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That evening, after my brother and I had sat the table for the Beast Warriors plus two humans to eat Christmas Eve dinner, I put my fingers to my lips. And whistled a loud, shrill whistle. As soon as I moved my hand away from my mouth, everyone was at the table and waiting. They all looked a bit peeved, except for Waspinator, who was humming, that I had called them here on such sort notice, but I ignored their looks and cleared my throat. Waspinator stopped humming. "Thank you."

Megatron scowled fiercely, all traces of who he was a few hours ago on the swing was gone. He growled, "WHY exactly have you called us here, human?" He asked, folding his arms.

"Yezz…" Waspinator nodded, "Why Rampaging Girl make Wazzpinator stop humming azz well?" He asked, cocking his head to the side. I had never made him stop humming before. Why? Simple. I enjoy seeing how much it annoys the others. Yes, I am evil sometimes. (Insert smile here.)

"The answer is simples, dudes and dudettes." I said, smiling, "Time for my family's signature Christmas Eve dinner. Alright, here's the menu. We've got ham, turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet tea, mac an' cheese, soup, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, three kinds of pie, a banana pudding, ribs, and a cheese cake!" I looked at the others and smiled again. "So…I want everyone to take a seat and sit. Please don't dig in…yet…alright?"

Everyone, except Primal, looked at each other and had wipe their mouths. Tarantulas was practically drooling over the many types of food. QuickStrike's optics were all over the ribs, but his snake hand was looking at the ham. Waspinator was over by the desserts, of course. Megatron, though he tried to hide it, looked like he was dieing to get his hands on the turkey. Rhinox wasn't really staring at anything, but he did look hungry. I figured once I got everyone's reactions then we could eat. Primal had his optics on the banana pudding. Dinobot was edging over towards the ribs. He looked like he was ready to fight QuickStrike for them. Rattrap looked ready to grab the Mac and Cheese bowl and take it upstairs, but my glare stopped him. Rampage was, surprisingly, not glaring at Depth Charge. Instead, he too was going for the ribs. Depth Charge, on the other hand, was eyeing the ham. Thank you! Someone else who likes ham! Cheetor was licking his lips and staring at the dressing or stuffing. Or whatever you want to call it! Inferno was ready to snatch the ham 'for the royalty' though I really think he wanted it for himself. BlackArachnia and SilverBolt were both looking at the pumpkin pie, but backed away when Waspinator looked like he would put his life on the line for the pie. They instead went for the mashed potatoes. Terrorsaur and Scorponock had some sort of plan going on that involved the green bean casserole and cranberry sauce. I shot them a look and didn't ask. I was ready to dive into the sweet potatoes myself, but controlled myself.

I cleared my throat. Everyone looked at me. "Thank you for not acting like total barbarians and jumping and fighting each other for the food." I said. Some of them looked away. So they HAD been planning something…I shook my head and sighed, sitting down. "Alright, y'all. Pick a seat." I watched them sit down and giggled a bit when Rhinox, Megatron and Primal's chairs almost broke, but cleared my throat quickly. "Thank you. Alright, everyone…dig in, but do NOT be the sloppy eaters I know all of you are!"

Everyone looked at me and I facepalmed. This was NOT going to end well. I had already made everyone's plates so everyone had a little of something except the desserts. I was saving those for last. My brother had already poured everyone's sweet tea and also put out a few extra drinks (don't worry, they're labeled) incase the others didn't like them. Of course, being a girl from 'Bama, I enjoyed sweet tea and promptly gulped down half of my cup in one swallow. As I dipped my ham in my mashed potatoes and took a bite, I watched everyone one else eat and observed. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from one person by the way they eat.

For example, I could tell that Megatron was desperate to get more of the turkey by the way he quickly, and sloppily, ate hit turkey leg I had put on his plate while Primal, who was a neat eater, was just trying to finish without making me mad and making a mess so he could get some of the banana pudding. My gaze shifted over to the mech next to me and saw that Depth Charge was gulping down his sweet tea and gnawing on the ribs. I sweatdropped. SilverBolt was nibbling on rib bones once he had finished eating the meat so I just tossed him my bones. BlackArachnia was eating like a proper lady and was eating the rolls I had put in the middle of the table. QuickStrike, on the other hand, was ripping his ribs apart and tossing his bones to SilverBolt like I saw, saying "Here, puppy. 'Ave the bones." Which earned him a smack on the head.

