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"Yes, Balthier?"

"Would you like to try something new?"

He was graced with the most heated glare he'd recieved from her in months, "Bored already?"

"Never." He replied with such quickness he almost choked over the last syllable. Their relationship was still new, and there was plenty of room for error--and he was stepping all over them tonight.

"Then why try something new?" She was a tad bit moody this evening, and he chose the wrong night to approach her with a suggestion to their already fiery ritual.

"Would there be any harm in hearing what I have to say before writing it off before I say it? Or are you frightened of uncovered territory?"

He knew she was cranky. He also knew he probably already flubbed up for the night as well. Might as well go out with a bang.

"You try my patience, Balthier. Whyever for?" Crossing her arms, she gazed at him with an inquistive expression upon her tight visage. She was struggling to maintain calm composure, but as the conversation continued, said calm further ebbed away.

"You are tense, dearest. Allow me to ease you?" Perhaps changing the subject would do some good.

"Answer me first." Access denied.

Sigh. "I was hoping to try a bit of...bondage."

Pause. A curious look. "Bondage?"

"Don't you know what that is? I'd have thought you the type to put a man in his place with a whip and rope."

"Do not believe everything you read, Pirate." Bitter.

"You spit our occupation like a curse. Do it again. I find it orgasmic, coming from you."

A mischievious grin takes her lips, one she couldn't hide even if she felt compelled to. Foul mood was falling away. He knew the right things to say sometimes, "Pirate."


"Pirate." She purred, allowing the r to roll over her tongue like a melting ice cube.

"Mm, again." He abandoned his pilot chair for the floor. Kneeling before his Viera partner at her co-pilot seat. He raked the back of his fingers against her calf, against the exposed skin her leather guards allowed.

A tender smile as she felt the temperature within the Strahl rise more than a few degrees, "Pirate."

He dipped forward to kiss the side of her knee, and several butterflies to her thigh. "Now say, 'Sky Pirate Balthier'."

Stiller than any Hume could manage, she regarded him with amused eyes, "If I do not?"

Careful thought graced him as he released the buckle behind her calf that bound the leather guard from shin to knee, "You will, if you want to release my beast from it's caged confinements."

The wheels turned, a thoughtful expression, and Balthier's anticipation set the scene for an even warmer climate. And she submitted, "Sky Pirate Balthier..."

With a swift motion, even for a Hume, the Sky Pirate Balthier rushed forward between her legs, his hands firm upon her hips as their lips met for a ferocious kiss they were both battling against until the moment their explosion went underway. She was mindful of the claws that nearly knicked his skin as her fingertips pressed into the back of his neck. His goosebumps were hard not to notice.

He parted from her lips for just enough time to ask a question, "Are you in a better mood now?"

She didn't reply in the way he thought she might, but what she did say was even better, "Let us try this 'bondage' idea of yours."