Notes: Hello all! I have returned with a new fan fic. This is actually my first X-Men fic, and I am very excited about it. I based the idea for this story off of these books I used to read as a child where you could pick how the story ended up. I think they were literally called "Choose Your Own Adventure!" books. In this fic, however, you don't really choose an adventure, you choose who Marie (Rogue) ends up with. You can put her with Bobby (Iceman), Logan (Wolverine), or John (Pyro). I am basing their characters completely from the movie versions, though I briefly thought of making one of her choices be Gambit from the comics.

Other boring notes, but important to the plot: When I write, I am usually very neurotic about where the characters are geographically and in terms of their lives. So, in this story the kids (Bobby, Marie, John) are 19-20ish. I'm basing this on the fact that in the first movie Marie is 17 (Storm say so when she's talking to the attendent at the train station), and I figure a few months pass between the first the second film, and maybe a year and a half to two years between the second and third. I figure the latter part because that not only is there a new president, but they also formed the board that Hank McCoy is a part of (I can't think of the name right now).

Alright, enough of me chatting. Read the story, pick your man, and let me know who you pick! If enough people pick one guy over the other two, I may just continue that storyline. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I'm making no money off of this. These characters belong to Marvel Comics, Twenieth Century Fox, and all the geniuses who make thse characters come to life.

Marie's Choice

"I know. This is what I wanted."

Those words seem to hang between them for a moment before Marie reached out with her bare hand and, for the first time since they met, she felt what it was like to hold Bobby's hand. It was exhilarating, and her breath quickened at the thought of what this meant, but then a snide voice whispered in her ear, reminding her of what she saw the night she left to take the Cure. The memory of Bobby smiling down at Kitty in his arms invaded her mind and she dropped his hand suddenly.

Bobby, confused by this abrupt movement, frowned not only at Rogue (Marie?) but also at the knock at the door. He didn't answer in the hope that whoever it was would assume he wasn't in the room and leave them alone. When silence followed the knock, he opened his mouth to ask the now sitting girl what was the matter when Kitty's voice filtered through the door. "Bobby, are you in there? Everybody's coming back, and Jubilee said she heard that Rogue was back too. I wanted to warn you. Are you in there?" Bobby grimaced at Kitty's choice of words, never taking his eyes off his girlfriend.

Warn? Why would Kitty say that? Marie glared up at the person she was almost ready to trust again and spoke in a strained voice. "Why would she need to warn you, Bobby?" Marie had always tried to be an understanding girlfriend, she knew how hard it was on them both that they couldn't touch, and naturally he would gravitate towards someone he could. But it didn't help her slipping confidence in him that Bobby looked guilty. "Well?" She demanded, crossing her arms across her chest.

Bobby sat down beside her on the bed, and Marie desperately wanted to scoot away, but do so and she would fall off the bed quite ungracefully, shattering the mask of calm she had so carefully placed. "You've got to realize what it was like for me, Rogue."

"Marie," she replied almost automatically. Bobby smiled a little, and reached for her hand again, but she clasped them together and he sighed, opening his mouth to speak but she beat him to it. "And don't tell me that I don't know what it was like not to be able to touch my boyfriend." Bobby just shook his head slowly, speaking before she could continue her rant, anger bubbling slowly inside him.

"You left without saying goodbye; I had to find out from someone else that you were gone! Once I realized where you went, I snuck out and caught a bus to the closest place giving out the Cure to look for you." He paused, as though he was preparing himself for something, and Marie unconsciously scratched at her am where the needle had pierced her skin.

"I saw John, and he's so different now, or maybe he was just always that way, but…he taunted me. I walked away and the next thing I know the place was in flames! I was so scared, I thought…" He stopped again, swallowing hard. "But I didn't see you there, they wouldn't let anyone else in and they said no one was hurt, so eventually I left." He turned to face Marie fully now, and she was shocked by the fear on his face. "When I got back, Peter told me about the fight that was going to happen, so we-Peter, Kitty and me-decided we had to help."

