One stab in the chest, Naruto screamed as a woman with long flowing dark blonde hair grinned, her hand puncturing his lungs, and at the same time, drove a large voltage of electricity in his body. She pulled out her hand forcibly… blood spraying in the air, coloring the ground, and Naruto could taste his own blood being coughed out of his system. He hit the ground painfully. He was hurting. She was still coming. He could not move, she didn't stop charging to him. Now or never, Naruto's pupils formed slits for a split second.

The woman's hand aimed for Naruto's other lung… and with a sick sound, her hand penetrated his chest. Naruto's pupils seem to dilate, his mouth hanging open… and with the last few seconds, his breathing stopped. Her smile was wicked. She felt herself satisfied with the kill.

Only the feeling didn't last. Naruto's body shattered like glass, and in his place, her hand was stabbing the soil.

Demon Eyes, she thought.

Trinity Chronicles: Naruto

Fox Hunt

Demon Eyes… the title I carry along with my brother. It's also the type of mind attack I am capable off.

I'm still coughing blood. And the pain is getting worse. Each step I take feels heavier. Literally. It wasn't because of my wounds… though it probably helped. And it wasn't because I'm damn tired… though I'm going to conk out pretty soon.

I needed to get away, and this is the only way I knew how. Demon Eye that psycho goddess, then use my God-Flash to get out of there. But how far can I go… I can only take steps at a time in my speed. And its getting darker every frigging second. Funny… first time seeing the darkness coming, even in a world that seems frozen in time.

I stumbled… even if it seemed I was just taking strides, I know better. I was much faster. And when my knees hit the grounds, I think I broke it. But… by that time, really… I was too unconscious to even notice.

… Naruto fucked up.

My first thoughts when I came to, in mid air, being carried around by bats. A little nymph with purple hair had her back on me, but took a second to look and wink at me. Ah, Naruto… you really did fuck up.

Here I was, minding my own business in the cage, drumming the hell out this song that I-can't-recall-the-title-but-still-rocks when suddenly, I open my physical eyes, with a damn hole in my chest. Yeah, sure, its mending, but it feels sick having your lung trying to expand and fill itself with air… Naruto knows how this feels… having being stabbed there once by his best friend, the brooding little wanker, Uchiha Sasuke.

I know damn well why I'm here, taking the body that me, Naruto and Laharl share. He got knocked out, really bad. And since I never usually ask how Naruto's living his share of life, I got no idea who got to him this good.

And to add all my problems, Lilith is here. Succubi. Hundreds of years old. Secretly part of Morrigan… except she's got more kick ass spirit energy, but lacks Morrigan's stopping power. That, and I think she thinks that I'm attracted to her. Not that its completely false… its just that her nature makes her… like a hunter. I'm the prey.

Succubi and their fucked up logic. I always wondered how Morrigan and that vamp, Dimitri got married. Maybe its love…?

Settling me down gently in her bed, she straddled on top of me. I didn't even have enough time to even ask what the hell she was doing when she suddenly lowered her lips to mine. My mind went strangely blank at the moment… though I could feel her tongue invading my mouth for a few lingering seconds before she suddenly pulled out, grabbed my knee, and bent it in its right position.

I don't know what was louder. My yell, or the crack that vibrated in my ears.

"That's better," she smirked as she removed herself from me. Thank God. Now I can finally roll and clutch my knee in merciful agony.

Succubi and their fucked up logic. "… did… you have to do that?" I asked, my teeth grit.

"Your knee was in a bad shape, you know," Lilith replied with her hands across her chest.

"Forget the frigging knee. The kiss!"

"Oh… that. Thought would help ease the pain," she stated as a matter of factly.

I didn't answer to that. It may have… who knows. Maybe it would have hurt more if she just fixed the knee. Such questions are almost useless because in the subject of if-ifs, I always say that if wishes were fishes, we would be sick of it. But knowing Lilith, she did that on purpose. A scratch from the hunter.

After the pain has finally subsided, I slowly got to my feet. Felt my knee stiffen, lessened the pressure. Kami, what would I give to have Wolverine's healing factor. Ki healing is good and all, but it has limitations. For example, like now, I'm getting tired with every second as I spend more and more energy to mend myself. Wolverine's factor? Burnt down to your skeleton, you'll still fucking regenerate.

