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Nothing could possibly match that feeling. That feeling of freedom, of joy, the exhilaration and the giddiness.


He lived for it, spent his day waiting for the moment when he could rip off the heavy overcoat, shed the shoulder harness, and let his wings free.

The moment always came at night, when his father was already asleep. When the snores filled the apartment, Warren crawled out of bed, stealthily sneaking to the windowsill. Then the game began.

Sitting, his legs dangling over the sleeping city, he let the wind ruffle his hair, resisting the urge…

Suddenly, he could take it no more. Warren jumped out of the window, his wings bursting free from their long confinement.

His wings! All his life he had been told they were disgusting and should be hidden at all cost. Now, he wasn't so sure. After all, there were mutants everywhere. There was even a government office for mutant affairs. Why couldn't he finally be free.

As he soared high above San Francisco, all these thoughts slipped from his mind. The cares and concerns were replaced by the sheer joy of flight. He couldn't contain the whoop of exhilaration as he swooped up from a steep dive.

Who was he kidding? Wings were the best thing that ever happened to him! He wasn't going to let his father take away this precious gift.

It was getting late. Warren winged his way mournfully back to the apartment. His former resolve was already weakening. How could he let his father down that way? The man had devoted his life to finding a cure for his son…he just didn't know that his son didn't want a cure.

Warren slipped back into the apartment and put his shoulder harness back on slowly, reluctantly. He really couldn't hurt his dad that way. Though the old man rarely showed his affection, Warren knew that he loved him more than words could say.

Tomorrow, he'd speak out. Tomorrow, he'd finally let his father know how he felt. Tomorrow.

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