Marie huffed slightly at the mention of Kitty, not sure where all this typical girl jealousy was coming from, but Bobby only gave her a placating look and she looked down, embarrassed.

"Storm, Wolverine and Mr. McCoy couldn't fight all of those other mutants on their own, and we had to do something. We aren't kids anymore, and we weren't going to stay here and wait. And Marie…we…I…killed people. I fought and I killed…" His face had gone pale and he looked down at his hands as though he was seeing them for the first time. And in a way, he was. He didn't know what his powers could actually do. Fighting in the Danger Room was different, it was an illusion, they all knew it; despite the fact that behind the fear and adrenaline that pumped through them with each simulation, it felt real. But actually harming someone with his powers? It was a surreal feeling to know he could do that. He remembered the day John-Pyro-set his front yard on fire, wanting to stop him, but being afraid, so afraid. This time had that power, and he won. He looked over at Marie who was looking back with a mix of fear and sympathy, and if he told her that Pyro was now lying unconscious in the medical wing below, well, he honestly wasn't sure how she would react, so he kept that to himself.

For a moment Marie's anger left her, and in that moment she took one of Bobby's hands in hers and squeezed it reassuringly. She felt a twinge of guilt when he spoke of the battle she only knew took place through snippets of rumors she heard walking through the halls. She regretted her choice for that fleeting second when Bobby talked of fighting and wanting to help, but then she felt his hand in hers and that regret was gone. Kitty's warning returned to the forefront of her mind, and she repeated her question from before, except this time her voice was calm and unassuming.

"Why did Kitty "warn" you I was back, Bobby?" He looked away, glancing at the door, then stared Marie directly in the eye, an unreadable expression on his face.

"Before you left, Kitty let me talk to her…about us-"

"What? You talked about our relationship with her?"

"I needed someone's advice, and it was either her or Peter and I really wanted a female perspective," he cried, exasperated at her fluctuating emotions.

"Female or not, no one's really going to understand us because no one knows what it's like to fear simple gestures, to pull away when you want to kiss me because if I don't, you'll die!"

"Then why haven't we been able to have a conversation about this without you shutting me out? I'm one half of this couple, Marie; I need to know what's going on in your head!" They glared at each other a moment, both stubborn and unwilling to back down, hating the fact they have had this fight too many times before. After a few moments of heated silence, Bobby took a breath and continued. "When the professor died, Kitty needed a friend to cheer her up, and I guess the idea of being with someone I could touch has been on my mind lately," he said sheepishly, though the angry voice in his mind whispered something venomously about it only being that way because she brought up the subject every day. He ignored the voice and continued. "I have never cheated on you, Marie. Kitty just thinks that there is more between her and me and it doesn't help that she's scared of you."

Marie snorted. I wonder why she thinks that. They didn't know she saw them skating the night she left. She could see, even from her window, how they looked at one another, with the moonlight hitting them right, all they needed was a sweeping score and they'd have the perfect moment in a romantic film. Then, she remembered how Bobby reached over and held Kitty's bare hand at Xavier's funeral while his other still grasped hers.

"Marie, are you okay?" She looked up to see Bobby's clear blue eyes full of concern and she felt even more confused about their relationship than before. Taking a breath, she uttered the question that had been banging around her mind, slipping in between the voices that refused to go away. You'd think having absorbed your boyfriend's life force, albeit briefly, would give you more insight on your relationship.

"Bobby, can you tell me, right now, if you still feel the same for me before you became…friends with Kitty?"

The question seemed to break something inside Bobby, and he stood up quickly, his concern morphing into anger, for a reason neither knew. "Come on, Marie, that's not fair! You can't put me on the spot like that."

Now Marie stood, his anger catching. "You can't just answer the question, can you? And do you know what is not fair? Seeing your boyfriend sharing a perfectly romantic moment with another girl!" Marie stalked over to the door, and opened it fiercely. "I'll make the decision easy for you, Bobby. I don't want to be with you anymore." With that, she slammed the door behind her and pushed her way through the returning students to get to her room.

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