A/N: Short, random drabble...a birthday present for a friend. :)

James likes the rain.

It makes his hair cling to his face in what might seem like an annoying manner, but he thinks it makes him look rather dashing. He's able to lay his cloak over the puddles that form, and all the girls talk about how sweet he is while Sirius rolls his eyes.

And even Evans begrudgingly admits that it might be just a little bit considerate of him.


Snape hates the rain. It's probably odd to most, he thinks, because the rain would seem to reflect his personality or his mood, or some other poetic-sounding bullshit.

When it rains, people crowd the corridors, the Common Room, the Great Hall, the library--just about every space in the school, it seems. It's more difficult for him to retreat into his desired solitude, to escape from the annoying idiocy of his peers.

And much harder to avoid that cheeky redhead, especially.


Lily's favorite days are the ones when the weather is completely unpredictable, and she thinks that she must be the only one who actually enjoys them.