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The Fox Sennin

Chapter 1

Reminiscing of the past, and planning the future

It was during the last week for the bridge to be finished that Naruto began to think about his past. He could clearly see that what he was doing now wasn't going to get him the recognition his wished for. Also, he was tired of always wearing the façade, the mask that hides everything behind idiocy. What would evidently be a surprise to others, hell everyone in the village was that Naruto was somewhat of a genius in his own right. There were a few exceptions to this, all of whom brought a smile to his face at the thought of them.

First there's Teushi-oji-san and his daughter Ayame-chan, who both work at the Ichikaru Ramen restaurant stand that, sadly, is the only place in the entire village that doesn't try to run him out as soon as he steps in. Even if they both knew of Naruto's burden, they treated him in the complete opposite retrospect that the rest of the villagers did. Both father and daughter treated him like a normal person at first which turned to as if he was like a member of the family. Next came the Sandaime Hokage himself. It was thanks to him that Naruto was able to survive until he became a genin. He was a kind old man that looked out for Naruto when ever he could when his position as Hokage didn't interrupt anything. Lastly came the man Naruto cared for the most, Umino Iruka or commonly know as Iruka-sensei. Sure when they had first met he wasn't any different than the rest of the village, but when Iruka had started to learn more about the so called 'demon-child', mainly by Sandaime-oji-san's involvement, he started to turn around all the way to downright trying to help Naruto when ever he could, Even the occasion treat to Ichikaru. His views of them always brought to mind what certain members of a family would be like. Teushi-oji-san would be like that always ever lovable uncle you get to see every now and then. His daughter would be like either a loving older cousin or sister that can't just help but love you. The Sandaime would be like that old, wise, kind and loving grand-father you saw every now and then that always seemed to have a lesson planned for you to learn. Finally Iruka-sensei…he was like a father to him more than anything. The one that would be proud of your accomplishments, to help learn from your mistakes, to help comfort you when upset, etc.

All of them could see through his mask and view the real Naruto that was shielded by it, and the one thing they knew above all else was that he was far from stupid. Maybe nothing like the prodigies from both the Hyuuga and Uchiha clans or have the 200 IQ of one Nara Shikamaru, but made up for it in his quick wit and attitude. One time that presumably showed the true skills he hid from the world was when he created and executed his plan with Sasuke, using a mixture of Henge, Kage-bunshin-no-jutsu and a Fuuma shuriken to save Kakashi-sensei from Zabuza's Suirou-no-jutsu. Thinking of Zabuza had Naruto bring a sad smile in remembrance and respect for the bad missing-nin gone good, his partner Haku and what he was shown during both fights that Zabuza had with Kakashi sensei. Zabuza had show both his team mates and himself what it was like to be a true shinobi, and what was put on the line when in a confrontation with another nin from a separate village. One of the higher points of the confrontations with the missing-nin from Kiri that caught Naruto's attention was the jutsus Zabuza had used during the fights. Mizu-bunshin, Suiton: Suiryuuendan-no-jutsu, the Suirou-no-jutsu he had used on Kakashi-sensei and the Kirigakure-no-jutsu. Naruto knew that is he were to survive in the shinobi world, he would have to learn new kinds of jutsu, and that he wouldn't last long with only Henge, Kage-bunshin-no-jutsu and the use of a few kunai and shuriken. Since Kakashi-sensei was able to us those jutsus, along with about 1000 others if his nickname and the rumours he heard of him rung true, Naruto began to wonder if he could teach them those jutsus. Maybe learn a Katon jutsu or 2 from Sasuke. Couldn't hurt to become a more versatile and well-rounded of a shinobi right?

The thought of Sasuke's attitude though made groan inwardly. He was just an arrogant prick of a drama queen that thought the world revolved around him. Enough said. Then there was Sakura. After all he had done for her, she still didn't reply to him the way he wished she would. He was already beginning to think that it was always a crush and nothing more. Even though he knew it hurt his heart to do so, he knew that he wouldn't be able to move forward if he didn't let go of the feelings he once had for her. Besides, he was getting pretty annoyed with how she would berate him for speaking his mind about 'Mr. I'm-a-dark-broody-avenger-and-I-stay-away-from-human-contact-cause-I've-got-to-kill-my-brother-and-everyone-must-bow-to-me. There were other girls out there.

