Trinity Chronicles Naruto

End Game

I dashed once again, intent of seeing how strong this magical field around her is. I have a very good way to break it, but unfortunately, I'm still keeping that much a secret. Number one advice that Jiraiya told me about battle is to never reveal your full powers. Even Buds advises to do that… he rarely even uses his Demon Eyes, or his Fate Alter because he calls it his prestige.

Dashed to her side, and tried to swipe my sword at her. She may have been slow, and normally, it would be good enough for me, but once again, my sword stopped the moment before it was going to hit her.

Retaliating with a spark of electricity, I dodged the incoming bolt, and threw my sword at her. As my weapon flew, I began to make seals, and didn't bother anymore to say the name, again, thanks to Jiraiya, but nevertheless, smiled as I saw fog suddenly appear.

The sword made contact once again with the barrier, but I let it break to pieces to scatter around. I then closed my eyes, concentrated on the scalpels that I shattered around, and using another aspect of Demon Eyes, I could the surroundings where my scalpels laid. I needed it.

With the mist covering me, and with my scalpels mapping the surroundings, I took the time to hide once again in the shadows. My target was easy to feel as she still kept her field up and also putting up a hell of power.

After I made sure that I wouldn't be found for a good while, I took my phone out and dialed Lloyd's number. It rang once before it was picked up.


"Naruto, yeah… listen, Buds wants to talk to you," I stated. "I'll bring him on."

"Do that."

"Lloyd," Buds whispered as he got in control of the body.

"Buds… good evening, from where you are… and what's with the whispering?"

"She knows where we are… Lloyd, she knows where we are!" Buds said hoarsely.

"… damn, when did she find you? Just now?"

"No… earlier… few hours ago," Buds replied. "She gave Naruto a good thwapping."

"Why didn't you call earlier?" Lloyd demanded.

"Because one, she shouldn't have the resources to find us. Two, we'cw being tracked and we were followed, which means somewhere up there is giving her access to the Ygg," Buds paused a bit as he felt her coming near. He jumped away silently, transferred to another place. "Look, whoever is informing her is still accessing my file. Find that person, and Naruto will deal with her."

"Are you sure Naruto is up for this task? From the time I know you guys, he has never fought a goddess first class unlimited," Lloyd asked.

"Its good experience for him," Buds muttered. "Lloyd, just find the person, quick, because I'm hiding in the shadows, and she can still track me."

Electrical sparks were getting closer. Buds was already hiding his presence, and the fog was supposed to help, but she's still pinpointing where he's hiding. Putting Naruto back in control, Naruto once again chose to hide in a different place.

"Alright, Buds, Laharl… let's show her how we do stuff."

He began making seals.

As she began to walk around, she suddenly found herself unsure. Stopping a few moments, and talking, Buds was right. This frigging goddess had a contact. With my broadsword in hand, I charged in when she least expected. And I got to her bad.

Goddesses… stupid beings who always believe about demons being the source of problems to the universe… not that they are completely wrong, but this one just bothers me. She blames me and that idiot Buds for causing all her suffering. And she plans on ambushing us, eh?

Well, as an (ex) Overlord, I can't let some two-bit goody two-shoes with her idiotic logic and even a more fucked up mentality scare me.

I drove my sword down hard that her field wavered. She was so surprised by my outburst; she couldn't stop my second strike that almost cracked her field. Sliding around her, I was going to put the final crack on her field, when she dashed forward to avoid it. She aimed her hands at me, and shot two bursts of lightning. I smiled as I hid once again in the shadows as the bolts passed by me.

I dived behind her and hit her hard with my katana. She looked shocked, definitely. I wouldn't be too surprised. She's still trying to get what in the world's going on here. The field wavered once again as my sword impacted it, but again, it seemed quite resilient. I began to sweat a bit, figuring out how in the world we can destroy this thing… I wish Asuna was here… with her magic canceling abilities, she would be a great help.

