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Sam flipped his brother again, twisting his body on the wrestling mat and effectively pinning Dean so that he couldn't move. Dean tapped out as their father looked on approvingly. It was the third time that Sam had managed to pin his brother. John had no idea what had happened, but he wasn't about to question it. Sam had bolted down his dinner and before John could open his mouth to order him to, was standing in their makeshift practice room- also known as their living room. And when they had started training, Sam had stayed focused and didn't complain once about how long the practice was running. And as if that weren't amazing enough, even though wrestling was his weakest point, Sam had forced his brother to the ground three times in a row. John felt a swell of approval and pride. Maybe his youngest was finally settling into their hunting lifestyle, finally realizing that avenging Mary's death and saving innocent lives took precedence over all else.

"Ok boys, that's enough for tonight. Good job, Sammy."

Dean eyed his brother as they lunged, circled, and tossed. As much as he hated to admit it, Dean was worried. Sam had picked at his plate in absolute silence before escaping- of all places-to the practice room. Dean had known that Sam would be disappointed that he had to let his debate team down, and he had been fully expecting to get to deal with a sullen and cranky Sam for the next few days, especially on the hunt. He was prepared to be stuck in the car for several hours with GrumpySam. But this Sam scared him. The only person that knew Sam better than Sam himself was Dean. Dean could usually read his baby brother like a book, but as hard as Dean tried he could see nothing in Sam's eyes except maybe a hint of relentlessness and defiance. And even that could have been a trick of the light. Dean shook his head and lost his concentration for a second, giving Sam the opening he needed to maneuver him brutally so that he was on top of Dean, shoving him down onto the mat and rendering him motionless-for the third time. Dean tapped out once more and stared at his brother worriedly as Sam picked himself up. Sam looked down at him and a flash of the old Sammy returned when a half smile quirked his lips and he reached a hand out to pull Dean up.

"Getting a little rusty there, big brother." Sam quipped, his eyes gleaming teasingly.

Dean smirked, relief relaxing his muscles. So Sam was just fine.

"You wish Sammy, you wish."

"It's Sam, Jerk."


Sam couldn't stop the voices echoing angrily and viciously in his head.

"He needs to put away his selfishness and learn his place…"

"Always taking, never giving, so selfish…"

The jibes were still raw and throbbing, and he refocused himself on what he was doing, wrestling with Dean.

He pushed away all thoughts, feelings, and everything else he could. His world shrunk down into a small manageable patch, easy to understand, easy to control. He retreated into himself and automatically attacked and counter attacked, and as he thrust out his hip and flung Dean onto the mat for the third time he felt an odd sense of satisfaction. One look at his brother's utterly confused and concerned face however, and he softened instantly. It wasn't Dean's fault anyways. So he did the usual tease and insult routine reserved for the winner of their tussling matches. But when his father spoke, he instantly tensed, and retreated again. With a quick nod in acknowledgement he left the room without a word.

Dean was left alone in the room with his father and once again he felt a new wave of concern. Rebellious pain in the ass Sam he could with, but compliant Sam was a whole other story. By this point in any other typical Winchester day Sam would already be asking about the next hunt, then asking more and asking more, resulting in the oldest Winchester's great annoyance. But Dad wasn't irritated. In fact he seemed downright chipper.

"See Dean? One firm no, and Sam's already adapting to the role he was destined to have, hunter." He clapped Dean on the shoulder. "I'm proud of both of you. Get some rest, we've got an early start tomorrow."

Dean looked around the empty room and remembered Sam's unreadable, blank eyes before shrugging it off and heading for his bed.

It'll all be fine tomorrow. Sam will be back to his annoying bitchy nerdy self. The hunt will be fine.

He couldn't have been more wrong.

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