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Chapter Twelve: The Changes In Life

"So are you happy with your choice?"

Hermione nodded with a smile, "I need a change and after everything that has happened I don't think I could go back. Is that running away?"

"No. We all make changes in our life. Some are good and some are bad. I think you have made a good one."

"Thanks Annie," smiled Hermione at her trusted counsellor.

It had been two months since the attack and a lot had changed. Hermione was left with a ten-centimetre scar from her wound. It didn't bother her though. She had grown quite accustomed to seeing it whenever she showered or changed clothing. Draco had become a main feature in her life. He now lived with her seeing as he was constantly around there was no point for him to pay rent for some place he only ever went too when he needed more clothing or something for work. They didn't really have a hard time getting adjusted to living together properly and were an extremely happy couple. Yes, they had their disagreements, mainly about cleaning with Hermione still being a neat freak and Draco having his own sense of what was clean and what wasn't.

But when it came to Hermione returning too work a week ago, she couldn't. She couldn't bring herself back to working in that sought of work again. She wasn't scared she had just been through enough already and didn't want to deal with rapes or murders anymore. Enough was enough. After admitting to Draco why she wanted a change he helped her work out what else she had a passion for. One being helping people and another working in an environment where she would be able to work alone and in a team when needed. After discussing it and checking jobs that involved this Hermione decided to become a Healer. The course would last two years and when she wasn't at university studying, Hermione would be working part time at Flourish and Blott's so her and Draco still had money coming in from two people. After her meeting with Annie she was heading to the Ministry to hand in her resignation form and clean out her office.

"So, how are other areas of your life?" asked Annie with a smile.

"Good. I have a loving boyfriend, I'm going to be a godmother to my bestfriend's baby, and everything is just perfect really. I can't believe how happy I am after everything I have been through, you know. It's amazing."

"It just shows you are strong enough to pull through it all."

Hermione smiled and the session ended. Hermione said goodbye and apperated to the Ministry. She greeted Marcia with a smile, who smiled back but looked surprise to see Hermione without her robe or badge on. Hermione was just in dark blue jeans, her black-heeled square-toed boots and black, v-neck long sleeved top with her black woollen jacket.

She headed down the corridor waving to Harry and Ron, who were also surprised to see her so casually dressed. She knocked on Kingsley's office door pulling the form out of her jacket pocket.

"Hermione. It's good to see you back," said Kingsley before seeing the blue form, "I see."

"I need a change," said Hermione, "I can't deal with more murders or rapes any more."

"I understand. You have been through a lot."

Hermione nodded and handed the form over, "Thanks for everything though. I have learnt a lot about myself here."

"If you ever have a change of heart you are welcome back."

Hermione nodded and smiled though she doubted that would ever happen, "I'll go pack up my office."

Kingsley nodded and Hermione left smiling to a few people. She walked in and looked around at the tidy office. She opened the bottom filing cabinet drawer and pulled out two flat boxes. She always kept them their for her many partners. It was amusing that she was making use of the boxes she kept in constant supply.

"What's going on?" asked Harry walking in, "Are you being promoted or something?"

"I've resigned," said Hermione placing her belongings to into the box, "I'm going to university, and become a Healer."

"Oh… Hermione why don't you wait a while and see if you can come back?" asked Ron who had been standing outside the door listening.

"I've given it two months. I want to move on completely. I want to do this, guys."

The two nodded and helped her pack away her things. An hour later everything was packed away. The office was completely spotless ready for the new occupant to arrive.

"We will miss visiting you or you visiting us everyday," said Harry realising this was the first time one of the trio was going their own way.

"Hey, we will see each other still. It's not like I am heading to Egypt."

"Feels like it," joked Ron.

Hermione smiled and hugged her two best friends' tightly before collecting her two boxes of belongings, "Have fun."

"Bye Mione," said both in unison before she left with a crack.


Hermione walked into Flourish and Blott's with her navy blue robe already on. She smiled as she looked round excitedly. She was officially beginning a new chapter in her life. She had the boyfriend, best friends, the course she was studying for and a job. Everything was perfect. She could imagine her father smiling down on her glad she was happy with her self and her life's journey.

