I should update Hostage, but I just did… and I feel that keeping them in suspense from that terrible, terrible cliffhanger is so much more fun than updating at the moment. Also, I deprived myself of SasuHina, so I need to make up for it now. This is based off the song 'Lips of an Angel' by Hinder.

"Who is it?" Sasuke growled into the phone. It was almost midnight, and he was about to go to sleep. Whoever was calling him had better be in mortal danger or he was going to hurt them.

"Sasuke-kun?" the timid voice answered. "I d-d-didn't think you'd b-b-be asleep yet…"

"Hinata?" Sasuke asked, closing his eye and shaking his head in annoyance of his own stupidity and rudeness. "I didn't know it was you… why are you calling so late? What's going on?" he whispered into the phone as he slowly walked out of the room, making sure Sakura didn't hear him.

"I c-c-couldn't sleep," Hinata confessed, and even over the phone Sasuke could hear her stifle a yawn. He didn't remember her ever having sleep problems, but it had been years since he had last spoke with her. It was sad, they were so close. The best of friends, and then they just lost contact with the other. They were able to sit around for hours and just enjoy each other's company for neither of them really talked. He had grown up in the silence and was so used to it, it made every other sound seem magnified, and she was an embarrassment to her clan, and taught herself not to talk for if she said the wrong thing it would just prove how worthless she really was.

He didn't see her as worthless though. She was a rare thing for him, a friend. Not a fangirl, not someone he needed to surpass, and not an annoying blond who continued to challenge his every move. And she didn't see him as the tragic lonely boy who was ripped from his family at an early age. She saw him as the boy who rescued her from bigger kid that pushed her off the swing set when she was five. He was a hero to her, and his looks, money, family name, and heartbreaking life story didn't interest her in the least bit.

"How have you been doing? I haven't seen you in at least a year…" he whispered, trying not to be too loud, for Sakura would have a May Day if she knew he was talking to Hinata.

"I haven't really d-d-done much… I hear you're with S-S-S-Sakura-san."

"Yea," he said half heatedly. He had never been thrilled with the idea of being with Sakura, but she was there when he needed some form of company. "Sometimes I wish she was you," he confessed.

"You d-d-don't mean that," Hinata said, her voice just audible.

They continued their talk, the night quickly passing until it was almost four in the morning, and they still hadn't slept. Ironic really, the towns two most quiet people having a conversation that lasted hours. "Does Naruto know your talking to me?" asked Sasuke. "It'll probably start yet another fight."

"What about Sakura-san?"

"No, I don't think she has a clue. She's in the next room."

"We should probably go to sleep now," Hinata said, nodding off as she spoke.

"You have to promise me something first."


"You either have to call me back or meet me somewhere. It's been too long since we last talked. I don't want to say good bye."

"Why do you want to talk to me so much?" asked Hinata, not entirely aware she was still speaking she was so tired.

"Who doesn't want to talk to an angel?"

"I'm n-n-not an angel Sasuke-kun," she reminded him.

"You don't hear your voice than."

"My v-v-voice?"

"It sounds really sweet, then again, I'm sure everything does, coming from the lips of an angel."

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