Inferno was scarfing down his green bean casserole, but was also looking around for his flamethrower so he could 'cook' his turkey leg and ham himself. Good thing I had swiped it when I saw it. Rampage was by far the worst eater of them all. He had his food all over his face, but seemed to be enjoying the food and, for once, was not trying to kill Depth Charge, so I let him get away with it. My brother and Terrorsaur were both chatting too much to really be 'eating' but, eh, they were somewhat quiet and not very messy, so I let them get away with it too. Rhinox was thinking, so he was really only nibbling on a roll. Don't ask me what he was thinking about. I don't wanna know. Tarantulas, on the other hand, was finished with his plate in four seconds flat. Yes, I timed it. He looked at me with a look in his optics and asked for more. I swear, I anime fell out of my chair, but agreed. He grabbed some mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and started to dig in. Dinobot was visously attacking his meat and ignored the other stuff…Rattrap ended up stealing his Mac and Cheese.

Scorponock was practically breathing in his food. First went his mashed potatoes, then the mac and cheese, then the ham and, to top it all of, he also swiped the last roll, which was his fifth one! I went to yell at him, but something stopped me. I looked over and saw Waspinator eating. Now, that wasn't what was weird. It was the fact that he…was neater than all the others! He caught me looking at him and swallowed, then smiled. He then went back to eating and watching the desserts. I laughed. So that was his game, huh? Well…I guess after he had been through he deserved dessert…don't you think?

Once everyone had had enough, I stood up and smirked at my little brother. "Alright, guys. Dessert time." As everyone started to rush, I blew my whistle, "DOWN BOYS!! And femme. Listen up! I'M gonna be passing out the desserts so we don't get into a fight, hear me?!" I barked. Everyone sat down and I grinned. Even my brother sat down. "Good. Alright, so my bro and I are gonna come by with the desserts. Tell us what you want and we'll give it to ya, okay?"

There was some disagreements, but my squirt bottle was ready, so they were quiet after a minute. John and I stood up and walked over to the desserts. We split them and I took my side of the table while John, who had been sitting across from me, took that half. I walked over to Waspinator and showed him what I had and told him when John had. His bug optics went wide…ER. He looked at me and I groaned. Not that face….I ended up giving in and giving him a bit of everything. After all that, here's how it ended up. Megatron got some pumpkin pie while his hand got some pecan. Primal got banana pudding. Rhinox got some apple pie that Terrorsaur made. (Don't ask. But it was good.) Rampage and Depth Charge both got a slice of the pecan pie. Rattrap got a slice of the cheesecake and had finished it in five seconds flat, so to keep him quiet, we gave him another one. QuickStrike had a helping of pudding while his hand had some pumpkin pie. Inferno grabbed some apple pie and started to gobble it down instantly. I facepalmed and chose some cheese cake while my little brother had pecan pie. Terrorsaur, of course, had his apple pie. BlackArachnia grabbed some pumpkin pie and SilverBolt and Cheetor both had cheesecake. Dinobot had a bit of everything, but not because he asked for it. Because both my brother and I were too scared of him to say no to him right then…Tarantulas also stole, though we gave him some apple pie, the rest of the cheese cake and stuffed it into his mouth. I swear I thought a fight was going to break out between him and Rattrap, so I squirted them both and told Rattrap to deal with it.

We had a (somewhat) peaceful dessert, but only because I kept my squirt bottle in my hand at all times. I was just finishing my cake when someone let out a good burp. I looked up. Everyone looked at me with an 'oh no she's gonna blow' look on their faces. I laughed. "Good one!" I said, smiling. "So who was it?"

Everyone looked at each other. SilverBolt blushed. "Me." He said, holding up his hand. His face was completely red and he laughed nervously, "Sorry about that…won't happen again."

But it did. Only this time, it was my brother who let one out. We both laughed and so did Megatron, Rampage and Tarantulas. Primal and Rhinox looked shocked. They looked at each other, but my brother and I continued to laugh. We calmed down after a bit and then I snickered before letting out a burp. "Ah, that was WEAK!" I said, covering my mouth. Don't ask. My mom…she kind of encouraged this…she's more of a kid then I am.

Rampage, all of a sudden, let out a huge burp. Everyone's eyes/optics widened. We all, yes even Primal, busted out laughing. My brother, Waspinator, Rattrap, Cheetor and myself fell out of our chairs, laughing. Rampage grinned darkly (Then again, every grin he grins is dark) and stood up. He bowed. Oh dear. I should have known something was going to happen.

Just then, Depth Charge stood up. He glared at Rampage, narrowed his ruby optics and let out a burp bigger than Rampage's. I had to stop laughing and stare. Here was Depth Charge, a no-nonsense kind of guy, sworn enemy of Rampage, he's threatened to rip Rampage apart with his bare hands…and now he's…having a burping contest with the guy?! Heh. He was quite good, too.

