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Slowly…slowly…I raised my arm slowly and watched my prey…silently…get ready…WAP!!!! Hehehehehe!! I smiled as I putted my flyswatter away, dropping my arm, and saw that the fly I had been trying to kill was, in fact, dead. "I got it!" I smiled as I did a victory dance, but it was interrupted when a hand clamped around my wrist and lifted my off me feet so I was hanging in the air. "Uh…hehehe…hi Megs…" I said nervously.

Megatron glared at me, his left cheek, which was normally purple, now had a red square on it where my flyswatter smacked him hard. The rex dropped me on my butt and seethed, optics blazing. "You dare do that to me?!" He snarled, looking down at me. "Well, human? Answer me!"

"Er…" I hid the flyswatter behind my back. "Well…I didn't do it on purpose, Megs…I was trying to kill that blasted fly that interrupted me writing my fanfiction writing!" I smiled nervously, giggling a bit.

Megatron opened his mouth to reply, but a very loud and very annoying beeping noise interrupted him. Waspinator flew towards my kitchen, or rather my brother's kitchen as he had claimed it, buzzing happily. I shot up and then pushed Megatron over before running after Waspinator, flyswatter at the ready. Waspinator in the kitchen…and something loud was beeping…that was not good. I let the door shut behind me, trapping the wasp and myself in the kitchen, before I went to find out what he was doing. However, I stopped and blinked when a very good scent hit my nose. I smiled, but then shook him head, looking at the oven. "Erm…Waspy? What are you doing in my brother's kitchen? You know he'd kill you if you ruined his 'lab'." I said, lowering my fly swatting arm.

Waspinator pulled something out of the oven and then turned said appliance off. He turned and looked at me, smiling, and I wanted to bust out laughing. On the turncoat Predacon's head, was my brother's chef's hat. It was a bit too big for him so it fell down so it almost covered his big, blue optics, which were shining with pride and happiness. "Rampaging Girl want to try Wazzpinator'zz cookiezz?" He asked, smiling at me. He was obviously proud of his sweet smelling cookies.

I smiled back at the wasp, but mostly at the look in his optics. Cookies, huh? Well, considering that they couldn't be nearly as bad as the hotdogs Rampage made, (at least, I think they were hotdogs…I wasn't brave, or stupid, enough to try them…only Rattrap was…) I shrugged. "Sure. I'll try 'em for ya, Waspy. Jus' lemme get some milk 'fore I do, 'kay?" I asked. Once I had sat down with my tall glass of milk, I added, "Oh, and Waspy, it's Alex. Not Rampaging Girl." For some reason, the wasp insisted on calling me by my penname. He didn't even get it right, but I didn't get made at the bug. I just think he just ran into the bug zapper one too many times.

Waspinator's big, blue bug optics sparkled as he brought me over a small white plate. On it, I saw a beautiful, not to mention a VERY good smelling, cookie. It was a white, Christmas Tree cookie with green and red sprinkled decorating it. My stomach rumbled as soon as I saw it and I remember I had 'accidentally' skipped Tarantulas' lunch he made because I had to do said holiday shopping. I grabbed it and took a big bite. My mouth watered. "Gooooood…." I drooled as the taste of the warm sugar cookie filled my mouth. I swallowed and then, after I had finished said cookie, flashed Waspinator a big smile before taking a sip of the milk. "Waspy, you need to quit being a solider and became a chef! This Christmas cookie is awesome!" I then saw the big pan of cookies. My eyes went wide, "Can I have another one? Pwease…"

Waspinator's optics lit up with pride and happiness even more. He nodded furiously and then handed me yet another Christmas tree cookie. "Here'zz another cookie, Rampaging Girl." He beamed as he flew into the air, watching me enjoying his creation. I think that right there made him more proud of himself than anything else he had ever done.

I munched on the cookie happily, grinning like an idiot. It was so good, I didn't even bother to correct Waspinator on what my name was again. I'm not kidding! It was THAT good! Once I was done with that one, I gulped down my milk and then let out a sigh. "DAMN that was good, Waspy!" I smiled at the wasp as I wiped my milk mustache away.

Waspinator smiled and pulled off his, or rather my brother's, chef's had. He looked at me and sighed, smile falling. "Rampaging Girl, what'zz Chrizztmazz?" He asked, giving me a fairly confused look.

I blinked. I really hadn't been expecting that question. "Er…well…" I muttered, looking at Waspinator, who was looking at me with expecting optics. "Why don't I jus'…" I finally came to a decision and then sighed, "Come on. Ill tell everyone at once so I won't have to repeat myself. Go out there and get everyone in the living room, please." I asked.

