied the Lucario. "That's why you need to rest some more."

"But. . .what about everyone else?" Ash suddenly remembered the past events that had happened not too long ago. "Where are my friends? Where is Team Rocket and Team Magma and Team Aqua? What happened to my son, Xander? Where is. . ."

Lucario placed a paw on Ash's shoulder, trying to calm the boy down. "They're fine, Ash. Everything is fine. Look around."

And Ash did. He saw Pallet Town, no different then the way it was when he first left it with Pikachu. The grass was bright green and swayed with the wind, the forest around the town stood tall and brown, even the houses were just the same. Nothing looked destroyed, nothing nor anyone looked harmed, and nothing looked damaged. Everything looked just fine, exactly what Ash did not expect to see right after a whole great battle.

"But. . .I don't understand," said Ash, in complete awe as he continued to stare. "How is this even possible?"

Lucario chuckled a bit, shaking his head. "It's not."

Ash turned his head around to face the Pokemon, now even more confused. "Then. . .how is this all still here?"

Lucario scratched the back of his head. "Well, you're not going to like the answer, I'm sure. It's one word and it starts with an 'A'."

Ash immediately knew the answer. "Artemis?"

The Lucario nodded his head.

"But. . .how?" asked the boy.

Lucario shrugged his shoulders. "To be honest, I'm not sure either. That man has wicked power." Lucario leaned closer towards Ash, digging his dog-like gaze into the boy's eyes. "Remember when we were about to be shot by that big ship in the sky? That whole battlefield around us was going on and everything?" Ash nodded his head. "Well, right before we were killed, Artemis came in and stopped everything."

"Wait. . .what do you mean? How?" asked Ash.

"I don't know. He just. . .did," answered Lucario. "All I remember is this bright light flashing before my eyes, then I saw Artemis standing right in front of me." Lucario leaned back and sat down on his bottom.

Ash was still confused. He knew Artemis had power. . .but that much? "But then. . .what about my friends? What about Bayleef, Max, Brock, Misty, May. . ." Then Ash remembered what happened to May. "Wait, May! Where is she? Is she alive?"

Lucario waved his paw. "Artemis told me that they are all fine. He told me that he teleported them all back to where they were originally before all of this ever happened."

"But then. . .why am I still here? Why did he not teleport me with my friends?"

"That is because of me," answered Lucario, sitting up straight. "I. . .um. . .wanted to talk to you. Artemis did want to teleport you back to your original journey, but I convinced him to let us two stay for just a bit longer."

"Why?" asked Ash.

"Because I want to talk to you, like I said before," answered Lucario. "I've been waiting for over ten years to finally talk to you and your mother."

As soon as Lucario said the word "mother" another question popped into Ash's head.

"Wait, where is Misty II?"

Lucario looked confused and tilted his head. "Who?"

"Xander's mother! The female Pikachu! I need to find her!" yelled out Ash, quickly getting up to his feet. The boy staggered around a bit on his week legs, but forced himself to stand and ran back over to the river.

The Lucario yelled at Ash, trying to get him to stop, but to no avail.

Ash ran over to the river. What he was looking for, not even he knew. Maybe he hoped that somehow the Pikachu that loved him would be standing there. . .somewhere. . .just waiting for him.

The boy almost believed that he could hear her voice. Was it coming from the water? Ash kneeled down at the shore and looked down into the river's depths.

"Misty!" shouted the boy. "Misty II!"

But the water stayed quiet. It glimmered and shined in the sunlight, but showed no form of any Pokemon.

Ash slammed his fist into the water in anger, shouting out the Pikachu's name again, but again nothing happened. The water only rippled out of the way, glistening and sparkling in a mockingly manner.

Lucario jogged over to Ash, worried.

"Ash, what is wrong?" asked the Pokemon.

"She's in there!" shouted Ash. "I have to go down there and get her, Lucario! I need to save her!" Ash jumped up to his feet and almost dived into the water if it wasn't for Lucario stopping him.

"Ash, no! Stop it, no one is alive down there!" shouted Lucario.

"No! She is alive!" shouted back Ash, tears streaming down his face. "She has to be! We have to take care of Xander!"

