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Summary: What exactly is the legend behind the Phoenix? Here is (are) the true story (stories) PLEASE READ THE WARNING!

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The Fable of the Phoenix

Another tournament was coming up. Since the bladers in so many teams were scattered across the globe, G-Rev and BEGA were good examples, Mr Dickenson had decided to rope all the teams together in one training camp. Each team had separate training arenas and gyms. It was out in the countryside so they weren't bothered by fans, an idyllic setting. The teams all met together for dinner and relaxing in the evening. Breakfast and Lunch were out since each team had a different schedule.

Presently, they had all congregated in the largest sitting room. All the bladers from each team were there: BBA Revolution, Blitzkrieg Boys, White Tigers, PPB All Starz, Majestic's, Barthez Battalion, F-Dynasty and BEGA. The older bladers were either napping, reading, writing or drawing. The younger ones were engaged in a discussion on beyblades and their bit-beasts. Everyone's attention was focused as they heard Kai's voice. He didn't usually speak, as a result, everyone sat up to listen.

"Have you never a heard tell of the beauty of the Phoenix?"

"No, I haven't seen any pictures either."

"Yeah, all anyone knows is that's it's a red bird who can't die." Kai sadly shook his head.

"Then you know nothing of the true beauty that is the immortal and mystical Phoenix."

"Then tell us!"

"Yeah! We don't have anything else to do; it would help waste some time"


"Well, it would…"

"Not the point! I want to hear the legend, please Kai? Please?"

"Hn…very well. But you must promise to listen closely and take everything I say to heart."

"We will, we will! We'll even gag Tyson!"

"Hey! You can't do th-mph!"

"See, we're quiet now Kai! Please start!"

"Very well. Make yourselves comfortable for this may take a while."

The bladers, both young and old settled down to hear the story. Robert and Johnny even paused their chess game in favour of hearing the dual haired Russian speak.

Kai sat for a moment, head bowed, the fire emphasizing his two toned hair. Then the bluenette raised his head and gazed into the flames. With the light dancing in his crimson eyes, he began to speak.

The legends of the Phoenix are many and varied. This mystical bird spreads her wings through the ages, across millenniums of history, and more importantly, across many different religions. She is included in pagan, Greek, Egyptian, and even Christianity. She has outlived everything but the fires that birthed her and the Earth itself. Keep this in mind as you listen to these stories. Everyone has a different perspective on the mythical being.

At the dawn of time, the Earth was created from the fires of the Universe. It created the Gods who moulded the Earth into a habitable place. They created the world as we know it and the animals that live here.

They also created Paradise. It was here that the most beautiful creature on earth dwelt. The phoenix was a magnificent bird, red in colour. She had seven tails, similar to a lion's. But she did not have the tuft of hair like a lions. Nor did she have the feathers that covered her entire body. Instead, soft fur covered the end of each tail. Nestled in the centre of the spear-head shape was a perfect, flawless diamond (A/N: sorry to interrupt, but this part I did make up). She was mostly red in colour, but her wing-feathers had hues of purple and blue, orange yellow and green. Her beak was the colour of gold and shone in the light with such brightness as to rival the Sun. And she was the only one of her kind. All the other animals had mates and families, but she was alone.

This was because the Gods had created her for a reason, a purpose. Each day, as the Sun God drove his chariot out of his gates, the Phoenix would fly in from of him and absorb the most dangerous of the Sun's rays, making the light and warmth safe for the other creatures. It is said that the Sun God drove his chariot out of a different gate each day, as can be seen by the different locations of the Sun, and the great Phoenix is said to have 365 feathers.

But eventually, the Phoenix began to feel tired and old. As there was no death in Paradise, she knew that she would have to fly away, and so she did. She journeyed across the globe to Arabia. Here, she collected precious woods and spices. From there, she built her nest in a tall tree. As the Sun God began to drive his chariot across the sky, the Phoenix lifted her beautiful head and began to sing. It was a song of light and dark, or creation and destruction, of life and of death. But above all, it was beautiful. All listened to the haunting melody. Even the Sun God himself reigned in his horses and for the duration of the song, the Universe was at a standstill.

But then the song ended as the Sun God whipped up his chariot and continued on his way. As he passed, the sparks from the wheels and his own burning tresses fell onto the nest that the Phoenix sat in. as the sparks landed, the flammable cinnamon burst into flames and the nest, with the Phoenix in it, was consumed in seconds. The ashes drifted gently down and collected at the base of the tree.

Minutes later, the pile of ash began to shake and move. From its depths, a small bird emerged, the baby phoenix. The small bird rested there, feeding and growing on the strong scents that drifted on the winds. After three days, she was strong enough to fly away. Taking the nest with her, she travelled to Heliopolis, the City of the Sun in Egypt. There she left the remains of the nest on the alter. As the young Phoenix was flying across the land, many birds joined her. Hawks and Eagles flew alongside hummingbirds and sparrows. All momentarily forgot their hunger and prey lived alongside the predator. They flew across the Earth until the reached the borders of Paradise. There, the Phoenix entered to live in peace once again while the other birds had to turn back.