Maybe that Hyuuga girl could show him what it meant to care for another and be cared for. He did notice her watching him from a distance for some time both before and after he had graduated, as well as both the joyous smile she gave when she saw that he had gotten his hitai-ate and had passed the exam, and the dejected look she gave when she found out she wouldn't be on the same team as him. Also the fact that she would go as red as a tomato when they were with 10 feet near each other and the stuttering of her voice when she tried to speak either about him or again when they wee close by to each other. 'Sheesh, its like she's got a crush on me or something.' Naruto mused then shook his head as he dismissed the thought. Oh if only he knew. Even if she did have a crush on him, it would soon turn to terror when she figure out his secret, why he lived the way he has. The container of the dreaded Kyuubi-no-kitsune. When he thought about it though, he realized that that the damn fur ball had probably woken up when he used it's chakra during his fight with Haku. 'I'll have to somehow get that lame excuse of a demonic piece of fuzz to cooperate cause if I remember correctly, if I go, so does the damn fox.' He pondered at that thought for a bit. Coming up with nothing at the moment, he decided to think on what he needs to improve on. Social skills for one. But the most important area was his chakra control. He had gotten better with the tree climbing exercise but he will still have to make serious progress if he wanted to have somewhat normal control. Maybe Kakashi-sensei could show them how o walk on water like he did when he fought Zabuza on the lake. And perhaps that one jutsu he used with those Nin dogs?

With his mind made up he looked down from his perch in the tree he was training and thinking in to see where the moon was. Noticing it was around 10:45 at the moment, he got himself in an upright position on the branch he was upside down on, and leapt through the trees at a brisk but easy-going pace back to Tazuna's home to get a talk with his sensei about training before going to bed.

Back at Tazuna's house

"Where is that baka?! He should have been back by now," ("He is so dead once I get a hold of him!" Inner Sakura screamed) Sakura fumed as she paced back and forth in front of her sensei, team mate and their charge. As she paced she could hear the taping of Tazuna's fingers on the table where he sat, the occasional page flip and perverted giggle that came from her sensei reading that book of his in a corner of the room and the constant silence of her last team mate and long time crush.

Even though she wouldn't say it out loud, she was worried for their blond team mate. It was mainly due to the fact of how he acted during dinner earlier that night.


As soon as he was done he put the dishes in the sink and was starting to leave when he stopped in front of the door, telling everybody in the room that he was going to train for a bit without even turning around. He was just about to open the door when Sakura suddenly called out to him.

"Naruto, wait a sec." She started to walk towards him while Naruto just turned his head towards her so he could see her. When she saw the look in his eye she froze. She recognized the look somewhat. It reminded her of when Sasuke was about to go and bro- I mean think. But this look was different, it wasn't cold or showed that cool indifference Sasuke had. This look was gentler, warmer but to her it also had a sad and pained look to it. She could tell that it wasn't a look when someone was just recently saddened be an event just recently no, it was the look someone had after going through years of hardship. Now she was just utterly confused by this look. She had never seen this kind of look on Naruto's face before. She had always seen him in smiles, even when he was discouraged or put down by others, he always had that bright grin on his face. Before she could continue this train of thought however, she realized that Naruto was talking to her.

"Yes, you wanted something Sakura?" he asked her once more when he finally got her attention, finally. Now she was even more confused than before and a little hurt. He had never called her just 'Sakura'. What had happened to the –chan he always added? Before she thought of anything else, she answered. "N-nothing, never mind." It seemed to satisfy him because without even a nod he turned around and simply left. When she finally regained the will to move she tired to follow, only to be stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She turns to see her sensei looking at her with his one lazy yet calculative eye before closing it and shaking his head, telling her to leave Naruto be for now.

(flashback end)

Now that she thought about it, ever since they had met when they were younger, he had always called her 'Sakura-chan' , never just 'Sakura', ever. Also what was that look he had in his eyes? She thought her sensei might know so, she stopped pacing and walks up to Kakashi.

"Ano…Kakashi-sensei?" She inquired.

"Hmm?" he replied while flipping a page of his porno book

"Um, did you see the look Naruto had in his eyes before he left? What was that and that change of attitude?" she asked with a cute turn of her head in raw curiosity and slight worry. Kakashi stopped reading and turned a serious eye to his only female pupil. He stares at her while putting his book back in its patented 'personal porno pocket' he had specially made for his jounin jacket while thinking of how to properly word what he was about to say. The look he gave her unnerved Sakura for she rarely ever saw such a serious look in his visible eye.

Even though he hadn't spoken up yet, Sasuke was also wondering what had happened to their blond team mate. 'What the hell is wrong with him?' he pondered. 'Usually he's all cheery, and how the fuck did he beat that Haku guy anyway? Whatever power he had should be mine. I need it to kill my brother!' And with that thought he went back to his brooding, completely ignoring the conversation between his female team mate and sensei.

