Lost & Found

Chapter One - A Familiar Scent

He didn't see her at first, but he picked up her scent immediately. He stopped and browsed the crowd below him through the cage. The bar was dimly lit and filled with smoke; the crowd blurry to even his sight, but through the strong odor of sweat, smoke, and whiskey he picked it up. It was a sweet fragrance that reminded him of summer; a crisp inviting scent that flared his nostrils.

His opponent took advantage of his pause and hit him hard in shoulder blade. He let a low growl and returned the punch, hitting the man hard in the face sending him tripping backwards over himself and landing on the hard concrete. The crowd cheered as he left the cage in an attempt to find the girl who the scent belonged to. It was a familiar aroma and he racked his brain trying to place it but nothing came to mind.

Logan pushed through the heavy crowd and saw her sitting at the bar barely sipping on a drink. He stopped and stared at her, unable to move his feet. He let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. She was beautiful in a way he didn't know possible. She had silky auburn hair with a hint of red and two thick white streaks lining her angelic face. Her skin was pale and glowing, her lips full and dressed in dark red. He couldn't take his eyes away, was it possibly for God to have created something this beautiful... and why was she in a place like this?

He yearned to see more of her beauty- to be closer to her but he became light headed from taking in her scent and then she turned and looked at him. His heart skipped a beat and he cursed under his breath. He kept his eyes on hers, as he managed to move through the crowd out of her paralyzing sight. Her eyes were a brilliant green, sparkling with life. One look in them and he was trapped within the glistering forest world inside them.

He saw a life for himself in those eyes: a life where he could be content- happy. Did he even know what happiness felt like? No, he didn't. But he wanted to find out, and he knew he had to speak to this goddess.

He sat down at a booth and let his head sink in his hands. He knew this girl... somehow... and was startled by his reaction to her. How had he known her before? Was she the one to save the Wolverine from the demons who haunted him? He laughed at himself for thinking such things. There was no way he could have known a young beauty like that, and certainly no way neither she nor anybody could save him from what he was.

There was something about her; she tugged at his chest, begging him to come to her without even realizing it. He rubbed his forehead in distraught, trying to make some sense of what he was feeling. He knew he had to at least speak to her, at least get her name.

"Can I get you a drink?" A waitress asked reeling him back into reality.

"Yea… whiskey. Straight."

"Comin' right up," She turned and left towards the bar scratching the back of her bubbly blonde head.

He concentrated on how to approach her, what would he say? Would she know who he was?

He was deep in thought and didn't notice the waitress until she was at his table.

"Don't drink it all at once," The waitress said placing a glass of whiskey in front of him.

He took a swing of the warm whiskey, burning his throat as it went down. He dug through the pockets of his worn leather jacket for his cigar. It soothed his senses a bit and he stood up and slowly made his way closer to where the girl sat.

He leaned up against a wall a few feet behind her and watched her. She wore an olive green hooded jacket, a pair of torn jeans that fit her like a second skin, and a pair of leather gloves. His chest growled in arousal and curiosity as he observed her finish her drink in a matter of seconds. She kept turning and looking behind her, as if she was looking for someone.

He studied her for a while admiring her and trying to figure her out before he returned back to his booth for another swing of the hot whiskey. He was reaching for it when he heard glass breaking and screams. He stiffened and the metal under his knuckles itched for release. People ran for the back exit in a panic and he examined the room for the girl.

Probably two pricks fighting over a beer, he thought to himself.

At the counter beyond the girl, the bartender fired a long rifle and Logan heard a loud growl as a monster with thick sharp teeth, howled in pain as bullets entered his chest. He had long dirty and tangled blonde hair that resembled a lion's mane, sharp claws, and black empty eyes. The monster clenched his fists and Logan hissed in surprise as the bullets fell right out of the creature's chest as his skin healed itself. The flesh grew back instantly covering his wounds... he was a mutant similar to him. Logan watched through his shock as the mutant picked up the barkeep and slit his throat with one long black claw.

The man's gun slipped from his lifeless hand and hit the floor in a clatter. The creature dropped the barkeep right beside it, thick blood draining from the perfect slit in his neck and the sickening thud of impact made Logan's nostrils flair. Then the animal turned and looked down at the girl Logan had been watching and licked his lips. The girl was in a defensive stance, ready to defend herself and kill if she had to. Her green eyes sparkled no more; they were filled with anger and fear.

Without thinking Logan charged at the monster, adamantium blades slid from his knuckles and he drove them into the mutant's chest. The monster howled and rocked back and forth causing Logan's metal claws to slip loose from his flesh. Logan landed on his feet and backed away from the blundering mutant who was unswayed by Logan's attack. He positioned himself between his enemy and the girl he longed for, and paused while considering his next move.