But this is not the only tale of how the Phoenix is re-born. Some say that a worm crawled out of the ashes which in three days grew to the Phoenix. Still others declare that when the bird knew she would die, she would hurl herself to the ground. The impact would break through skin and feathers. Out of the blood, a young Phoenix would rise. Together they would fly to Heliopolis where the elder would die on the alter.

Another thing that the legends do not agree on is the life-span of the Phoenix. The most common is a thousand years, a millennium. Some say 100 years, some say 500. Others believe it to be one day. Since the Phoenix is the bird of fire and Sun, she would die each night and be re-born each morning. The Egyptians believe it to be 1460 years. The reason for this odd number is deceptively simple. Each year is made up of 365 days…and one quarter. Instead of a leap year, the Egyptians 'saved up' the quarter days. After 1460 years, they had enough quarter days to make up on whole year which they inserted into their calendar with great joy. It is said that they celebrated the event by painting an eagle to look like a Phoenix and burning it in a nest made of rare woods and spices.

But the Phoenix is not known solely for the aforementioned traits. She also had other mystical abilities. One roman Emperor was fascinated with the Phoenix and believed that if he could eat her heart, then he would become immortal. He sent slaves all over the globe to look for the Phoenix. One brought back a bird that bore a similar likeness, but was discovered later to be a bird of Paradise.

The Phoenix is also an important symbol for Christians. It symbolizes their lord Jesus Christ. He was crucified, died, and resurrected three days later. The brother of the famous Joan of Arc inscribed on her gravestone 'her death itself will be her birth'. Edward Seymour (Son of Jane Seymour, third wife to Henry the Eighth, King of England had) the words 'that another may be born' carved into his mother's marker. In many of the ancient civilisations, the phoenix was used to represent one of their Gods.

The mysterious and marvellous Phoenix spans all the religions through the ages, yet only three things are constant. She is a bird of the Sun and fire with the power of rebirth.

There were a few minutes of silence. Everyone was still digesting the legends, told in Kai's mesmerizing voice. Daichi, ever curious, was the first to break the silence.


The blue-haired boy hadn't moved since he had begun. He was still gazing into the fire.

"Yes Daichi?"

"What does the Phoenix eat? Or does she need to?"

"She feeds on the dew of the heavens and the nectar of the stars. And as in the legend, the spicy scents from Arabia. Like her counterpart, the Unicorn, she eats nothing that is not already dead. This way she does not cause pain to any living organisms."

Since Kai had answered his question so calmly, Daichi screwed up his courage to ask one more. Despite the frantic waving of Tyson indicating that he shouldn't push his luck.

"And…why do you always say 'she'?"

"Because the Phoenix is always female. Females are the mothers, the ones who are able to reproduce. The Phoenix could not be reborn if she was not female. There are some laws of this Universe that even the Phoenix must adhere to. Birth and death are two of them.

Matilda had listened to all with an excitement. She loved legends and fantasy. It was a surprise that Kai had known so much, but she knew that no-one else would have told the same story with that much passion. She really did believe in the Phoenix. Looking around, she saw the awed faces of the other bladers. She knew she wasn't the only one enthralled. Even Robert and Johnny were listening intently. Their chess game forgotten. Daichi's questioned had been answered without scorn and the cold tone had been absent from the Russian's voice. Maybe he would answer her question to.

"Kai…you mentioned the Unicorn as the counterpart to the Phoenix…what did you mean by that?"

Kai rose from his chair. He lips were unsmiling, but his eyes still held the warmth that had been evident in his voice.

"The tale of the Unicorn…that one I should leave to Oliver…" The French greenette shook his head vigorously.

"No way Kai, no-one can make the legends as real as you do. Besides, you probably know more than me." Kai shrugged.

"Very well then, the legend of the Unicorn…" everyone sat forward expectantly. "Is a tale for another time." Mass groans. Kai's eyes sparkled with amusement. "It's late and everyone has training tomorrow. Bed."

"But you will tell us sometime, won't you Kai?" persisted Matilda. The Russian halted in the doorway. He glanced over his shoulder, noting all the expectant faces.

"Maybe…we'll see…tomorrow…" with s swirl of his scarf, he was gone.

The silence that followed the Russian's departure was broken by Brooklyn's voice.

"Now I know why Dranzer chose Kai to wield her."

The remaining blader looked at the ginger-haired teen. He read the looks of puzzlement on their expressions and smiled softly. He turned and faced the door.

"Because Kai is the human Phoenix, the only one of it's kind."

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A/N2: Just a note, I am in no way religious, but my parents are Christians. If this story offends anyone from any religion, then I am sorry. You will notice that there are many religions mentioned. That's because, like it or not, all include the legends of the Phoenix. Also, I believe that Kai was brought up to be academically intelligent. As such, and because he loves his bit-beast, then he would have researched all the legends about her. (And yes, I believe Dranzer is female, she looks female) I do realize that some people (more in the past than now and I'm pretty sure you're all okay with it, especially if you read the DaVinci Code and liked it) take offence very easily at the idea that religions are connected and share many of the same characteristics.

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