Then it hit Lucario. Now he knew who this Misty II must be to Ash. With a solemn face Lucario shook his head. "I am sorry, Ash. . .but she is gone."

Hearing that did not help Ash at all. More tears poured out of his eyes and he shook his head. "No, you're wrong. She's alive, she just has to be alive! I was going to go save her after. . ."

Lucario placed his paws on Ash's shoulders, looking straight into the boy's eyes to try and calm him down. "I'm sorry, Ash. There is nothing you can do. She's gone."

Finally. . .the reality hit Ash.

Misty II. . .mother of the only son Ash's has. . .and the one person that truly loved him from the beginning all the way to her end. . .was dead. The water that took Team Aqua away also took Xander's mother's life away.

Ash fell down to his knees, his eyes still filled with wet tears. For a few moments he wasn't able to talk, he just simply continued to look onto the river's beautiful water. . .the grave of his Misty II.

Lucario sat down on the ground next to Ash, sitting close in an attempt to comfort the boy.

The two sat in silence for awhile. . .until Lucario spoke.

"Did you love her?" he asked.

Ash did not speak immediately. First, he whipped his eyes, then sat down on his bottom from his knees.

"I don't even know. . .I wasn't able to stay with her long enough to find out," said the boy. "Without me knowing. . .she gave me Xan. . .and now that I have Xan. . .I can't imagine what I could do without him."

Lucario nodded his head. "I know the feeling all too well, Ash."

Ash wiped his eyes and looked at the Pokemon. "How?"

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Ash," said the Lucario. "I'm sure that you're not too happy with me and what I did, so I wanted to tell you my side of the story."

Ash sniffed and straightened himself up, moving his look into a glare at Lucario.

"So you're still saying that you are my dad? How is that even possible?"

Lucario chuckled loudly at hearing that. "Ha! So says the boy with a Pichu for a son! You think it's impossible for me to have a human son?"

That quieted Ash down and he let the Pokemon start his speech.

Lucario took in a deep breath. "Well it is hard to make this as short as possible, but I will do what I can. See, similar to what the humans do, once a Lucario becomes of age, he or she will be allowed to leave their 'parents' and go out into the world. That is exactly what I did and (to make a long story short) I found your mother."

"She told me that you saved her," commented Ash, still listening.

Lucario paused and pondered that for a bit, trying to remember. "Yeah, I guess I did. The guy trying to hurt her wasn't really very tough and neither was his Pokemon. He was just trying to scare the little girl, that's all."

"But then why did you help her?" asked Ash.

"I. . .I don't exactly know," answered Lucario. "At the time, there was just something about her that. . ." Lucario grunted in annoyance and shrugged. "I don't know how to explain it. My best explanation is that it simply just happened. I saw her in trouble and I wanted to help, that's all."

"So it wasn't love at first sight or anything?"

"Oh no, no, no!" said Lucario, waving his paws around. "Not at all. When I first laid eyes on her, I wasn't thinking of anything like that. She's a human, I am a Pokemon. Love between people doesn't just click, especially between different species. It takes time."

"Then why did you stay with my mom?"

"She asked me. After I helped her from that man, she told me that she was a trainer and that she needed a Pokemon. I thought that it could be fun, so I joined her." Lucario looked up into the air, making slight movements with his mouth. It looked as if he was…counting something in the air. "We were together for about. . .I want to say eight or nine years, and boy those were great years, years that flew right on by.

"I remember feeling something odd about your mother around that time. At first, I paid no attention to it, but then I kept finding myself getting into some awkward moments with Delia, and that's when I knew. I was in love with her. As soon as I realized that, I tried my hardest at everything we did together. During training, I gave Delia one hundred and ten percent when she asked for a hundred. I wanted to impress her, which I did, but not in the ways that I wanted. Delia could see me trying hard, but I don't believe that she saw me trying to impress her.

"Days went by and I wanted to tell her. I wanted to confess my love for my Delia so badly, but I was scared. I was scared that she would not accept me and maybe even disown me. All these years would have been thrown away if that were to happen."

"So then. . .what did you do?" asked Ash.