"Tell me this Sakura." Kakashi began with a little caution. "How much do you know about Naruto?" he asked never tearing his gaze from Sakura, awaiting for her reply.

"What's there to know? He's the ramen loving dead-last that keeps spouting out about being Hokage." She answered as if it was an everyday question. ("Like everybody knows that!" Inner Sakura agreed) Kakashi closed his eye, shook his head, sighed, and reopened his eye, looking at Sakura with disapproval.

"I guess I didn't word it right. Sakura, what do you know of Naruto's private life? When's he not with us?" Kakashi asked again looking straight into Sakura's green eyes. She gulped since for one she didn't know the answer and two, the look of disapproval she saw on her sensei's face. What had she missed about their blond team ma- Then it suddenly hits her like her sensei's 1000 years of pain technique. 'He's…alone…not one person…?' she thought to herself. Kakashi saw a look of realisation come upon Sakura's face. He thought to play it safe for now and wait for her to answer before anything.

"He's always alone? Doesn't he have a caretaker or any family?" Sakura asked with a barely audible whisper.

'More than you know' Kakashi thought to himself before shaking his head sadly and giving a sigh that made him feel at least 20 years older. "To answer your questions, one yes he is and two, about a care taker he once did but it didn't last long and about family, no one has any clue. The real question is Sakura, do you know why?" he inquired. At the look of Sakura shaking her head saying that she didn't know, Kakashi sighed once again. 'I'm getting to old for this.' He thought with some mirth. He knew the answer to it, but because of the Sandaime's law, he couldn't tell either of his students the proper information about their third team mate. There was only so much he could say.

"I've been told that he's always lived along ever since he left the orphanage." Kakashi finally replied. Sakura started to analyse the new facts she was just told. She found that it did make sense and answer of few questions. Like why he acted the way he does and his poor grades back at the academy. "That does seem to be a reasonable explanation." She began. Kakashi started to think that Sakura had finally begun to see Naruto in a new light. At least better than before. "But then again, he's not the only orphan out there, look at Sasuke-kun, he had his parents and clan murdered and you don't see him going around doing something stupid and being and idiot." ("That's right our Sasuke-kun is the best!" Inner Sakura said approvingly). Somewhere in the cosmos the entity known as Irony is laughing so hard it just imploded on itself. Kakashi's face turned into a frown of disappointment. 'Maybe I spoke to soon.' But before he could say anything to his student a new voice popped up.

"At least the damned Uchiha-teme had a god damn family." Everybody in the room turned to the door and found Naruto standing in the door way. While Sasuke frowned at his team mate Sakura was starting to seethe.

"Where the hell have you been you baka!? (Shanaro, I'll kill that baka for saying that!" Inner Sakura screeched) And don't…call-"She stopped in mid sentence when she saw the look on Naruto's face. His face was set in indifference, something probably no one has ever seen before but it was his eyes that stopped her. She saw the same hurt and sadness in them like earlier that night, that same sparkle or fierce determination he had when he was set to do something however, she saw what looked like a grim understanding of some sort. A lump started to form in her throat at the thought of what Naruto could have lived through that gave him such eyes.

"As I told you before I left, I went to train for a while. I also thought over some parts over my life and came to understand some things." He said with a cool and even tone and what surprised everyone was how normal the volume of his voice was. Usually he'd shout. He turned his gaze to Tazuna and gave him a nod, which Tazuna returned before leaving the room, and then turned his gaze to his sensei, completely ignoring his team mates. "Kakashi-sensei, do you suppose I could speak with you for a moment in private?" he inquired his teacher. Kakashi shook the shock left in his system before nodding to him. He then turned to his other two students. "Why don't the two of you go to bed, we won't be long." After he said this he watched as they left, one with a disinterested huff while the other casting a quick glance to Naruto before sighing reluctantly and leaving the room. Kakashi then turned to Naruto who signalled his sensei to follow him while leaving through the door. "Lead the way then Naruto." He said as he followed his blond student outside. He was curious as to what had brought such a change over his student. He was both glad and somewhat sad about this new change. Glad because it seemed to Kakashi that Naruto had matured some and finally became serious about his life and also for how he spoke. But he was sad for he will miss the blond's previous upbeat and energetic attitude. They finally stopped at the edge of the docks where all they could hear was the ocean waves. Neither spoke for a time, just being content with the silence and the calming sound of the waves. Finally, without to face his teacher, Naruto began with a hushed whisper, just loud enough for Kakashi to hear him.

