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Chapter 14

Kagura sighed as she sunk lower in the spring. How long had it been since she'd last taken a bath? Probably a week ago, she thought sullenly.

I would've been able to have one sooner if it wasn't for the stupid red-head hanging around me the entire time.

Kagura sighed once again.

Of all the people she had to be stuck with, it had to be Jin – the most laziest demon to walk the planet.

"Hey Kagura, you sure that you don't me to join you?" the question rang out through the air shattering the calm silence.

Kagura smacked her head in annoyance. Not only was Jin the most laziest demon she'd ever met, he was also the most perverted man she'd ever had the misfortune of meeting. His antics could probably put the monk with the black hole to shame. And said perverted lazy demon had a thing for her.

Didn't Kami love her? At least a little bit?

Picking up her fan she let out a few wind blades in the direction of Jin's voice. "Yes I'm positive I don't want you joining me." She screamt back sinking lower in the spring.

"Ow! You could have just said so! You didn't have to use you wind blades ya know!" he replied back adding a few curses and grumbles to the statement.

Kagura groaned lightly shaking her head as she got out of the water, and dressed in her kimono, before walking back to where they'd perched camp.

"Whoa! Kagura-chan you should let your hair down more, instead of trying it up. You look much cuter this way!" Jin said as he watched his comrade walk back to camp adjusting her kimono sleeves. She arched an eye-brow at him.

"I'm serious." The red head added.

"Jin." Kagura said walking closer to him.

"Yeah?" the demon asked nonchalantly.

"Shut up!" she said smacking him hard on his head before sitting down across him and busying herself with taming her long wild hair.

Jin sighed. So much for trying to woo her.

"Touya!" Ayame called her hands filled with herbs as she entered the cave they were camping in, "I need a little help here."

The blue-haired ice-demon looked up from his place by the fire, and nodded. Getting up he walked towards the female ookami and took some of the load off her.

"Any sign of your fiancée Kouga yet?" he asked conversationally.

"It's still the faint one from earlier. Damn idiot is too fast for his own good! No doubt he's caught on that wench Kagome's scent and is out chasing after her, and getting clobbered by Inu-Yasha in the process." she grumbled in reply.

"And yet you continue to chase after him, even though you know he doesn't like you." Touya commented wryly.

"I have to make him see reason! He promised to mate with me, and bind our clans!" Ayame retorted back.

Touya sighed. "You know Ayame it's obvious that Kouga won't mate with you, even if Kagome refuses him. He doesn't love you. You should probably just give up." He said.

"What do you mean?" she asked annoyed.

Touya winced at her high pitch. "I mean that you're a pretty demon. And you're strong and can take care of yourself. If you even bothered I'm sure you could much better males than Kouga. One's that would actually bother about you, rather than treating you like a child or a piece of dirt." Touya stated.

Despite her annoyance from earlier Ayame found herself smiling a bit. "It's times like these when I wonder if you're flirting with me Touya."

"And it's times like this when, if I was a girl, I'd tell you to shut up." The ice-demon replied, while the red-head giggled.

"You know something, I'm glad I found a friend like you." She said.

"Well truthfully you won't have me for long. I'll be leaving as soon as I get any trace of my comrades or my target, since I'm on an important mission."

"Speaking of it, you haven't told me anything about it yet." Ayame said, not noticing Touya tense. "I know it's got something to do with Naraku." She turned to look at him, her deep emerald eyes curious and demanding.

"I can't tell you much." He began.

"I figured that much out already." She broke in.

He nodded. "We're mainly trying to stop him from completing something that would give him immense destructive power."

"The Shikon?"

"Yes." Touya answered not wanting to divulge anything more.

"Well then good luck to you on that. Not only do you have to deal with Naraku and his minions, but you'll have to deal with Inu-Yasha, Kagome and many others after the Shikon as well." Ayame said.

"Kagome won't be a problem. We're supposed to let the re-incarnated Lunar Maiden have the jewel anyway, since she's the only one who can completely erase it's existence, by freeing Midoriko's soul." Touya said as he began getting the fire ready. It was only when he'd heard Ayame's next statement that he realised that he'd given out to much information already.

"Re-incarnated Lunar Maiden? I thought Kagome was the re-incarnation of the priestess Kikiyo who guarded the Shikon?" Ayame asked emerald eyes boring into him. Touya looked up to meet her demanding gaze. To quote Yusuke and Jin, I'm fucking screwed.

"I can't believe this is happening. Please let this be a dream!" Yusuke grumbled pinching the bridge of his nose to stop an oncoming head-ache.

"If it was a dream I'd be happy, but it isn't so quit whining Urameshi!" Kuwabara said rubbing his temples furiously.

"Would you two morons shut up?!" Genkai said looking back at the two grumbling teens. "We don't need to attract any attention. The demons here aren't like the ones you normally get in our times. There are more B-class ones here. At least in this part of the woods."

Yusuke just continued grumbling, along with Kuwabara.

"What are you two complaining about anyway?" Botan asked as she looked behind.

"Three guesses." Yusuke said sarcastically looking past Botan at two other people.

"Oh Yusuke would you stop being such a cry baby! We'll be fine!" a voice said. Yusuke grunted followed by Kuwabara.

"Oh it's no use with you two!" the voice said again as the speaker threw their hands up in frustration before walking ahead, followed by another person.

Yusuke turned his attention to Genkai. "This is all your fault you know! If you had just sided with us earlier then we wouldn't be in this problem in the first place!" he yelled!

"Shut it Urameshi! I have a bad enough headache already, without your yelling!" Kuwabara cut in. "By the way, whose moronic idea was it in the first place, to let Yukina and Keiko join us in this fucking mission?!"

"Koenma!" Botan answered.

"Remind me to kill him once the missions over then." Kuwabara said.

"You'll have to beat me to it." Yusuke grumbled. "How the hell are we supposed to fight a sneaky unfair bastard like Naraku with our girlfriends accompanying us anyway? We're just fucking shoving our fucking weakness in his fucking spider-face!"

Botan sweat-dropped. This was going to be a long mission!

A really long mission.

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