Dinobot growled. He looked at everyone and let out a burp. It was bigger than mine, but not nearly as big as Depth Charge and Rampage's burps. He growled and then pounded the table. Finally, he burped another one. My brother and I busted out laughing and started to roll around again, laughing our asses off.

It was just then Rattrap stood up. He grinned, opened his mouth and then let out a huge, long burp. I blinked. John blinked. Everyone looked at him and blinked. It was then I got an idea. Standing up, I cleared my throat and said, "Alright, guys! I just got an idea!" I announced. Everyone looked at me. The room was quiet…kind of creepy. "Um…right…anyways…I was thinking we could have a burping contest! Who wants to join? I also need three judges just 'cause!"

Everyone, except Primal, Rhinox and Megatron of course, considered it for a minute. BlackArachnia and SilverBolt decided to sit out of it and watch while Primal, Rhinox and Megatron agreed to be the judges, mostly because I glared at them when I asked them to be the judges, though. Once he had everything from dinner put up, we all drew numbers out of a hat to see what order we would go in. First was Terrorsaur, followed by Rattrap, then Scorponock, Rampage, John, Depth Charge, Waspinator, Dinobot, Inferno, Cheetor, my self, QuickStrike and then finally Tarantulas. I allowed everyone a quick soda and the magic began.

Terrorsaur was up first. He gulped down his last diet pepsi and then took in a deep breath. The flyer opened his mouth it burped. I thought it was okay, but the judges though it was a little weak, which I agree with them. But it was still okay. Here are the scores they gave him. Primal: 5, Rhinox: 6 and Megatron: 2. However, I think that Megatron gave him a two because he doesn't like him…that or he's been watching too much American Idol and is becoming our burping contest's Simon Cowell.

Next up was Rattrap. The rat had declined the coke I had tried to give him and decided to do it by simply swallowing air. I shrugged and put it up. That's the way I burp too, so I figured it should be good. After about five seconds, he let out a really nice burp. My brother gave him a thumbs up and then the judges started to, well, judge. After about a minute, they revealed their scores. Primal: 9, Rhinox: 9 and Megatron: 8. Now, when Megatron gives a Maximal a good score, you know it had to be good.

Now it was Scorponock's turn. However, just as he was stepping up to take his turn, a loud burp came from the kitchen. I turned my head and squealed. My best friend, and self-proclaimed sister, Victoria (Tori) was standing in the doorway. Everyone facepalmed as we glomped each other. Once that was done, Tori started to drag me to my room where she was going to put her stuff because she was going to spend the night with me that night. The girl stopped and looked around. "Er…Al?" She asked, looking at me, "Why is Beast Wars Megatron sitting in your dining room with number cards in front of him?"

"Oh, we were having a…burping…contest…" I trailed off and blinked, amazed. So did my brother and every Transformer in my dining room. Well all looked at each other and then at Tori. "You…you can SEE them?" I managed. "B-But…how? Only John and I can see or hear them! No one else can!" The Beast Warriors nodded. They agreed with me.

Tori blinked. She looked from me to the Beast Warriors and a silly grin came across her face. Next thing we knew, Tori was latched onto Megatron's arm and was grinning like an idiot. I facepalmed. Megatron, like most of the Beast Warriors, was too stunned to do anything. Rattrap was laughing and Primal was smiled, trying not to snicker. "SQUEE!!" Tori squealed, "They're real!! Sis, how long've they been here?"

"Um…" I tried to think back, "My birthday so…'bout six, seven months, I guess." I shrugged.

QuickStrike nodded. "Yeah. We came 'ere 'bout seven moths 'go…like Alex said." He said, nodding. His snake hand nodded as well, agreeing with him. The hand then burped. Loudly. It was better than Rattrap's burp.

We all looked at the hand and then laughed. QuickStrike stared it at, frowning, and looked quiet grumpy that his own hand burped better than Rattrap. Tori yelped as she was pulled off Megatron by the rex himself. She grinned at him as he held her up high and then winced when he dropped her on her butt. "Ow…that hurt, Megs…" She said, standing up. The girl rubbed her butt.

"It was supposed to…" Megatron growled. He glared at the laughing Tarantulas and snickering Dinobot. "What are you laughing at, traitors?!" He barked, face going red.

"You, Mega-Dork!" Yelled a laughing Rattrap. He ignored Primal when the big ape told him to stop and continued to tease Megatron. The rat was going to get himself killed one of these days.

John rolled his eyes and looked at me before dragging Scorponock and Terrorsaur off so they would go play baseball outside. Cheetor and Waspinator edged out of the room, going to play some video games. Rhinox just up and left, knowing a fight was coming on. I shook my head and decided to intervene before a fight DID break out. "Alright, guys!" I said, stepping forwards, "That's enough! Don't you dare start a fight here or I'll get my squirt bottle, you here?! Rattrap, apologize to Megatron! NYAH! Do it or not gifts for you!" I yelled when Rattrap started to back talk.

