Life by ones

One second later and the decision was made.

One minute later and they were already from the door to the bed.

One hour later and they lay about, still tangled in each other.

One day later and it happens all over again.

One week later and no regrets yet.

One month later and everyone knows.

One year later and the rings seal the promise of a life together.

One decade later and the kids are growing fast.

One lifetime later and the love never left; never any regrets.


Corny as hell, I know. My sister and her boyfriend would not shut up about how 'one time' this and 'one time' that, or 'one minute' this happened and 'a split second later' that happened. It irritated the hell out of my single ass but I did get an idea!

Thanks for reading!

thegreatbluespoon---says sorrys for being super corntastic!