thank you to: warg and any others i missed for the suggestion.

yet one more crazy, random pick on.

Ways to tick off Megumi

1. Call her "fox". You will see just how much she likes that, as you end up with a hand print on your face. Do not expect her to fix it.

2. Whisper that she really loves Sano. First she will get very mad, and then she will blush and try to deny it, and then get mad again.

3. Tell her that she is a really lousy doctor. Do not expect any further help should you get sick or injured. She will relent if you are actually dying or something seriously wrong. If she did not help, then she would be a bad doctor.

4. Tell her that because of money problems, Sano has to move in with her. See how long it takes her to loose her patience with him.

5. Bring a big hairy dog to stay with her. The dog will become very attached to her. This gets on her nerves as it reminds her of a certain rooster. Causing loss of patience again.

6. Have her patients ask if the tall spiky haired fellow is her lover. The poor person may get more hurt then when they came in to the clinic.

7. Build her hopes up about finding her family. Then tell her that it was just a joke. And point to some tombstones. (This one is really cruel, and should not be used if at all possible.) She will be mad and upset and will slap you stupid. It is not wise to mess with her head. She will find some way to get back at you. Remember she knows about drugs.

8. Hide her medical kit. Relent only if there is a real emergency. But she will go crazy trying to find it.

9. Have Kaoru go on and on about how much she loves Kenshin. Megumi will want to knock some sense into the girls head, but will hold back because she knows Kenshin chose Kaoru over her. She will get sad. ( Note to any Sano's in the area, this is the perfect time to make your move to "comfort" Megumi.)

10. One sure way to get her to stay away from you is to not wash anything, clothes, body, food what ever needs to be washed to stay germ free. She hates germs, and will avoid you until clean.