Lucario took in a deep breath. "I got desperate. One day I ran off into the woods and told Delia that I would be right back. I just wanted to clear my head, that's all. . .but I met this man. He was a very odd human. He looked like any ordinary one, but he wore this lab coat on. I asked him who he was, but instead he went on to who I was. Somehow he knew everything about me, even the stuff I didn't know. He knew how old I was, where I was born, the people I've battled, who Delia was. . .he even somehow knew that I was in love with her.

"I was as shocked as could be and demanded what he wanted from me. He told me that he was a scientist and wanted to try out an experiment. I said no at first. . .but he persuaded me. He told me that if his experiment works, that I could be with Delia. I could love her without any fear. I didn't even think about what could happen, so I just said yes."

Lucario's eyes grew dark and he stared into Ash's own eyes. "That human went by the name of Artemis."

Now Ash was shocked. Suddenly it all seemed to make sense. Artemis started this whole thing, starting with his father. That must be the reason why Artemis chose Ash for the potion, because his father, Lucario, was also used.

"Artemis?" repeated Ash. "He turned you into a human?"

Lucario nodded. "And to make an even longer story short, I was able to get Delia to fall in love with my human self. . .and we had you."

"And that's when you left me?" asked Ash, his anger come back to him.

Lucario sighed and looked at Ash, trying to pull out some sympathy from the boy's eyes. "Please, Ash. You have to understand. I was scared. I never intended on having a child with Delia, and when I had a human son, I didn't know what to do."

"So then I was an accident?" said Ash, raising his voice.

"Ash, please don't-"

"No, I see what you are saying! I was never supposed to have been born, but because I exist you had to go run away. Is that it?"

"Ash!" yelled back Lucario, raising up his paw. "I had to run away! While I was still human, I did get scared, yes, and I did do some things that I regret now, but the potion that Artemis gave me was wearing out. I changed back into a Lucario a few days after you were born and that's when I ran away. I had no choice, I didn't want to have to explain to Delia that her boyfriend was actually a Pokemon! I just couldn't do it."

"You couldn't do it?" shouted Ash, trying to stand himself back up. "You were gone all of my life, do you know how hard it was for me and my mom? Do you know how hard it is to grow up without knowing who your dad is? Do you have any idea what you did to us?"

Before Lucario could object, Ash stood himself up and turned around to walk away.

The river was before him again, but there was something different now.


Lucario, having tried to stand up to approach his son, fell down to his back, resting a paw on his now wounded shoulder. A blue beam erupted from the barrel of a gun that was being held by a battered and soaking wet man that had only one arm.


The grunt shifted his sights from Lucario and up to Ash's forehead. He was breathing hard, having held his breath to nearly get out of the base alive. His clothes were all torn and his muscles were so tense that his vines popped out. His eyes were blood shot, but his arm held his gun steady as a rock.

"You. . .ruined. . .everything," said the grunt, gasping between words, but not letting his gun lower. "I'm going. . .to freaking. . .kill you."

Ash raised up his hands, trying to back away.

"Ray, please don't! Team Aqua is done, it's all over!" said Ash. "There is no point to any of this."

"No!" shouted Ray, shaking his head. "It is not over! Team Aqua. . .will come again. You'll see. . .as long as I can breath, I will make sure of it. But right now. . .you need to die!"

Ash could see Ray's finger tense around the trigger, so he closed his eyes. . .the only thing the boy could do.


Ash winced as he heard the noise, but he didn't feel anything. The boy opened his eyes and saw Ray, still there, but his hands were flinging around everywhere with his head pulled back.

"AGH! Get this thing off of me!" shouted the grunt.

Ray tried to reach his arms back behind him, but his head was tugged back. He yelled in pain and turned around. . .giving Ash a clear view of a small Pichu holding onto the man's hair.

"No! Hurt! Daddy!" shouted the small Pichu, pulling back on Ray's hair.

Ash couldn't believe what he was seeing. Xander was. . .defending him!

But it was short lived as the grunt managed to grab the Pichu and threw him to the ground. Ash quickly lunged forward at Ray, trying to take this momentary distraction so that he could make an attack.

However, Ray was still quick on his feet. The grunt easily blocked Ash's weak attack and nailed him in the face with the butt of his gun. Ash fell down to the ground, his head now throbbing in pain.

