A/N: Something I thought up. It helps that I'm kind of a sci-fi geek.

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Tony had forgotten his password…again. He wanted access to his files without having to call McGee or Gibbs for help. McGee was the only one in the bullpen with him, but Tony didn't want to hear his instructions in techno babble. On his last ditch effort he tried Ziva's name spelt backwards.

ACCESS DENIED the computer beeped at him.

"This gorram thing is stupid," Tony growled backhanding the LCD screen.

The rhythmic typing of McGee's fingers stopped.

"Did you just say 'gorram'?" he asked.

"No, I said God's name in vain."

"No, you said gorram. Since when did you like Joss Whedon's Firefly?"

Tony shook his head adamantly "No power in the 'verse can make me watch your stupid sci-fi shows McGeek."

"You just did it again!"


"You said 'no power in the 'verse'. Tony, you're a Whedonite."

"I am not," Tony was sinking in his chair.

"You either broke the third commandment or you're a Whedonite."

"I'm gonna break the sixth commandment if you don't shut the frack up!" Tony exclaimed.

"Frack? ... Oh God, it's expanded beyond Firefly into Battlestar Galactica"

Tony was exasperated "It's never easy," he huffed.

"Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda? Tony I caught you. You're a sci-fi geek"

McGee walked over to Tony's desk and crouched in front of it.

"Admit it," he said smiling.

"Frell," Tony hissed and grabbed McGee's tie. "You tell anyone, you're dead."

McGee freed his tie, "Then I will die happy," he smirked.