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Crowded House


Welcome to Hell. That's what the place practically said. It stuck out like a rat's proverbial arse. Yes, eight metres of brick, mortar and barbed wire was how you could describe Britain's most Eastern prison. A huge land plot that had once been an interrogation hold in Japan's old days. The underground labyrinthine dungeons and cells were still intact and had recently been renovated to accommodate more modern torturous facilities; however the above-ground structure had been torn down and replaced with a more intimidating European fortress look. Three stories tall, myriad of sublevels beneath; this was what they called the Crowded House.

The boy and escort passed through the first wall and papers were checked. The Japanese sentry guard glanced at the boy and grunted their pass. Past the second wall and again papers were checked and this time translated for the European sentry. A guard pushed him on. It seemed they were now in the centre of the compound, having reached the main building. He took in the surroundings.

The courtyard they stood in was large enough to accommodate at the most 250 people standing together. Before them stood a double-doorway, with what Suzu presumed was a sign written in English 'Crowded House'. The doors opened and there stood a guard of what would become those all-too-familiar European features in the days ahead. The boy alone exchanged company. It seemed that the prisoners were being guarded by the English, and the English guarded by the Japanese. Interesting.

Suzu was led down hallways upon hallways, more than once double-backing and going in circles. The set route was intended to confuse and put off would-be escapees, yet Suzu's mind was like an articulate map. He felt like kicking whoever was leading them up the arse for making him walk past that double-mosaic of yellow pebbles at least 5 times.

They stopped abruptly. One guard opened the door and grinned at the silver-haired boy in a not-so-nice way. He couldn't understand the man's garble but the message was pretty clear. He was challenging him. Suzu glared at the fat officer. His teeth were a nasty hue of yellow and proceeding to a light shade of green, there was a serious issue with nasal hair gone wrong and rings of purple, grey, ash and varying shades of black around his eyes, possibly from lack of sleep, alcohol and other things just not worth vomiting over. All in all, there was no way he was going to let a fat-arsed slob like this intimidate him. Suzu pushed past the guard and descended the steps to the sublevels. There was a murmur of anticipation amongst the guards. This kid had no idea what was waiting for him.

Welcome to Hell. This time some considerate inmate person had taken the liberty of writing the characters on the wall, all in perfect Japanese. Suzu smirked and re-read the sign.

Welcome to Hell… …now that I'm here, Suzu ended with that thought. It gave him a confidence that the sign warned he would need. Now it was time to face what ever god-awful mission that the fat-arsed guard behind him had planned. It probably wouldn't be nice, considering Suzu was pretty much sure that this particular guard was gay… he stood way too close behind him and the boy was sure it wasn't a baton that the slob had stuck against the small of his back. A sudden urge to vomit was quickly overcome.

It would be an urge that Suzu Kitamura would get used to in the days to come.

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