The boy looked over and saw his son, laying still in the grass. Ash crawled over to Xander and picked him up. The Pichu was okay, but he was still hurt.

"Please, Ray. Leave us alone," Ash begged, holding his son close to his chest.

But Ray would not let that happen. He had nothing but anger. His only thirst was for vengence. The grunt lifted his pistol up and aimed at Ash's head once more.

"I am sorry, but I cant let you do that."

Ash, Ray, Lucario, and even Xander all looked over to where the sound of the voice came from. Right behind Ash stood a figure that was dressed in a full black cloak with a black hood that covered his face.

Artemis raised up his hand towards Ray. The pistol in Ray's hand began to shake violently, then was pulled out of his grip, almost as if an invisible hand pulled it away. Ray tried to reach out and grab the gun, but just as soon as it left his hand it vanished in thin air.

Ray yelled out in anger and pointed a finger at Artemis.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" the grunt shouted.

Artemis lifted us hand up beside his hood, keeping his thumb and index finger together.

"As of right now, I am only a figment of your imagination."

Artemis snapped his fingers. . .and just like that Ray was gone.

Ash was stunned. In only a matter of seconds, Ray was going to take his life, and now it was like he was never there to begin with! The spot that originally held the large Aqua grunt didn't even show any signs of placement. The grass stood straight up, the ground did not shift, even the small sticks were still whole instead of broken up.

The boy turned to look at Artemis, staring at him in amazement.

"What did you do to him?" asked Ash, still clutching Xander.

"Technically I did absolutely nothing to him," answered Artemis. The cloaked man lowered his hand and placed it behind his back. "I simply sent him back to where he originally was before any of this happened. He might wake up with a slight headache and think that this was all just a simple dream."

Ash was still stunned.

"But. . .you just. . .like that?"

Artemis nodded.

"Yes, 'just like that'. I did the same thing with Team Magma, Team Rocket, and Team Aqua."

After hearing that, Ash realized something. What he realized made him furious with anger and hate towards Artemis.

"Wait. . .if you could do all of that, then why did any of this happen?" asked Ash, nearly shouting.

"Excuse me?" said Artemis.

Xander tucked his little head away at hearing his father's angry voice. It scared him, but Ash was too mad to even notice it.

"All this time, you could have stopped all of this! Team Magma wouldn't have to have come here to fight Team Aqua, Team Aqua could have been destroyed without me and my friends nearly killing ourselves, I could have turned back into a human earlier to prevent all of this, and Misty II would still be alive!" shouted Ash, standing up to his feet.

Artemis didn't move. Ash wished that he could see that man's face, he wanted to see what emotions were running through his mind right now, but the hood completely covered up everything from view.

"Yes, you are correct at that, Ash," stated Artemis. "I could have prevented all of that, but if I did then I would not have gotten all of this information. This experiment has greatly outdone any of my previous ones."

At that, Lucario stood up. He held his paw on his shoulder where Ray shot him, but besides not being able to move that arm, he was completely fine.

"You take that back, Artemis! You're experimenting has ruined not only my life but many others!" stated the Pokemon.

"Not true," answered Artemis. "After all, if it was not for my research then Ash would not even be standing here and neither would Xander."

That made both Ash and Lucario speechless. But it was true. If anything Artemis did play a very significant role in their lives.

Artemis turned his head. It was impossible to accurately tell, but it looked as if he was looking at the sun.

"Time is running short. It is time to go, Ash," said Artemis.

"Me?" asked Ash. "Where am I going?"

"Back to where you started: on the trail heading for Xemson Town. You will return to your friends that were with you at the time. Your wounds will heal and your clothes will be fixed to the way they were at the time before any of this happened. You will remember none of this, it will be as if this never happened," answered Artemis.

"Wait, you mean you're going to erase my memories?" asked Ash, backing up. Artemis confirmed it with a nod, causing Ash to panic even more. "But. . .you can't do that! What about Xander? You can't make me forget my own son!"

"Yes I can, and I will," said Artemis. "You need to return to your journey uninterrupted. Having a child that is your offspring will disrupt everything and at the least slow you down. You still have a long road before you."

