I just finished watching this movie, and was overcome with the urge to write something for it. My first time in this fandom, so I'm a little iffy with it. Enjoy.


It's nothing amazing when it happens, just a meeting in a bar. Jim doesn't blink when the cyborg takes the seat next to him, only waves the bartender over and orders a drink for each of them. He takes a sip before he speaks. "Didn't think I'd be seeing you again."

Silver laughs, face transforming into the grin Jim remembers so well, even after all these years, even if he can only see it out of the corner of his eye. "Oh, Jimbo me boy, did ye really think I'd forget about ye?"

Before he gets a chance to answer, the spoon on the bench wriggles and twists and a little pink ball swoops up to squish itself against Silver's cheek, who raises a finger and gently strokes it. "Hello, Morph," the little pink thing coos and chatters happily. "Did ye miss me?"

"Yeah, he did."

Silver looks up, still smiling. "And what abouts ye, James Hawkins?" While he may still be smiling, there is little mirth in his voice. "Did ye miss me?"

Jim's glass stops only a breadth from his lips and he goes still, conscious of Silver's eyes raking over him. With a sigh, he puts the glass down, turning for the first time to face the old cyborg. "Yeah," he sighs. "I missed you too."

"Missed you," chirrups Morph happily, still nuzzling and licking Silver's cheek.

Silver grins again, and Jim notices he's missing a few more teeth than he had been last he'd seen him. "Good," he sniffs, straightening up and sticking out a hand. "Nice te sees ya didn't forget us." Jim eyes the hand with a smirk, before nudging it aside and hugging the older man.

"Didn't think I'd settle for a simple handshake after nearly ten years, did you?"

"Nay, I guess not." And after an awkward moment of hugging and a few odd looks from the other patrons, they readjust themselves in their own seats. There are a few minutes of silence, in which Jim downs the rest of his drink, and orders another, and Silver watches with a kind of pride swelling in him at how well the boy's grown up, just like he'd known he would. And then, "I missed ye, too. Both of ye."

Jim just smiles.

"We know."