"That's okay, sweetie. Mummy is here."

When I take my baby boy in my arms and he snuggles into my chest, he stops crying and moans softly. A rush of pride and happiness invades me.

That's because I've waited, after so much pain during the war. I was hurt, I lost friends and I had to see Ron suffering with the loss of two siblings. I always kept the faith that we could be happy again. Being together, we could face everything.

With my king, my hero. My soul mate.

I didn't believe someone could find the love of their life so early. It wouldn't make sense because at twelve years old, nobody knows what love means. I always hated to be wrong about something, but I have to admit I'm so glad that I was.

And I found my loyal, brave and good-hearted man. Well, with the bonus of his sexy and gorgeous traits too.

I always have to be thankful to a toad lost in the train compartment. To a basilisk that petrified me and made him stay close to my bed for many days. To a hippogriff that was almost killed and needed defense. To an international Quidditch player who made him jealous and made me notice that he fancied me. To a brave kiss on cheek that brought me later perfume. To a bezoar that save his life. To a wedding when he found his courage to tell me his feelings.

"Love, is he sleeping?"

Ron gently kisses our baby on his cheek and then kisses my lips.
I smile and put Matthew softly in his crib

Eternal thanks to the Magicical World, indeed.