"Hermione! Glad you could accept the job!" cried Mr Flourish, "Our last woman walked out on us without any reason."

"Oh… that is rude."

"Well what else would you expect from Pansy Parkinson?"

Hermione gave a small smile and shrug. Pansy was linked to her past. She really didn't want to discuss her.

"Well let me show you the ropes of the job."

Mr Flourish showed her around filling her in on what would be her duties throughout her workdays and how the cash register worked. Hermione would work on Monday's to Wednesdays. Thursday and Fridays were her days at University and she work from nine to twelve on Saturdays. It was a fair pay and a good job so she had nothing to complain about.

Her first day was simple. She stacked shelves, ordered more books in, served a few customers, and dusted some shelves on the second level.

She returned home on in a good mood greeted Draco with a kiss.

"Someone had a good day selling books," said Draco as he returned to cutting up potatoes.

"I did," said Hermione pulling her robe off and finding another knife to cut the carrots with, "Did you have a good day at work?"

"Hmmm, I completed another case and had a visit from Potter and Weasley."

"What did they want?"

"Asking if I pushed you into changing jobs."

"Oh. I told them I made the choice."

"I said the same thing. I think they just wanted to make sure."

"They are being protective of me, like brothers."

"I know."

Hermione smiled and placed her knife on the bench, "You aren't mad are you?"

Draco looked at Hermione and saw her puppy dog eyes. He chuckled and leaned down to kiss her on the lips, "When you look at me like that how can I be?"

"Come on," said Hermione taking him by the hand, "Dinner can wait Mr Malfoy."

"Why Miss Granger, what is so urgent?" asked Draco following Hermione to the bedroom.

Hermione turned to face him and pulled Draco closer to him, "I think you know."

Draco grinned and kissed her slowly before it sped up heatedly. His hands slid down her body to the waist of her jeans. Hermione busily unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off him down his arms until it dropped to the ground. They fell onto the, what no longer was the perfectly made, bed as Draco pulled Hermione's shirt off. His kissed trailed down her neck, chest, and stomach before Hermione pulled him back up to her lips.

Her hands slid down to his pants buckle and back up before she moved around until she was straddling him.

"Better?" asked Draco as he looked at her with a soft smile he only ever gave her.

"Much," replied Hermione as she undid his belt buckle and undid his pants.

Draco pulled Hermione down to him as he ravished her lips with his kiss and unclasped her red bra. Leaning back he grinned.

"Something tells me you knew this would be happening," he commented.

"You got me red handed."

"Not red handed exactly," chuckled Draco as he threw the bra to the ground and removed his pants and boxers before doing the same to Hermione…


"Hermione it looks beautiful on you," said Ginny circling around Hermione who was dressed in a golden halter necked gown that was fitted down to her hips where it loosened up to give her free movement.

"You made a good pick," said Hermione as she looked at the fabric, "Your mother has done a wonderful job on all the dresses."

Ginny smiled, "I know. I can't believe tomorrow is the wedding. Get changed back into your pyjamas. Mum will have the junk food ready soon."

Months had passed with Hermione beginning her course. She loved it and found everything fascinating. The workload was heavy but she organised everything so she would still have time for Draco in between studying and work. Ginny was now heavily pregnant due next month and already had names picked out.

If it were a girl the baby would be named Hailey Lily Potter and for a boy it would be Patrick James Potter. Hermione and Ron would be the godparents, as was decided without question by Ginny. Harry thought it was perfect wanting Hermione to be classed as an Aunty someway.

Ginny at first didn't discuss the pregnancy with Hermione in case it surfaced bad memories of Riley. Hermione assured her it was fine and visited the gravesite on the anniversary of his death with Draco by her side. That time she didn't drink her self-silly and talked about it out loud and about the dreams she held when she had accepted the pregnancy.