"You know I used 'its' power when I was fighting with Haku." If he had turned to face his teacher he would have seen the look of complete shock on his face, though the light but sharp intake of breath he heard was enough.

"Don't worry. Nobody is in danger of escaping, me getting possessed or something of the like. I do know that the lazy fur ball's finally woken up." If it wasn't for the seriousness of the conversation, Kakashi would have face faulted at how Naruto labelled the dreaded and feared Kyuubi-no-kitsune. What he wondered was why Naruto was telling him this. In the corner of his eye, Naruto saw the questioning look on his sensei's face, he answered the silent question. "The reason I'm telling you this is so that it will be easier for you, me and the Hokage when we tell him what happened. Also the reason I know about the damn fox is that Mizuki-teme told me the night he tricked me into stealing the Forbidden scroll. Which I might add is both the night I became a genin and learned Kage-bunshin-no-jutsu." He finished while finally turning to his sensei.

'We'll that certainly answered a few questions I've had.' Kakashi thought. "Is that the only reason you wished to speak with me Naruto?" Kakashi asked with a raise of his visible eyebrow.

"Iie, what I wanted to speak to you about was training." At his sensei's curious look he continued. "As I was training earlier this evening, I though over my life and my goals and dreams. Also I came to understand that if I continued on being a shinobi as I was before, I wouldn't last long." It both surprised Kakashi and gave him a feeling a pride in his student for coming to the realisation. Not many shinobi, heck people altogether would be able to admit to themselves such a revelation, let alone speak it to anybody. He allowed Naruto to continue with rapt attention and anticipation. "One fact I came to comprehend was that not everybody will turn around from thinking the way they do about me. So really, getting acknowledged by those I care for and protect is all I really need. Screw what the villagers think, I know who I am and that won't change no matter what they say about me." Kakashi smiled, even though no one could see it behind his mask, the U turn of his eye spoke how proud he was feeling about his blond pupil at his maturity about the situation and the thought that was put in to his realisation. Even though it angered him immensely how the villagers treated Naruto, he knew what Naruto said was true. Both his smile and respect for the blond grew as he continued to explain how if he was to reach the title of Hokage he would have to take it in steps. Become an excellent genin; get the raise to chuunin, same for jounin. He was surprised yet again when Naruto told him that he would probably aim for the title of Sennin before becoming Hokage.

"Naruto, why would you wish to gain the title of Sennin if your trying to become Hokage?" Kakashi inquired with a mix of mild confusion and curiosity, that and he was still partly in shock from Naruto's mention of the Sannin.

"Think about it Kakashi-sensei. I know that the day the Sandaime retires for the second time, who's gonna get nominated first? Either the Toad Sennin Jirairia and if not him the Slug Sennin Tsunade if they can convince her to return. I know that I won't be able to reach their level for at least a few years. So if I become a Sennin for the Godaime Hokage not only will it give me an edge over the other candidates for the position they have at the time. Also it could serve as a backup plan if I don't get the position of Hokage. It won't be the end of the world if I don't. Besides maybe I could travel around, see the world. At least I'll be able to prove that I can be a proper candidate for the position and will make some people think twice about me." He finished with a grin as he turned from his sensei, looking back at the water. Kakashi had never been more proud in any student he's had before, that and the smile he gave was a true smile, not the fake one he usually bore. He was also wondering where Naruto had gotten so smart, insightful and observive, or whether he was hiding it all. If it was the letter, why would he do it? 'Konoha's #1 most surprising ninja indeed.' He thought, smirking inwardly.

"Glad to know you've thought that out Naruto. But I was wondering, no offence but when were you this, oh how should I put it, um…attentive to your surroundings?" At Naruto's heated, venomous glare Kakashi flinched than he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. Naruto then turned back to the water before he spoke.

"No offence taken sensei, but I was always this 'attentive' as you say, basically on the outside though, I wore a façade and hid my true self behind faux idiocy. It started out so that I wouldn't break down and sob when I was around those ignorant fools they call themselves villagers and subjected to their glares and hushed comments. I just kept it up till now cause not only was it my shield to the harassment but after a time it became second nature to me. The only people who could see through the façade are, thankfully, Teushi-oji-san and his daughter Ayame-chan who work at the Ichikaru Ramen stand, Sandaime-oji-san and Iruka-sensei. But it would only be in those rare few private moments that I let the mask slip and was just myself." Naruto finished and became silent for a time, just looking at the sky with a glazed look on his face. Kakashi got a sad look on his face as he looked at Naruto and as he thought about what Naruto just told him.

