Ways to tick off Battosai

Suggestion by sho-kenki

Warning: Proceed at your own risk. The man you are about to pick on is extremely dangerous, so unless you are a former hitokiri you will not come out alive. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: Hitokiri Battosai is impossible to tame except for Watsuki-sensei and various other taming centers (Sony, viz, and others.) I have no idea how to so I won't claim anything from this.

1. Take away his swords. He will "borrow" someone else's and hunt you down.

2. Tell him Katsura wants him to stop killing and become a street performer. He will be very confused and will wander off to find said leader.

3. Be a member of the Shinsengumi. This is a default setting. He will automatically go on the defensive.

4. Talk about Hiko as if you know him. Go on and on about how wonderful he is and innocently ask why someone would willingly leave such a great man. He will become very upset and walk away before he is forced to make you shut up.

5. Grab his top from his hands and throw it in the water. Once you find it after being pushed in the water, tell him only a baby would play with such a toy. You will be able to dry off quickly as you are trying to run away from him.

6. Tell him Tomoe is a traitor. He will become very angry and deny it. When he finds out it is true, he will become very confused. After accidentally killing her deep depression set in and screws up his emotions for the rest of his life.

7. Tell him to dress like a girl. When he does, walk away laughing. Tell him it was just a joke. You may find out how effective the costume is.

8. Order him to reveal who he is. You will be ignored and given a look that says you are stupid. Hopefully.

9. When in the middle of town point your finger and yell loudly "look it's the Meiji manslayer, Hitokiri Battosai." Try not to be seen doing this and pray.

10. Throw snowballs at him. See how many he can cut in half. If done right he may retaliate by throwing snowballs back, starting a massive snowball fight. (I know out of character, but thought I'd lighten up a bit.)