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Summary: Kyros, Son of Brom and the Hero, Scarlet Robe, brother to Theresa the Seer, died along time ago.



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Jack of Blades sighed, taking out his sword and pierced each of her eyes. Her screams were like music to his ears, but it was obvious that she knew nothing. He would leave her to rot in these woods.

Jack of Blades stood, and released the frantic girl, just to watch as she crawled naked in the dirt. He laughed and teleported back to his home of the moment, using a defined.


/…so, it is decided, the Two-Legger must be left. He is too much of a danger to our clans./ Stated the clan's elder, Conan. She was their leader and elder and no-one dared to try and take her place because of a story that was created long ago. A story that foretold of a she-balverine that would survive too many winters... that would see to many summers... that would endure the toughest of humans... that had created a deal with the fates. /May the fates guide him safely./

Farkas whimpered slightly, causing Conan to look at him from the un-used blue-black stone and inclined her head a little.

/I am sorry, Farkas. But it's for the good of our Clans./ She padded over to him and put her long arm around him. She patted his back and jumped away.


Blaez wandered over to his father, Farkas, who was sat staring blankly at the ground. He didn't know what was so upsetting. But that was not surprising because he hadn't been listening for most of the Meet. Mainly due to the fact that a cub from another pack had started to growl at him, threatening him because the cub hated Two-Legger's. Blaez had tried to explain that just because he looked like a Two-Legger, didn't mean he was one. And so a fight had broken out between them, ending up with Blaez the victor.


/What is a Two-Legger doing here?/ said a voice from behind Blaez.

/I don't know. Why don't you fight it? It'll be your first kill! It looks weak./ answered another voice.

Blaez turned around and growled. /Just because I look like a Two-Legger, doesn't mean I am one./

The cub looked at him, surprise plastered on his face. The cub quickly retrieved his mask of hatred and growled back. /So you speak Two-Legger. But can you dance?/

The cub lunged at Blaez, who side-stepped the attack, flicked his tail, grabbing hold of the cub's foot with it. The cub landed face first in the mud, but immediately jumped back up on his feet, lunging again. Blaez jumped over the flying cub and grabbed hold of a branch, swung himself up and landed in a tree (he wasn't as good at jumping as a full balverine, but he could jump pretty high). He stuck out his tongue as the cub jumped into the same tree. The cub gained his balance and bent low to the tree growling as he did so.

Secretly, Blaez rapped his tail around the branch (a major advantage over the average balverine since they didn't have tails) and waited for the cub to pounce. And that the cub did. He leaped toward Blaez, who just dropped down and hung upside down by his tail. The cub went straight into the trunk of the tree and fell down to the floor.

Blaez jumped down, and stared at the cub. He saw a flicker in the cubs closed eyes and movement in his hands and jumped back just as a clump of mud and dirt hit the spot he was just standing in. The cub jumped up and managed to knock Blaez down, pinning him to the floor.

The cub growled. /No Two-Legger can beat me./

The cub's jaws stretched open, revealing his sharp fangs. Blaez looked up and laughed. The cub stared, wondering what was so funny.

/You lose./ Blaez stated.

Before the cub knew it, Blaez was on top of him and deep claw marks down his face, blood draining out of them.

Blaez jumped up and looked down at the snivelling cub. /Lesson one: never let down your guard, even if it's just for a moment of time. The fates did this for a purpose, learn from it./

Blaez lifted his leg high above his head, and brought it down right next to the cub's head.


The cub looked at the clawed foot that was inches from his snout and blacked out.

-End of Flashback-

Blaez padded over to him. /Father?/ he stared into his pack father's black, blank eyes, void of emotion at this moment in time. /What's wrong?/

Farkas' head turned slightly so he was now facing his cub. A sigh escaped from his snout. Blaez heard a sneer from behind him and spun around rapidly. It was the cub again.

/Didn't you learn the first time? Don't mess with my pack or me!/ growled Blaez, shifting himself closer to the floor ready for any moves the cub might do.

/Didn't you hear? You've been banished! Outcast! You are no longer welcome with my people!/ the cub sneered if it was possible for a balverine to do so.

Blaez couldn't believe that and laughed, turning to his father. His father nodded and Blaez's laughter died down. He turned to the cub and lashed out at him, slashing left and right with razor sharp claws and fangs, his tail whipping back and forth confusing the cub, but also blinding him at the same time. The cub growled as he was launched backwards into a tree and jumped into it, before staring at Blaez, daring him to follow. And he did.

Blaez sprang into the tree and, wrapping his tail around a branch for extra support. Balverines were agile creatures when in the trees, yet, since Blaez was only a halfblood, he wasn't as nimble, but just as strong. Again he lashed out, and again he hit his target. The cub pounced at Blaez, only to have a clenched paw in the face, knocking off the cub's balance, making him fall to the next branch.

Blaez took his moment and jumped down to the one the cub had landed on. He wrapped his tail around the cub and threw him upwards, higher into the tree. This would have been a mistake for anyone other than Blaez, but he knew that if he could get the cub higher, he could get him to fall for longer and quickly got higher in the tree, switching from jumping from branch to branch, to climbing the trunk.

Once he reached the thin branch the cub was perched on, just conscious, he smiled and pushed the cub out of the tree with his foot. The cub fell, hitting branches on the way down, breaking its bones on each limb of the tree it hit, landing with a sickening crack in the dirt.

Blaez jumped down and sliced away the fur on the cubs before plunging his teeth into the soft skin. He grinned as the warm, metallic, tangy taste of blood spilled down his throat.


Maze sighed. It had been a long day. And it was going to get longer.

He had been twisted and shaped into Jack of Blades' evil manipulations. Maze, of course, was only in it for the money and power, but he would have to serve under Jack. And so, he had been sent to find the boy that disappeared almost thirteen summers ago. For some reason, Jack had believed that kid was still alive because of a rumour circulating about a boy with control over the Balverines. Of course, Maze didn't believe it. It was probably made up by some kid to scare the other kids. But then, why would he be here if it wasn't true?

Right now, he was sitting in the pub in Bowerstone south, waiting for a man who said he had information.

A man with a wooden leg hobbled over to him, a pint of beer in his hand, a thumping sound every other step.

"You're Maze, righ'?" He slurred. Maze looked up at the man and had to double take. One of the man's eyes was moulding from the inside-out! Now that's a sight you don't want to see.

Maze nodded.

"Come te the back o' the pub. I got some info yuh migh' like."

Maze nodded again and followed the man to the corner of the pub, all the while noticing things missing from the man. Like his left leg. It was now a piece of wood. On the back of his head was a big scar, as if something had clawed him, that stretched from his right ear, which was missing, to the top of his neck. Maze shuddered. This looked like the work of a Balverine.

Once they sat down again, the man began telling Maze about a boy that got into Knothole Glade by acting wounded and had destroyed most of the village with the help of a pack of Balverines. The bloke had told him how he tried to fight them off and got his leg ripped off by the boy.

The boy was rumoured to live besides Witchwood Lake, and, as it turned out, had pointed ears that rested atop his head, claws and sharp fangs, and even a tail! This must be the boy.

Maze had heard about this, but didn't believe the part about the boy's vicious qualities and balverine characteristics. But anyway, he would have to go find the boy and capture him for Jack.

Maybe his luck would turn out for the better after this mission.

Probably not, though.


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