Rating: T

Author: Happy Doom

Disclaimer: I don't own fable. Tis belonging to Lion Head Studios Limited, Big Blue Box, Peter Molyneux and Microsoft game studios.

Summary: Kyros, Son of Brom and the Hero, Scarlet Robe, brother to Theresa the Seer, died along time ago.



Scarlet Robe - once a famous Slayer of Balverines, respected as Champion of the Arena and the greatest female Hero of Albion – was sick with worry. Her son had gone missing, and the blame had landed on her own daughter.

"How could you?" She yelled at her only daughter. "How could you put your own brother on the Cullis Gate? Where did you send Kyros anyway?"

Theresa looked up at her mother and cried. She had just been so jealous of her brother, he had had all the attention, he had had all the love. And that left her to be by herself.

But now, after dumping her brother on the transportation stone, she had the attention. But it wasn't the kind she wanted. So Theresa cried and cried while her mother scolded her and her father went throughout the land of Albion searching for her lost brother.


Kyros landed with a thump on the soft, wet ground in front of a tall wooden gate. He watched as what, to him, looked like three huge dogs, walking on their hind legs.

Kyros giggled as the big dogs jumped backwards and forwards, slamming themselves into the wooden fortifications. The sound travelled to their ears and they stopped and sniffed.

The dogs, or Balverines as they were known to the rest of Albion, wandered over to Kyros and sniffed him. Kyros giggled as their wet noses traced his face and scratched behind the one of the balverine's ears. The balverine laughed in the odd way that they do, a sort of snort and friendly growl, and backed away a little, howling for its leader, The White Balverine.

Their leader jumped over the fortifications the Brown Balverines were trying to bring down and rushed over to see what was wrong. One of the female Balverines stepped forward addressing her leader.

/Sire, look at the two-legger cub. He does not fear us! It looks as if it has been left./

The White Balverine sniffed at Kyros, who giggled as another wet nose traced his face and started scratching the King of the Balverines behind its ears. The White Balverine laughed, licked the cub, causing more giggles from its mouth and looked at his mate.

/Take him with us. No cub should be on their own./ and with that, the White Balverine howled for its subjects to retreat from the Two-Legger's den.


End of Prologue.

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