"No!" shouted Ash, holding Xander closely to his chest. "I won't let you! I don't want to leave Xan again!"

Ash backed up some more, still holding his son close. Lucario stepped forward, bringing himself between Artemis and Ash.

"I stand with him," said Lucario. "I regret not being with my son and I don't want him to feel the same."

Artemis stood there. Both Lucario and Ash starred at him, wondering what he was doing. Was he hesitating? Will he actually let Ash keep his memories?

"It was not a question," said Artemis.

Then, the cloaked man raised up a hand and snapped his fingers.

"Maybe we went the wrong way?"

Ash blinked. He felt something weird. . .like he missed something. He turned to look at Brock. The young adult was busy looking at a map, trying to find out where they were exactly. Pikachu was sitting on his other shoulder, saying a random "chu" every now and then whenever he would see something of interest. Ash saw May standing on his other side, bending over so she could get a good look at the map that Brock was holding to see if she could make out where they were. Then there was Max, standing next to his sister.

Everything seemed. . .fine.

"Hey guys," asked Ash, still walking down the path while talking. "Have any of you ever gotten a funny feeling that. . .something just happened? Like we just missed it somehow?"

Now May turned her head and stood straight up, looking at Ash. "Like what? Did we miss something?"

Ash shrugged. "I don't know. . .I guess it's just me."

Pikachu climbed over Ash's head and sat on his other shoulder, getting himself comfortable, letting out another "Chu."

Now Ash looked over Brock's shoulder to look at the map. He saw a small black dot and pointed at it, asking, "Hey Brock, what city is this?"

Artemis walked up to Professor Oak and handed him the little Pichu named Xander.

"Here, raise him well," said Artemis.

Oak took the Pichu, holding the little child in his arms. He looked up at Artemis and asked the most simplest of questions, "Why?"

"You will take care of him," said Artemis. "Ash is to never know of this child. You are to teach him, feed him, care for him, raise him like a normal human boy."

Oak looked down at Xander. The Pichu looked up at the scientist with a scared look on his face, his eyes darting to different sides of the room they stood in.

"I suppose I don't have a choice in the matter, do I?" asked the professor.

Artemis nodded, then turned towards the Lucario.

"You may assist Professor Oak in any means necessary, however you cannot see Ash either. He is to never know of you or the child until I deem it acceptable."

Lucario clenched his paws in anger. . .but he did not object.

"Can I still see Delia then?" the Pokemon asked. . .but it was more of a beg.

Artemis shook his head, enraging Lucario even more.

"If Ash's mother is to know the truth about you, then eventually Ash will find out as well. He is to know nothing about any of this, and if somehow he does. . .I will take care of it," stated Artemis.

At saying that, Artemis turned to leave. . .but Oak objected.

"Wait Artemis!" said Oak, raising up a hand. "Tell me: if Ash never received my serum, then how did he change back into a human?"

The cloaked figure stood there for a moment, then turned around.

"I suppose both of you would have many questions, and I see nothing wrong in answering some of them," he said. "Now for Ash, something that I overlooked happened."

"What?" asked Lucario.

"You see, the potion that I gave Ash was created to constantly duplicate and replicate DNA," explained Artemis. "Any natural body will quickly reject this new DNA and dispose of it, which is why the potion has to constantly make more and more of it, like a virus in a way.

"Now, the potion only had enough energy to create this DNA to keep Ash a Pikachu for only a week, however once he mated with a female, this changed his body chemistry completely. Now Ash's body was busy making new sperm based off of this new DNA to ready itself for developing offspring, it was no longer interested in disposing of the new DNA. This is way the potion's effects were increased and went from a time frame of one week to one year."

"But you said that the potion had only a certain amount of energy to create this DNA," restated Oak. "How could it still have enough energy for a whole year?"

"That was what I overlooked," answered Artemis. "To simply put it: it was love. This may not sound very scientific, but the energy behind the love that the female Pikachu had for Ash gave the potion that much energy. Her love fueled the potion, causing Ash to stay as a Pikachu for a much longer span of time."

"It was love you overlooked?" asked Lucario. "If that's the case, then how does this explain how Ash turned back into a human?"

