(Hey everyone! This is my first fantastic four fic! It is basically the film if someone else tagged along on that trip to space! I hope you enjoy. I don't have a copy of the film myself but I did find the copy of a script off the internet which I hope is correct. You know how various drafts can appear on the Internet! Anyway enjoy and it starts off in the elevator with Sue, Ben and Reed. TKAMB aka Becky)

Chapter 1: Meeting

"You remember my brother Johnny?" Sue asked Ben and Reed in an elevator to which she received a glance that said you have got to be kidding me?

"He's coming on this mission?" Reed asked as Ben was so taken aback he couldn't speak.

"Yep, I'm about to go pick him up at the airport. Do you want to come with me?" Sue asked

"Thanks for the offer but we are meeting someone at the ice rink at Rockefeller Centre" Reed explained

"Well that's ok, I'll drop you off on my way" Sue explained

"Thanks Sue that would be great" Ben said before Reed could open his mouth to decline her offer.

"Then let's go" Sue said as the elevator doors opened

"Yes lets" Reed said with a smile trying to sound happy when mentally he was hitting Ben.

"So who are you picking up, if you don't mind me asking?" Sue asked as she drove her car with Reed up front with her and Ben in the back

"My sister Evangeline, she's spending the summer with me as her friends who she usually travels with during the summer are spending their first summer after graduation with their family. So for a graduation gift Evangeline is coming with us into space for the mission" Reed explained not looking at Sue

"Evie? I haven't seen her since …. Well it was a long time ago. How old is she now?" Sue asked mentally kicking herself for what she nearly blurted out

"She's 18 now, just graduated from boarding school here in New York. She wants to put her dancing through to a professional level. She's really great at it and she has an audition for Julliard School in a few months. She says she wants to be a triple threat as it is known. She wants to do the whole singing, dancing and acting thing, the whole package as it were. So Julliard is the perfect place for her to study at" Reed explained

"A professional performer and a scientist, your parents would have been proud" Reed turned his head and looked at her for the first time since they got in the car.

"Oh look there it is" Ben said to butt into the conversation and Sue stopped the car.

"So I'll see you at the lakeside base then" Sue said and Reed nodded

"See you then and thanks for the ride"

"Sure" Reed watched Sue drive away and turned to Ben

"Thanks Sue that would be great? What were you thinking?" Reed asked him and Ben smiled

"I was thinking it was about time you two talked. You are going on a mission together with that punk of a brother of hers, so if you start on the stepping stones of conversation it will be an easier mission to cope with. So come on let's find Evangeline and go" Ben explained as they walked around the rink.

"It is one thing to butt into my private life and a complete other to –"Reed began but was cut off by Ben

"There she is" Ben pointed to a girl in the middle of the rink with a group of other people, they gathered friends from school. Her long jet black hair was down to the middle of her back and was straight. Her big brown eyes glistened with fun and excitement and Reed loved her smile. As soon as she saw them her eyes widened and she skated over full of joy to see them. Ass she was at boarding school and Reed was busy all the time she hardly ever got to see him except at Christmas for a whole day. So spending the summer together was a big deal for the both of them.

"Reed, Ben!" She said as she skated and instantly pulled them both into a hug. She laughed softly as Reed hugged her and felt tears fill in her eyes. Hardly seeing her brother was hard especially since their parents passed away several years earlier.

"You look absolutely amazing" Reed said as they parted and she blushed slightly

"Evie you've grown up so much I bet every boy was after you in boarding school" Ben said and she rolled her eyes

"Ben I'm not 12 years old anymore! You can't embarrass me like that" Evie giggled and Ben stroked her cheek

"You have a bit of mush on your cheek" Ben said pretending to like his thumb and bring it to her face

"Ok, maybe I'm not quite old enough for the embarrassment to seize" she responded battering his hand gently away from her direction.

"You ready to go?" Reed asked

"Yeah, I just have to say bye to my friends. I'll be right back" Reed and Ben watched as Evie skated over to her friends and said goodbye. There were tears and laughter combined with lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek.

"BYE GUYS! CALL ME WHENEVER! LOVE YOU LOADS" she called as she skated back towards Ben and Reed. She wiped her cheeks dry and stepped off the ice.

"So where are we going this summer?" she asked

"You wouldn't believe me even if I told you" Reed responded