I ducked as she tried to stab me again with electrical hands and gave the signal to Laharl behind this goddess as I drove my blade up. Laharl, jumped and basically hammered his broadsword behind her, and with the force of two simultaneous hits, her magical field shattered like glass.

"Two… of you?" she seethed. She began to glow, and exploded on both me and Laharl's faces. The magic she invoked was so powerful that we were shot back hard towards the wall.

We hit the wall hard as I almost lost my air supply completely, and Laharl was coughing some air in. Sheesh… no wonder Buds told me he kept running away from her. How the hell do you beat her?!

"One, or two… YOU WILL DIE!" she raised her hands again, and it began glowing as she was beginning to invoke another spell.

Laharl looked at me, and seemed to say something. I don't know what he said, but I knew we needed protection. Focusing my charka on my hands, I began to make seal formations again.

The goddess suddenly fired multiple small laser lights at us. At the same time, I finished the seals, and put all the energy to the ground. A wall of rock emerged in front of us, barely blocking the lasers being fired at us like some sort of machine gun.

"Focus charka on the wall!" I muttered as I grabbed touched the wall with both my hands and give it energy to remain standing. Laharl did the same as well, as we both felt the pounding of the rock wall I erected as it faced an onslaught of light needles.

But the force was too strong as we felt the wall crumble with the continuous assault of the goddess that we were tapping ourselves out just trying to defend. For a moment, the assault stopped, and I found a bit of relief until I felt an eerie spike of energy that sent shivers down my spine.

Throwing caution in the wind, I checked out what the goddess was now doing, only to gawk. Was she doing some sort of burst attack?! She was making this large energy ball, and I'm guessing where that is gonna go.

"Damn… Laharl, get out… NOW!" I said as I let go of the wall, and dove to my right. Laharl nodded himself, and dove to his left. We were damn lucky that we moved because the next second, the goddess sent her big ball of energy to the wall and it gave out an intense explosion that destroyed not only the wall, but a good part of the ground as well. I received a piece of shrapnel in my leg with the explosion.

Landed painfully on the ground, I noticed that Laharl was not that far away, and he was in a worse condition, bleeding from the head and chest. And that damn goddess was still glowing as she walked forward, looking at me and Laharl.

She laughed.

"HAHAHA! Not even two of you could stop me!" she said with a wide grin. "You were wise to try and escape me Laharl… because you are nothing but a complete weakling. Some Overlord you were… now a pathetic human." Her hands aimed at them both. "Any last words, before I kill you both?"

Laharl and I looked at each other, and he began to laugh. No, wait… it was a cackle, then it became a rather demonic laugh. I smiled a bit watching him seemingly unnerve the goddess.

"What is so funny?" she asked.

"Sister, you got two of us," I showed her two of my fingers. "But… there are three of us." And this time, I flipped the bird.

I winced as a wrecking ball hit her hard.

The ball hit her hard and flattened her like a fly swatted in a steel wall. The force was rather strong enough to embed her and the ball in the steel wall. Buds got off the operation of the wrecking ball, and ran to both Laharl and Naruto.

"Sheesh, you guys are a mess," Buds laughed as he helped Naruto up.

"That is because you were late!" Laharl muttered angrily.

"I needed to swing the ball a bit before I targeted her. Even without magical barriers, she's still very hard to beat," Buds replied. "Some weak momentum-ed ball won't hurt her too much. But the force I gathered was enough to stop her."

"Stop?" Naruto muttered. "How hard can she be? I thought you actually killed her!"

"She's extremely durable," Buds stated. "Lets see where she is."

"Wha… you crazy?!" Naruto demanded. "We gotta get out of here!"

"No, there's something that's been bothering me for a while and I want to see if I'm guessing it right," Buds muttered as he ran towards the wall where the ball flattened the goddess.

Naruto and Laharl followed a bit and the former gasped. The ball was indeed trapping… something. But whatever it was, it wasn't the goddess that they fought earlier. It looked liked a faceless mannequin that wore the same clothing as the goddess, but… where is the goddess?