"Okay," said Mrs Weasley as Hermione came down stairs, "We have marshmallows, ice cream, chips, choc-chip cookies, fruit slices – I know Ginny, not junk food – and some butter beer. This is going to be a fun night! Just us women before the big day tomorrow."

Hermione looked around the room. There was Tonks, Fleur, Gabrielle, Luna, Mrs Weasley, Fred's girlfriend Miranda and a few of Ginny's friends from work. Hermione was the maid of honour with Luna being the bridesmaid with Fleur and Gabrielle. Harry's best man was Ron and his groomsmen were Charlie, Fred, and George.

"So, are you nervous yet?" asked Mrs Weasley smiling at her youngest and only daughter, "You become Ginerva Molly Potter tomorrow."

Ginny smiled as she munched on a cookie, "I am more excited, but Fleur said the nerves won't set in till tomorrow."

Mrs Weasley nodded and looked at Hermione with a smile, "I have been waiting for Draco to pop the question to you."

Hermione smiled, "It'll happen when the time comes."

"I never thought I would be the one to say this, but he is perfect for you."

Hermione smiled at the woman she saw as her second mother, "If I do get engaged you'll be the first to know."

"Hey! What about me? I am your bestfriend, you know," said Ginny pointedly, "Best friend's are meant to know first."

"Well, I'll make you both be at the same spot at the same time and tell you both first together."

Ginny nodded, "Good enough."

Hermione chuckled as she drank some butterbeer wondering when Draco would pop the question and if he actually would do it or not any time soon.


Ginny looked in the mirror nervously at her reflection. The gown was beautifully made to suit her pregnant belly. It was strapless with the top part sitting snugly around her breasts, but where her stomach began it flowed out loosely all the way down and skimming the ground barely. She wore short-heeled white slip-ons that matching the white material of her silk gown. Her red long hair was curled gently and half was pulled up into an elegant bun with trendils purposely to keep it casual yet graceful at once.

Hermione smiled at Ginny before looking at her golden dress with golden-heeled shoes that did up around the ankle. Her hair was straightened and clipped back with golden clips with pink small crystal flowers. Make up was minimal, yet slightly noticeable.

"Hermione," said Mrs Weasley holding a list in her hand, "Do you have any songs you would like played?"

"Yeah," nodded Hermione, "Run To You by Roxette… is that possible?"

Mrs Weasley nodded, "Harry made sure muggle songs could be played. He has a fetish with this band called Jet."

"I know them. I only like one song of theirs. I don't know the title though."

"Run To You?" questioned Ginny once her mother had left.

Hermione gave a small smile; "It describes how my life has been… but the chorus always reminds me of Draco. Does that sound corny?"

"It's sounds sweet!" said Ginny smiling.


"May I now pronounce you husband and wife!"

Everybody cheered happily as Harry and Ginny shared their first kiss as Mr and Mrs Potter. Hermione clapped happily as the twins did wolf whistles and catcalls.

Everyone soon filed out of the tent set up in the field away from the Burrow and over to the reception area set up at a top of the hill. Tables were arranged in a semi circle with the bride and groom party table being set up in the middle. A muggleborn DJ had been set up and already had the Weird Sister's playing a song. Everyone milled about for a bit before sitting down to listen to speeches.

Draco was sitting with the Weasley family and laughed as Ron described some humorous moments about his sister and best mate. Hermione soon stood and walked over to the cylinder shape microphone that would make her voice loud enough for all the hear.

"What can I possibly say to top Ron's speech?" sighed Hermione with a small smile, "Harry and Ginny are the best friend's anyone could wish for and I know I am lucky to have them. I can remember the days when Ginny was incapable of speech around Harry and would go red enough to match her hair colour. In some cases she would evacuate a room before Harry arrived in time to see her," a few people chuckled with Ginny shaking her head smiling as Harry grinned at her, "Anyway, I won't carry on. I just want to wish you both and the soon to be new arrival all the best. Have a great evening everyone."

Hermione stepped down and grinned at Draco as she passed him back to her seat beside Ginny.

"Did everyone have to know about my speech difficulties?" joked Ginny as Hermione sat down.