Rattrap growled. Loudly. And threateningly. I was hurt, but didn't show it. He looked at Megatron and then narrowed his red optics. "…Sorry…" He snarled. The rat turned and walked away. "Come on, Choppa Face." With that, the rat went into another room, looking very peeved. I don't know don't know surprised me the most. That he actually apologized to Megatron or that Dinobot actually followed him!

I sighed, knowing I would have to deal with the pissed of rat and raptor sooner or later. So I decided later would be best. I looked over at my sister and saw that Tori was watching Depth Charge and Rampage fighting again. Sighing, I grabbed her wrist and her stuff and pulled her upstairs before one of the three got freaked out. Once we were in my room and her stuff had been 'neatly' put away, IE: thrown on the bed, I sighed and fell back on my bed.

Tori looked at me. "…Have they been here the entire seven months?" She asked, sitting down on the floor and pulling out her Transformers: Armada Scavenger toy.

"Lord no!" I gasped, sitting up, "I would have lost my mind a loooooooong time ago had they stayed here the entire time! Shoot, I'm barely clinging to what little sanity I have whenever they come over as it is! They can come and go as they please and mostly come only when my parents are away. Guess some of them want to keep us company…though I think Tarantulas comes just for my brother's cooking and Waspinator comes TO cook."

Tori nodded. "I see…so how did they get here in the first place?" She asked, picking up my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leatherhead toy.

"I dunno." I shrugged, "We think the Vok have something to do with it, but…we're not exactly sure…" I explained, sighing. "At least, we think that's the way they got here the first time…but from then on out, they've been able to come and go as they please."

"How…?" Tori blinked.

"Like I know! I mean…I really don't know…they don't know…it just…happens, I guess." I sighed, sitting down. I sighed again.


I hit my head against the wall. Hard. "Sis…stay with me here. Please."

"I was jus' jokin' sis." Tori said, standing up and putting my toy back. She smiled at me, "Well…we've got everything set up here so why don't we head downstairs and see what's going on down there?" She offered.

"But-AAAAHH!!!" I screamed as Tori yanked my hand and pulled me down stairs. I managed to break her grasp, but hit the wall because I was unable to stop running. "Ow…that one hurt…" I muttered, though the wall muffled it.

Two arms grabbed mine and yanked me away from the wall gently. "Ya okay, kiddo?" QuickStrike asked as I dusted myself off. He and Inferno had been the ones to pull me off of the wall, "Ya hit da wall purdy hard, ya know."

"Yeah, I figured that one out the hard way…" I muttered, rubbing my head, "But I'm okay. Thanks, 'Strike. Thanks, Blender Butt." I said, looking at the two 'bots as they headed back to their game of poker. I smirked as they started to play again, "So who's winnin'?" I asked.

Both mechs looked at me and gave me a deadpannded look before pointing to QuickStrike…or rather, his hand. Tori and I laughed. "Shoulda seen that one comin'!" Tori commented, smirking, as she walked over to us, "Sorry 'bout runnin' ya into the wall, sis."

"Eh, forget about it." I shrugged, "I'm always running into something around here because of these guys. So don't worry." I then sighed and leaned against the wall, "So what do you wanna do now?"

"I dunno." She shrugged and then asked, "What do you wanna do now?"

"Well…" I muttered. I thought for a minute and then sighed, "We WERE having a burping contest, but…" I trailed off and then grinned. "Hey…wanna redo the burping contest?"

Tori grinned. "Okay! But…after that, then what?" She asked, looking at me.

"Er…movie?" I offered, "Christmas movie! Er…I like The Year Without a Santa Clause. It's a great movie, you know. Good songs." I said, smiling.

Tori shrugged, "Okay…works for me…so who's gonna be in the contest?" I told her and she nodded, "Okay…I'm gonna be in it too, but I'm gonna go last. I wanna scope out who's competition and who's not."

"Works for me." I nodded. I then whistled a shrill whistle and rushing was heard. Once everyone was in the living room, I smiled. "Alright guys, we're gonna redo the burping contest!" I announced, "Now, Rattrap and Terrorsaur are not going to go again because they've already went and I've saved their scores to memory."

Everyone looked at each other and shrugged. They were fine with it. They then helped Tori and myself set up the sports room for the burping contest that would be followed by a Christmas movie. The judges, Megatron, Primal and Rhinox as I've said, sat at a table with number cards and a glass of water in front of them. The contestants all sat either in chairs, on the couches or on the floor because we didn't have enough placed for everyone to sit.

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