The first time she met Dylan, she was the 'enemy', trying to take over his ship. Yet he warned her in time to escape the bomb he had planted.

Then he asked them to join him it was to help his cause – a restored Commonwealth. When he put her crew in danger, staying in the corona of the sun, she thought he was like all the others and prepared to leave.

Then she discovered that firstly, he had not known, could not have realised, the extent of the danger for someone like Harper, and secondly, that he had been working on an escape plan utilising all the varied skills her crew possessed.

She began to realise that although a restored Commonwealth was his goal, and he put his all into it, it was never to the exclusion of everyone else. His crew was important to him, as people, not as a means to an end.

He might get annoyed with them for being undisciplined, but equally he got angry with himself for sometimes forgetting that they weren't High Guard. He appreciated their unique talents and even sometimes, their unorthodox approach. He was by no means perfect, but would, as far as he possibly could, keep his promises, to individuals as well as to nations. He never left his people behind!

One day she looked up and found him watching her, and the look in his eyes told her that he loved her, and that scared her, until she looked again and saw the truth in his eyes.

As important as the Commonwealth was to him, she was just as important.