I gotta fix myself before diving back in and getting Naruto back in control. And finding out who the hell did this to us. Whoever it was, he or she must have been powerful enough to overpower him, and we have rarely met anyone who could close in to him like that. Gone were the days where he shouted at his opponents, or become giddy by learning a new jutsu. The blonde kid grew up to be a very dangerous ninja.

"So… Naruto," Lilith began to speak to me.

"Buds. But you knew that, didn't you?" I asked her, staring at her eyes. It twinkled when she smiled.

"Of course not, who would, Trinity Master?" she replied.

Trinity Master… the name me, Naruto and Laharl took on as a title. It represents as three beings in one body. Trinity meaning three, and the master being singular. Funny thing is that it was a name given by our daughter…

… why the hell am I explaining myself?

"Screw you, Lith," I muttered with a grunt. I wasn't in the mood to play her games. She just grinned but didn't say anything after that. I guess she is decent once in a few times. Though she prolly just saved to what I said in her mind… and will most likely bring it up in very odd circumstances.

I stood straight… my chest was closing now, and the only thing that seem to be damaged are my clothes. I looked to see if Lilith was trying to give me the eye, but she seemed to have gone to the kitchen to fetch some… drinks, maybe?

Stretched my arms a bit, and thought about Lilith. She was that succubus who seemed to hitch in a ride called "my life". I say my life… even if I share it with two other guys. She's the kind of person who seems to be your friend and enemy at the same time… a friend because she wouldn't hesitate to defend me against harm… but an enemy as well because she wants us. The power of the Trinity Master was famed throughout the heaven's and underworld that it seem to divide the universe into two.

Those that want us dead.

Those that want us for themselves.

There is very little middle ground.

In my opinion, though, I think the whole thing is just plain bollocks.

But for now, I can trust Lilith. And I have to fetch Naruto. The sooner I'm gone from her presence, the less she is able to manipulate me. After all, Naruto too ignorant around girls… too clueless, even as a great ninja.

Buds kicked Naruto's unconscious form in the cage. The place where Kyuubi once resided was now a room holding the consciousness of the three beings.

He woke up with a start, suddenly standing up and going to a ready position. "Who's there?" he demanded. When he saw Buds' face, he calmed down, and settled. "Oh… are we dead?"

"Nope," Buds replied. "You did well, escaping. Lilith found us. We're at her house."

"Oh… that cute kid?" Naruto asked, smiling a bit.

"Yeah, the cute frisky kid. Naruto, listen up," Buds sat down towards the chair in the center of the cave. "What the hell happened?"

"… I don't know. I was walking down the street towards the arcade to play that Guit… Drummania thingy when I saw this girl with long blondish hair with facial marks smiled at me… I kinda seem to smile back when she suddenly had that feral grin, and the whole place suddenly exploded in my face… I don't know what happened… she just jumped at me, and stabbed my chest."

"… Shit," Buds muttered. "You met her, eh?"

"Her?" Naruto asked.

"The goddess that has been hounding me all these centuries… years… whatever," Buds replied. "I thought she couldn't find us… shit, Naruto, you do know that this is very different from anything you ever dealt before."

"How so?" Naruto asked.

"You fought psychos for ninjas, demons, some goody two-shoes with good supremacist thinking, hell, your daughter…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… She isn't mine!" Naruto retorted.

"Well, she ain't mine either!" Buds replied back.

Another figure seemed to walk out of a room out of the cage, seemingly reading some magazines. Buds and Naruto stared at Laharl as he began to walk towards them, mumbling about swords when he saw both of them looking at him.


Both pointed at him, and declared, "She's yours!"

Laharl just raised his eyebrow. "What in the Overlord's name are you talking about?"

"Our natural predator found us," Buds muttered.

Laharl didn't look shocked. Not a bit. "Oh." Buds glared at him again, making him ask, once again, "What?"

"She shouldn't have found us," Buds muttered. "We're covered by powers that shouldn't even let us be registered to our enemies. Hell, even Aaron got our backs covered. If she found us through those protections, it means someone leaked our location from above. The ultimate tracker of the universe."