"Of course they did," said Hermione smiling as the bride and grooms first dance began.

Harry stood and took Ginny by the hand leading her to the dance floor as Celine Dion's song 'Then You Look At Me' played. It was a powerful ballad and Hermione thought it suited their romance perfectly.

Once it was over everyone clapped before a voice came over the speakers.

"This song is from Hermione Granger, dedicated to Draco Malfoy."

Hermione looked surprised and looked at a evilly grinning Ginny. Shaking her head she stood up and found Draco as the music started.

"Did you plan this?" asked Draco as him and Hermione started dancing slowly on the dance floor.

"Well I asked for the song… Ginny organized the dedication. But yeah, the song is about me and you… well the chorus is about you… the rest is how my life has been in a way."


Sometimes I feel like dying,

Driving while I close my eyes,

Moving in and out of heartache,

Trying to catch the truth in my life,

Watching your stars in the moonlight,

Come tumbling down from the sky,

Take it now,

I'm gonna run to you,

I'm gonna come to you,

I wanna find you in everything that I do,

I'm gonna run to you,

I'm gonna count on you,

I'm gonna follow,

Baby what else can I do?

"I like it," said Draco smiling down at Hermione.

"I was hoping you would."

Sunday morning my time is sleeping,

Lying all alone in my bed,

There's not a sound but I cannot help but miss it,

Wishing I was somewhere else instead,

But sometimes they're too hard to handle,

Those voices inside my head,

Listen now,

I'm gonna run to you,

I'm gonna come to you,

I wanna find you in everything that I do,

I'm gonna run to you,

I'm gonna count on you,

I'm gonna follow,

Baby what else can I do?

"I want to ask you something," said Draco with a small nervous smile, "I just don't know how to go about it."

"Well, just come right out with it," said Hermione with a small shrug, "You know I'll listen."

"Yeah I am hoping you do listen."

Take a walk inside my dreams,

And charge a lonely road,

Lonely people come and go,

And come and go,

"What is it?"

"Well… I love you Hermione. And I cannot imagine not being with you," said Draco seriously, "So, I was wondering if you would like to marry me?"

I'm gonna run to you,

I'm gonna come to you,

Oh do it now!

I'm gonna run to you,

I'm gonna count on you,

I'm gonna follow,

Oh oh ohhh!

"Draco…" said Hermione surprised as she smiled at him, "Of course I will!"

Grinning Draco picked her up and kissed her tenderly as he spun her around before setting her on the ground and pulling out the ring his mother gave him ages ago at the hospital.

I'm gonna run to you,

I'm gonna come to you,

I wanna find you in everything that I do,

I'm gonna run to you,

I'm gonna count on you,

I'm gonna follow,

Baby what else can I do?

He slipped the ring onto her finger watching her eyes widen at the size of it.

"It was my mothers… a family heirloom," said Draco as she looked up at him, "So when will we get married?"

Hermione laughed before she kissed him, "Let me get used to being engaged first… plus we have people to tell."


"It's time!" cried Hermione turning to Draco in mid April, "Oh my gosh!"

"Time for what?" frowned Draco.

"Ginny is having her baby! We have to go!"

Grabbing onto Draco by the arm she apperated them both to St Mungo's. The receptionist directed them to the direction of where births happened and the pair ran to the elevator before taking it to the correct floor. Ron greeted them nervously before they took a seat across from Ginny's parents.

"How is she doing?" asked Hermione worriedly.

"Fine," said Arthur, "Ginny is a strong girl."

Hermione nodded in agreement before falling silent.

"Do you want kids?" asked Draco looking at Hermione curiously.

"Yes. A little boy and a little girl named Mitchell and Savannah. Do you like those names?"

"Yeah I do."

Hermione smiled and kissed her future husband on the cheek. They talked quietly about their wedding already in early planning stages for an hour before Harry came out grinning like a fool.

"Everyone… I am a proud father to Hailey Lily Potter… and Patrick James Potter."

"Twins?" cried nearly everyone before Harry nodded.

"Yeah… twins."

The End…

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