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Marie flung open the door to her room to find it occupied with a certain energy-wielding roommate sitting on a bed, obscenely loud music ruining her eardrums, a pink bubblegum bubble protruding from her mouth, and a bottle of blue nail polish and two newly painted toenails. Sighing in frustration, Marie turned away, wanting nothing more to be left alone so she could think, an impossible task with Jubilee humming tunelessly two feet away.

She began to wander the halls, avoiding eye contact as well as the students themselves, but keeping her ears open for rumours. She heard bits and pieces of conversations, catching key words, though reminding herself that what she heard was pure speculation. Even with that in mind, when she head a young voice squeak about how Pyro was in their hospital wing, his bloody body wasting away after a fight with Iceman, she turned on her heel and grabbed the young boy by the shoulders, scaring him with her intense gaze.

"Who told you that?" She demanded, shaking him a little when he stared in awe at her.

"I..I heard Storm and Iceman talking about it earlier," he whispered before wrenching out of her grip and running away. She stared after him in disbelief. Bobby knew John was there and didn't tell her? Maybe he didn't, the kid just made it up, a voice whispered, but she shook it away, knowing she wouldn't be satisfied until she saw an empty bed in the room downstairs.

Memories assaulted her as she numbly stumbled down the halls and into the elevator. She sighed heavily as memories paraded in front of her closed lids. Joy, fear, bliss, betrayal, all of it flooded through her in the less than thirty second ride down to the lower levels of the mansion. She didn't need this, she couldn't have any more emotional stress this week, or she would literally explode.

Just as she reached the silver circular door leading to the room that may or may not have held a painful past in the form of the mutant formerly known as John Allerdyce, it split open to reveal a troubled Logan. He looked genuinely surprised to see her in front of him, and evident in his voice.

"What are you doing here, kid?" She noticed his nervous glance behind him as the door shut behind him.

She crossed her arms and looked at him with a challenging stare. "I heard that John was here, and I wanted to see if it was true."

Logan leaned against the closed doors and stared at her evenly. He seemed thinner, now, even after seven days. The death of Jean Grey taking a harder toll on him, she knew, than he would like to admit. His eyes seemed to glint a little less, and it seemed that quite literally, a part of him had been taken away. She tried to keep her melancholy thoughts out of her demeanor, but she guessed she failed because his look took on a twist of concern.

"You doing okay, Marie? With, you know, everything?" She smiled a little at Logan's attempt to ask a question without touching the subject, but sighed sadly.

"I broke up with Bobby, but other than that, yeah. Now," she said before Logan could say anything along the lines of an apology or offer a severe beating to her ex-boyfriend's body. "Is John in there or not?" He stared at her for one second longer before answering.

"Yeah, he's in there. Apparently Iceman picked him up after the battle and brought him here. He's fine," he said quickly when he noticed Marie's wide eyes. "We just don't have anywhere to go with him that he won't cause a problem. Or that a problem won't find him." He glanced back at the doors, as though he could see through them to the man inside.

"Can I see him?" Marie asked eagerly. She had questions that he needed to answer, and this would be her only opportunity. "Please, Logan," she whispered when it seemed Logan would tell her no. He pinched the bridge of his nose in a rare calm gesture of frustration, obviously unhappy with himself for the answer he was about to give.

"Fine, but if anyone asks, I didn't tell you that you could. Storm would fry me if she found out I let you in there," he conceded before placing a hand on her shoulder briefly. She grinned gratefully at him before pressing the button that opened the doors and walked in slowly. Logan watched the doors shut behind her and shook his head with confusion before walking away with heavy steps.

Marie wasn't sure what she expected to see when she walked into the room, but seeing John slouching calmly on one of the medical tables, looking quite bored was not what she has prepared herself for. Though his lighter had been taken away, his hands still made the familiar motion of flicking it on and off, the room eerily silent at the absence of the steady clicks. His hands stopped when he looked up and saw Marie standing just inside the doors. He eyed her disdainfully and she realized dimly that he wasn't going to like her here. She had taken the Cure, and was, in his eyes, a betrayer to all mutantkind.

Taking a deep breath, she slid her bare hands into her pockets and sauntered closer, though he made no move to stand or even sit up straight.

"What are you doing here?" He asked sharply, breaking the silence. Marie grimaced at his harsh tone, but answered in as calm a voice as she could muster.

"I heard you a rumour you were here, and I wanted to know if it was true." He rolled his eyes at her excuse and finally sat up straight.

"Why didn't you just ask your boyfriend, he's the one who brought me back to this godforsaken place," he bit out. Marie couldn't keep her anger in any longer, it had surfaced during her fight with Bobby, cooled during the trip down here, and now resurfaced in all its blazing glory.

"I'm glad to see our friendship meant so much to you," she all but shouted, stepping closer, though when she spoke again, her voice dropped to a deadly whisper. "I've been waiting nearly two years to hear why you left us to join an old man with delusions of grandeur"

John jumped from the table, making Marie take an involuntary step back. "Magneto was the only one who saw the power I had! He was the only one who made me feel like myself. Xavier just suppressed who I was, put me in a corner like a child, but when you corner something for too long, it will fight back." His face was mere inches from hers, his brown eyes so bright she swore they were on fire.

"I had you in my head, John, so I think I may know you a little better than the man who nearly killed me. Or had you forgotten?" John seemed to sober at this statement, and sat down again.

"What do you mean I was in your head?" He asked after a long pause, looking up at her in an almost child-like nature. She was amazed at how quickly their tempers flared and cooled. Not unlike the unpredictability of fire.

"When I absorbed someone's powers or life-force, I would also absorb their memories, and I could hear their voices in my head. The longer I held onto them, the longer they held on to me. First it was the boy I kissed, I heard him for only a few days. Then Logan after the night….the accident. Then Magneto, when he forced himself on me, then Logan again," John laughed softly at the memory of that week after the fight at Liberty Island. She sure was hell to live with. "Then, when you decided to burn up Bobby's yard, I had your voice in my head, I knew your thoughts and your memories."

John shifted uncomfortably at this, feeling vulnerable in the knowledge that someone else knew him, perhaps even better than himself. What was worse was that, when they first met, he had instantly had a crush on her. That memory he hoped she didn't know. But even now, with her a living betrayal of the cause he had killed for, had fought Bobby for, he still wanted to know what it would be like to kiss her.

"You were the one voice I didn't want to leave," she murmured shyly. John looked up at her in shock, unsure how to take that confession. He followed his first instinct: anger.

"What do you think it's like for me, knowing you know things no one should? Why did you say that? What, did you think I'd be impressed?"

"You're such a jerk, you know that? Hearing other people's thoughts, knowing secrets people never want revealed, feeling memories I know nothing about, it was hell for me! I thought I would go crazy, that's why I took the Cure!" John's anger was highly contagious, and they found themselves, once again, inches apart, breathing heavily from their shouting match.

Before he knew what he was doing, John leaned forward and captured Marie's lips in a searing kiss. She returned the kiss greedily, and for several minutes they spent in heated silence exploring each other's mouth.

Marie pulled away first, her lips swollen and red, her face flushed, and a smile plastered on her face. "Wow," she said simply. John just grinned back, and leaned in for another kiss. He found he didn't mind that she had taken the Cure, as it gave them the opportunity to find comfort and peace in one another.