"Can't we run away then?" Naruto asked.

"How? If she tracked us this far, that means she either got very lucky, or she got access to our hidden file in the Ygg," Buds stated. "And luck is not a word to associate with goddesses. Especially at her caliber."

"So she'll find us again?" Naruto asked.

"Oh yeah… she's motivated at us," Buds found a smile in his face. "Too bad its to kill us, not love us. Or smother us with that chest of hers!"

While Naruto laughed, Laharl looked slightly disgusted, muttering about girls with a healthy bosom turns his stomach.

"So, Buds, wanna drink?" Lilith asked me as I came towards the kitchen, my body now in working condition. Staring at her for a moment, I smiled and accepted the drink she offered.

"Sure, thanks," I said.

Lilith, taken aback, looked at me, and stared for a while, before asking, "Naruto?"

I drank a bit, and got myself some of the bread that was on the table in the kitchen. Chewed it fast before muttering "Shfur…"

Lilith may have understood as she just seems to smile back. Weird thing with this girl was she changes moods slightly. I think she likes Buds… and I think Buds is too scared to reject her. I can't blame him. She's the sister of Morrigan, one of King of Hells. Overlord. Not as powerful as Laharl, but very tricky to fight. And she also is married to one of the most powerful vampires… though I heard there's an even more powerful vampire who's on earth, working with humans. That bastard Aaron mentioned him once. Point is… you don't break a girl's heart when she can break you… or knows people who can break you. Literally.

Of course, it may be because Lilith looks like a 15 year underdeveloped girl… or as Aaron once told me… jailbait

"So…what's going on?" Lilith asked, sitting down, relaxing. I took my queue to sit down as well.

"Well… it's a rather funny story," I laughed a bit. "I was out going towards the arcade when this woman suddenly pops up in front of me… and she does this flash thing that seemed to disorient me for a moment, and basically…" I whispered the last part. It was rather embarrassing. "… she kicked my ass."

"That's… interesting."

"Oh yeah. She wasn't normal… the facial marks and tattoos made her a goddess," I stuffed my mouth again. The bread was good. "Where'd you get this?"

"I know a friend, who has a friend who knows this baker who bakes for this famous person's cousin's sister…"

I stuffed my mouth again, nodding, and giving her a knowing smile. She took it gracefully, and ceased talking.

I was slightly glad of the silence… now I can turn my attention to the problem at hand. Buds can't fight her since the body isn't currently attuned to his powers. And from what I've seen, that's the best way to commit suicide. Laharl can't be used because if he fails to beat her in the time allotted its suicide.

Buds said that it was now up to me.

Am I ready for this?

Can I really beat the goddess that has been hounding after Buds and Laharl before?

I recall the time when I was still in the forest... very long ago. Old man Jiraiya lost me for a moment when I was shrunken and landed myself in a forest with the fairies waging war at each other.

Aaron mentioned the goddess that my brother was fighting before. I had to ask myself again… Am I ready for this?

I hope I can change my underwear… or my clothes. Would be embarrassing in this state if I end up in a hospital… and Buds won't let me live it down if I chance upon Lilith for the second time in the row.

He'd rather be in the morgue, he'd say.

I never noticed myself outside already. Lilith was behind me, and saying something that I couldn't quite get. I stared at the setting sun. Darkness. I smiled.

Time to play ninja again.

To Be Continued

Trivia Section:

This is the place where people go when they are confused. ;; What is Trinity Chronicles… and is it related to The Uzumaki Ninja Chronicles? Well, the answer is that they are related. Trinity Chronicles is the story of Naruto in the very far future, after reviving his brother and Laharl in his mind, hence they share identity in one body.

In an amount of time, one of two identities uses the body most of the time because of two unique powers that can't be shared. Naruto's power is God-Flash, which will be explained much later. Buds has another power, which I won't reveal, but you guys can take guesses. The name of his power is Fate Alter.

Laharl is special, because if he takes over, he can only do so in a limited amount of time, but he has his full powers during that time.

Anyways, hope you enjoy this chapter of this short story. See you guys later.