Waspinator buzzed, nodding, and then flew out of the kitchen I had dubbed my brother's kitchen. Once I was sure he was out, I looked around with shifty eyes and snatched up another cookie, grinning. As I munched on it, I thought about how I would have to get Waspinator to tell me how he made my little brother's perfect cookies even better so I could tell him. What? I can't cook worth a flip, but my little brother is the best cook ever. Next to Waspinator, of course.

Once I had finished the cookie, I sighed and then walked out of the kitchen and into the bigger living room my family had dubbed 'the sport's room', where most of the Beast Warriors were sitting and waiting peacefully. Notice I said most. Rampage and Depth Charge were rolling around on the ground in a fistfight…again. Yes, I had taken their weapons because I did NOT want my house destroyed. I sighed again and then glanced at BlackArachnia, who promptly tossed me my squirt bottle I use on my psychotic cat. I squirted the two with water and waited. "Enough! Down boys! Sit! Stay! STOP!!!"

The two stopped fighting and looked at me before sitting down next to each other. They growled, glaring at the other, but said nothing. Don't as my how or why, but for some reason, the squirt bottle works on Beast Warriors as well as it does my psychotic cat. The "Beast Wars" cast all looked at me as I put down the squirt bottle and cleared my throat. Primal spoke up, "Why did you call this meeting?" He asked, looking at me.

Several of the Beast Warriors nodded and murmured agreements. I saw Rhinox, who was working on fixing my toaster Tarantulas broke, look up from his job to nod. He then went back to working. I sighed and sat down in an empty beanbag as Megatron let out his annoying 'yesss…' "Alright." I sighed again, "Since y'all wanna get right down to the point, I will. Waspinator, believe it or not, asked me a very important question and I feel, since Christmas is the day after tomorrow, I should tell you what that day means. So sit back, shut up, quit fighting and working on your projects 'cause I'm only sayin' this once." I then got cozy in the beanbag as I stroked my cat, who had crawled into my lap as I gave my speech, and then started to explain everything about my favorite holiday to the Beast Warriors.

Once I was done talking, Jack, my cat, was asleep, the Predacons were looking at me with looks of disbelief, the Maximals were doing the same and I felt like I was about to fall asleep. Well, that was until my cat, keep in mind Jack's the psycho, jumped up and dug his claws and teeth into my cheek. I let out as many curses as I could think of and then squirted my curse victim with water. I felt the blood run down my cheek and sighed, standing up. "Alright, while you guys sit there and look like fishes that were jus' yanked outta their lake, I'm gonna go clean up my newest battle scars, 'kay?"

I walked to the bathroom and started to clean my wounds. I heard someone enter the rest room behind me and then looked at the mirror. It was Dinobot. "DB." I said, wincing, as I cleaned the claw marks near my eyes with an alcohol pad. Oy vi. It HURT!! "Sup, my raptor friend?"

Dinobot walked over to me and then leaned against the wall. "Was all that slag you said in that room true?" He asked, narrowing his optics. It was obvious, though I'll give him credit for trying to hide it, he was curious.

I need and then hissed as I put an oniment covered band aid over my "battle scars" I got from Jack. "Every word, Dinobot." I confirmed as I turned around to face him, "Every word."

"I see…" The raptor said, turning around and walking away. "Interesting…"

I sighed and then walked out of the bathroom. Once I got into the living room, I saw everyone whispering to one another. I didn't ask. I didn't want to know. I simply grabbed the house keys and my wallet, tucking it into my blue jeans pocket. I detest purses, so I didn't have any. I looked at the Beast Warriors, "Alright, guys, I'm gonna go to the store to pick up some late Christmas gifts I have to get for my friends, okay? Today…Waspy, SilverBolt, and Primal are in charge while I'm gone. Please, or the lova God, don't wreck anything!" I begged, looking at them.

They all looked at me, agreed, and then went back to talking. I sighed and then started to lean, but a sideways hand on my shoulder stopped me. Dinobot crossed his arms. "I'm coming with you." He growled. It wasn't an offer because he wanted to keep me company or help my deal with the fact that I was going (insert shudder here) shopping. It was a statement.

I nodded weakly. "Whatever, Dinobot." I shrugged, sighing tiredly. "Come on." I exited my house and, after locking the door, climbed onto my bicycle and then looked at him. "This-a way." As I pedaled my way towards the shopping mall, I heard Dinobot transforming into Beast mode and then following me.

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