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Chapter 1: friends

Lily Evans, age 17, walked into a compartment. She lifted her trunk, and tried to push it onto the rack. Being only 5'5, she managed to push it in only half- way. It teetered, she tried to hold it up, when….. 'LILY!' yelled a voice, pushing her out of the way. James Potter pushed the trunk in completely, and turned to look at her. 'You ok?' he asked concern evident in his hazel eyes. Lily nodded.

She caught sight of the badge on his chest. 'You're head boy!!" she cried. James held out a hand. She grudgingly took it. 'lily, I promise I won't ask you out, or trouble you in any way this year. Promise. Marauder's honor." He said sincerely, "friends?" "More like… acquaintances" she said, smiling, 'we'll start slow'

'Deal', said James grinning, 'lets go'

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