"Doppelganger," Buds muttered. "I'll be damned… she actually planned this."

"She's certainly smarter this time around," Laharl said.

"What are you guys talking about?" Naruto demanded. "She's a fake?"

"Yup… she sent a fake down here to attack us, and gage us of our abilities," Buds muttered. "We showed her our prestige… your ultimate cloning technique, Naruto… we just fucking revealed it to her."

The ultimate Kage Bunshin of Naruto… after years of experimenting with his clone techniques, he finally invented one that is slightly modified to create two clones with exact body replicas. The extra two clones would assume mental identities of any of the persona of Naruto… either him, Buds or Laharl.

This jutsu was invented after the three personalities emerged, and used primarily as the ultimate confusion technique. Since the clones are exact body replicas, they bleed, smell, sweat, and can die. And even then, no one know's who the real Naruto-Buds-Laharl is. Is it the one attacking, or the one staying at the back?

"She's up there… watching," Laharl said, looking up. "We should have picked up on it."

"Well, we were a bit pre-occupied in thinking how to run from her," Buds muttered. "But yeah… we should have noticed the absence of her guardian angel, or the two scalpels I left to her."

"… scalpels?" Naruto asked.

"Not connected anymore to us," Buds explained. "Last encounter we had… used them on her eyes to escape."

Naruto sweated. "I'm beginning to see why she wants to kill us." Taking a look at the mannequin, he asked Buds, "How powerful are the doppelgangers?"

"More than half of the originals, less than full," Buds said. "Basically, 51 to 99 percent... worst part is you can't guess anymore how powerful the original one is, unless you know the person him or herself. And since its been a while since we met… I have no idea how much this doll was dishing at us, or how much the goddess is hiding from us."

"… was the doll less powerful than the last time you fought with this goddess?" Naruto asked.

Laharl and Buds looked at each other and frowned. "No… this doll was more powerful…"

"… you gotta be shitting me."

Laharl shrugged, and then, exploded with a puff. Naruto himself also disappeared with the puff, leaving Buds alone to put back Naruto in control of the body.

Mars, the daughter of the original Mars, watched as the doppelganger was destroyed by a wrecking ball, and sighed. "Wow… this Laharl guy is powerful, isn't he, Ver…"

But as she turned around, she found that the goddess who asked her for a favor was now gone. Scratching her head a bit, she wondered where she might have gone. After all, doing a favor for a senior goddess would give her some brownie points. The job was simple after all… hack into some hidden file to look into this half-demon half-human just to track him down and watch him fight a dopple.

"She's weird," Mars whispered as she looked back at her screen, only to see a big black screen with red stripe in the center. "… oh shit."

Her office door was broken a group of beings suddenly rushed in and pointed their swords at her. "Don't move!"

Mars froze as the guards gave way to a golem demon-looking being as it looked at her menacingly. "Kugai… but… what did I do?" she stuttered.

Outside the gates of Heaven, a goddess with long flowing white blondish hair hidden in a cloak walked away from all commotion.

As Buds closed the hanged up the phone, and brought me back in control, the only thing he told me was everything was okay now, and we were once again, hidden. Seemed that the insider who was feeding info to the goddess was now arrested and being dealt now as we speak.

I still shudder to think that some doppelganger was pushing us around just yesterday… and that it seemed more powerful than the goddess that Buds and Laharl fought many years ago. It took combined strikes of a clone of me and Laharl to break her magical barrier, and a wrecking ball courtesy of Buds just to beat it.

As I entered the classroom, Yue was staring at me, and I smiled a bit. Maybe I did owe her an explanation. So, for the hell of it, I started my class with this…

"What is the fascination of some guys with short, underage looking girls?"

I think I got the whole class' attention at me again.

It's good to be back.

The End

To Spiderzero:

Yeah, three chapters. And, yeah, lots of stories before this, they just aren't out yet. :P As you know, this is an experiment... it shows the world where Naruto of the UNNC will be going to after a long time. Some spoilers, some mystery. Hope you enjoyed it.