The girl screamed and watched in horror as the beast grabbed Logan by the neck and began to choke him. His black talons dug into Logan's flesh and gasped for air while struggling to get loose. He groped for his hands, trying to pry them loose when the girl threw herself at the monster. Stunned, the animal stumbled before tightened his grip around Logan's neck.

Unable to break free, Logan could simply watch through his fading vision as this... creature snarled fiercely at her, baring his teeth and then reached out to grab her. She tried to remove the pair of leather gloves she wore but didn't have enough time to finish before being swept up in the monster's gigantic hands; Logan winced as the girl shrieked as she was lifted up.

"Let go!" She yelped in pain, being squeezed by his large hand. The mutant turned back to Logan and threw him onto the floor with enough force to cause the Wolverine to grunt in pain. Logan gurgled as he tried to regain the air that had been knocked out of him.

"Logan!" The girl screamed in pain and fear for him.

All of the hairs on Logan's neck rose and he stared at her wide eyed and in shock. Hearing her speak his name sent chills throughout his entire body. His heart raced and his throat swelled up, he knew her voice from somewhere - just like her scent. Why was that sweet southern sound so familiar to him?

"How- how did you know my name?" He stuttered, his voice hollow from the former grip. The girl frowned and the mutant, having found what he wanted, turned to leave with her in tow.

He couldn't let her leave, not like that. He regained his strength in a matter of seconds and surged ahead at the beast once more. He had to take this girl for himself; something inside him burned for her, desired her beyond his control. He attacked with all his might, unleashing the mighty Wolverine inside him and lashed straight for the beast's throat.

The mutant grabbed Logan's wrist as his claws barely missed its neck. They roared at each other like savage animals in a territorial squabble. Logan drew back his free arm and punched forward, his claws ripping through the beast's flesh yet again. The monster dropped the girl and she landed on top of the bar, shattering glasses and knocking over beer bottles as she fell. The mutant took Logan's arm with both his hands and yanked him backwards, blood gushed from his wounds before they could heal.

"This isn't the time Sabertooth," a stern voice came from the shadows behind them. The girl gasped and jumped off of the bar and onto her feet at the unknown voice. She reached her un-gloved hand at Sabertooth, but before she could grab a hold of him she was lifted into the air as if there was no such thing as gravity. Logan watched in distress as a pair of dog tags she wore tightened around her neck and choked her. She gasped and brought her hands around them, trying to release herself from its grasp. Her green eyes flickered blue to Logan's amazement.

"Stop!" Logan snapped at the man behind the shadows. He didn't know how this man was doing this, but he knew that he was. The man chuckled and Sabertooth let go of Logan's arms and let one last roar before walking towards the shadowed man. The girl looked over towards Logan with desperation in her eyes. He returned her look and they locked eyes, his heart began to race.

"Find me…" She gagged in a raspy voice and the dog tags broke. The metal beads holding the tags were strewn across the floor and the dog tag landed with a loud clank before Logan's feet.

The girl fell from the air and Sabertooth caught her immediately, stuffing her into a large burlap sack. She screamed and fought against him but was no match.

Logan tried to stop them but couldn't move his body.

'What the hell?" He muttered as his arms and legs stood still while his brain was telling them to move, to attack. Sabertooth turned to follow the unknown man out of the bar and into the cold snow.

"This isn't your battle Wolverine, why don't you stay put for awhile?" The mysterious voice spoke before he closed the bar's door behind him.

"No!" Logan cried, still unable to move his metal limbs.

No matter how hard he struggled his body would not move, he cursed and began to panic. Where would they take her? What would they do to her? How could he have let this happen? He felt incredibly weak and useless knowing she was getting further away from him while he couldn't even twitch.

Not long, the spell over his body wore off and he went crashing onto the floor in front of him. He pushed himself back on his feet and rushed outside trying to find the girl and her captors. He ran as fast as he could in the wooded area surrounding the bar trying to find them. There weren't even any footprints in the snow indicating which direction they might have done in. He couldn't smell the girl anymore either and the silence was earsplitting. He ran into the forest near by, the cold winter air hitting his lungs painfully as he inhaled and continued his search. When his sweat began to freeze down his back, he slowed and walked back to the bar disappointed and boiling with anger.

He ripped through the bar's door with his claws and kicked a nearby table cursing his fate. The table crumbled and he stopped in front of the girl's dog tags lying lifelessly on the floor. His eyes widened and his heart sank, engraved in the metal was his name.


Author's Notes

This story is a mix between the movies and the comics and my own imagination haha.

I would also like to thank my beta reader Jackman-Fan/Wolf Phantoms.