"For the same reason: love," answered Artemis again. Lucario and Oak both looked at each other, confused even more. Artemis made a motion with his shoulders that looked like he was sighing.

"When Misty made it to Ash and kissed him, there was that love energy again. However, this time it was from both parties: Ash and the female. Before, it was only the female that had this true love, but with the love behind Misty's kiss, it sparked the love energy within Ash. The potion was filled with so much energy that it exploded (in a way), that's why there was that bright light: it was the potion being destroyed by so much energy."

Oak made a face that looked like he was confused. . .but understood at the same time. It was an odd look, and it made Xander giggle in the scientist's arms.

"I guess that explains that, but what about how Ash turned into that. . .beast?" Lucario asked. "There is no way a normal Pikachu could accomplish that."

"That one is easy," said Artemis. "And in all honesty, any electric Pokemon could accomplish that if given the right amount of time and effort. Lets use a Pikachu as an example. When the Pikachu does not use its electricity for a long period of time, what happens?"

Oak was the first one to answer this. "It gets sick and runs a cold. It turns magnetic because of all of the electricity building up."

"Exactly, the electricity builds up. Pikachus constantly make electricity, for it is how they naturally defend themselves in the wild. Ash never used electricity at all, so it continued to build up inside of him," explained Artemis.

"But he never acted sick," stated Oak. "He walked and acted just fine, not like a Pikachu with a cold."

"That's because the human half of Ash did not know what to do," said Artemis. "Electricity was being made within Ash, but since his mind was still so accustomed to it being inside of a human body, it did not know what to do with the electricity. Either that or did not recognize it."

"And then when he was able to use it. . ." mumbled Lucario to himself, remembering the events. As he recalled everything, he remembered the human female that seemed dead come back to life. "Hey, what about that girl? She was shot right in the chest, and yet she was alive later. How is that possible?"

"The one you speak of calls herself May, I believe," said Artemis. "And that was something extraordinary." The cloaked figure turned to the professor. "You do know how Pikachus mate, correct?" The scientist nodded his head. "Then this should make some sense to you. See, the potion continued to create the DNA and when Ash mated with the female Pikachu, all of that new DNA went into his sperm. Now that sperm contained everything that made Ash a Pikachu, including his extra abilities that I gave him. These include strength, speed, regeneration, and telepathy. Ash and May were once in the river that Team Aqua was in to try and find a Squirtle I believe. May could not make it down by herself, so she thought that if she breathed some air into Ash's lungs, he could make it instead."

"And they mated?" asked Lucario, a bit shocked at this.

Artemis shook his head. "No, but Ash did do his part of the mating. Little did May know that she now had some of Ash's potion inside of her, however it was not enough to change her into a Pikachu as well."

"But then why did it take her so long to heal?" asked Lucario. "She was down on the ground, dead, for a long time."

"My potion was only activated when it had electricity," started Artemis. "Ash's Pikachu supplied me with the electricity at the start of this whole thing. It was Ash's electricity that shocked May's dead body that activated the small amount of potion inside of her. Like I said before: it was not enough to change her into a Pikachu, but it was just enough to heal her of her wound.

"Now, I have stayed longer than I intended to. I must be off," said Artemis turning again to leave.

"No, wait! I still have more questions!" begged Lucario. The Pokemon lunged over at Artemis, trying to stop him from getting away. . .and managed to grab his hood.

And down the hood slid. . .

Both the professor and the Pokemon gasped at what they saw.

Artemis turned around to face them both. . .then pulled the hood back over his face, concealing his look in darkness again.

"What have you done to yourself, Artemis?" asked Oak, still in shock of what he saw.

Artemis turned around once more, walking slowly towards the door.

"What was necessary. . ."

And just like that, the cloaked man was gone.

Now the old man cared for the hybrid child with the assistance of the child's grandfather. The child's father continued his journey, finding more Pokemon and earning even more badges while meeting new people, never aware that he had a son or a father.

Xander Taran Ketchum also grew up, never knowing of his father. . .

Until it was deemed. . .acceptable.

"When all else fails and the body gives up. . .the mind takes over and a person's true inner strength is revealed"

Colby R. M.


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