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Summary: YYH Xover. It all starts with a dream before Kagome finds out that she isn't the reincarnation of Kikiyo but of a well known and feared Lunar Maiden Demon from Makkai and the former comrade of the infamous Youko Kurama.

Decided Pairings: Kagome/Kurama, Inu-Yasha/Kikiyo, Sango/Miroku, Yusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina.

Chapter 1

Kagome glanced at the camp fire with her eyes glazed over. It was the middle of the night and everyone around her was fast asleep, with the exception of Inu-Yasha who was missing. She assumed he had gone to meet Kikiyo once again. It should've bothered her to no end and back but right now by a glance one could tell that the hanyou's disappearance was not on her mind.

Glazed chocolate brown eyes looked desperately into the still blazing fire deeply.

"Who are you?" she whispered the question desperately hoping for the red and yellow flame to help her find the answer in maybe subdued memories. For by some unknown reason she knew that the person - no demon - who had begun invading her dreams again was someone she had known a long time ago. Perhaps in another life maybe?

After the last thought entered her mind she shook her head roughly trying to get that thought out again.

In another life! That was preposterous. She was Kikiyo in her previous life so that made no sense.

But then if that was the case then it should've been Inu-Yasha she saw, but the demon she saw wasn't Inu-Yasha.

"Argh! Stupid, stupid dream! Why can't you leave me alone again?! I don't want to be reminded of that arrogant fox!" she hissed at herself, but shut her mouth the moment she realised what she had said.

Great now she was even had given this mysterious demon in her dream a race.

Sighing heavily she flopped down on the ground reliving the dream that haunted her mind when she was asleep as a child and began invading her sleeping mind once again.


"The forest seems thick enough. It should offer us enough cover to camp for the now and cover us when we raid the castle later." A tall youkai with long flowing silky silver hair, fox ears atop his head, golden orbs for eyes, and a pristine white tail, curling from below his white attire said in a deep voice as his gold orbs stared deep into his refection in the river.

"Are you sure about this, Youko? I'm sure there must be more security in this place. He is part of the family I disowned, and you know how cunning they are. The last time you faced one of them they nearly managed to kill you." She replied from beside him, worry creasing her features.

Except her features were now different. She didn't look like the normal human average cute high school girl she was, but a more elegant, beautiful, mature demon.

Her hair wasn't messy raven black with it's usual blue highlights whenever light hit it, but was now silky, blacker than the night, with any light creating eerie yet beautiful silver highlights whenever it touched it, cascading down her face in a wavy curls.

Her eyes were not chocolate brown anymore; they were a deep blood-crimson, glinting in the moonlight.

Her skin was creamy and pale stretched perfectly on a well endowed yet athletic figure which her black and silver attire did nothing to hide.

She didn't have claws like her comrade beside her, but she did have pointed elfin ears and fangs.

"I'm aware of that Tsukina. The last time I met one of your now disowned family, was when I first rescued you from them. You still haven't stopped tagging along behind me." the youkai called Youko said smirking arrogantly.

She huffed back and he chuckled at her before he did something that made her eyes widen in surprise.

Lifting her chin and turning it to face him he leant in and kissed her with a soft hungry passion that he didn't seem to possess.

Then as quickly as he kissed her, he let her go.

And Kagome woke up with a start sweat beading down her face.


Meanwhile in a comfy bed in the modern era, a young teenager with red hair and emerald green eyes also woke up with a start drenched in sweat.

The only word the said teen whispered was a sad confused question, "Why did I dream about Tsukina?"


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