'I didn't think it would be this bad, and so few people could see through that mask of his. I always had a slight feeling that something was off with Naruto's attitude, first with how he thought of that rescue plan on the fly while facing Zabuza for the first time, but hearing it from his own mouth truly confirms my thoughts on the matter. I'm so sorry Naruto, that you had to live like that for so long, I'll do all I can to help you. Heh, he even had me, Hatake Kakashi, fooled.' His respect for the blond grew to new heights as he continued to ponder at the true strength Naruto had for living through such times. Before he could continue however, he suddenly remembered the reason why Naruto wished to speak with him.

"I just remembered something; you said something about training right, so want did you intend?" He asked shaking Naruto out of his reverie of the past.

"Well, to be an organized shinobi, one must be versatile in Nin, Gen and taijutsu, control, mind and body right?" At Kakashi's nod in understanding he continued. "I was hoping that you could teach Sakura, Sasuke-teme and I some jutsu and perhaps a better chakra control exercise if you think we're up to it." He answered with anticipation evident in his eyes.

"Hmm, well I think you got it right. A ninja must be versatile in most if not all aspects to being a ninja. How is your chakra control coming along by the way?" Kakashi asked with a raise of his brow.

Naruto just shrugged. "Let's just put it this way, if you don't think staying upside-down on the highest branch in the tallest tree in the forest for over 4 ½ hours, without halting while thinking over your past the entire time isn't considered good improvement then I don't know what is." He snickered at Kakashi's face fault then get back up. "I was wondering if you could teach us that water walking technique you used when fighting Zabuza, if it isn't a chakra control exercise as well." He inquired as he waited for his sensei to get his footing again. When he did so Naruto gave him his full, undivided attention.

"Fortunately, the technique is the next chakra control exercise, and I believe you Naruto, are ready for it. I'll have to test the other two to see if they can do the same. Now what kind of jutsus did you wish to start with?" Kakashi asked while keeping his calculative eye on his student.

"Well to be honest, I was thinking maybe some Suiton jutsu like Mizu-bunshin and Kirigakure-no-jutsu. But one move I would really appreciate being taught would be the Suiton: Suiryuuendan-no-jutsu. Other than that I'd like to learn maybe Katon: Goukakyuu-no-jutsu and Doton: Shinjuusanshu-no-jutsu." He finished while never breaking eye contact with his sensei, waiting for his response.

'He really has been paying attention during those battles. Why not. We got about 5-6 days left till we leave and about another week worth of travel thanks to the bridge. And besides, he's my student; I get to teach him what I wish. As he had put it, screw what the villagers will think.' He thought while finally making his decision. Turning to Naruto he gave a nod.

"Alright, I suppose it couldn't hurt. We won't be getting to anything like Suiryuuendan-no-jutsu till I know you've mastered water walking alright? And about Goukakyuu-no-jutsu, I suppose you could talk to Sasuke and see if he can teach you it. And if he doesn't, I'll teach it to you." He finished while starting to get back into his lazy out look.

"I guess I could talk to him, but I know he won't go with it unless there's something in return for him. I could teach him Kage-bunshin-no-jutsu while I try to get him out of his 'avenger funk'. Also another thing about Sasuke, it would be wise for him to train without the use of his newly unlocked Sharingan or else he won't know how to fight without it right?" Naruto said while looking directly at his sensei. He then suddenly remembered something. "Oh right, sensei? Do you suppose that if I do good with the other techniques I could learn that one jutsu you used on Zabuza; you know the one with the Nin dogs? I believe you had called it Doton: Tsuiga-no-jutsu." He asked with a pleading look at his sensei. When Kakashi thought he couldn't be surprised again he was proven wrong. 'Correction, he's paid exceptional attention to what's gone on around him. I'm impressed. Those past academy teachers were so blind to his potential. Besides Iruka of course.' He thought about it for a short time before looking at his student, giving him a nod and a smile.

"Alright, I don't suppose it would do any harm to teach you that move as well. We'll have to write you up your own scroll to perform it to its greatest potential when we return home to Konoha, that and sign the main summoning scroll for dogs, but until then you could use the one I have." He responded while taking out the exact same scroll he used during the final battle on the bridge from his jounin jacket and showing it to Naruto. He also mentioned that even though it got damaged by those senbon needles, it could still be used for quite some time. Naruto meanwhile beamed at his sensei and for what was about to happen while he smile one of his best true smiles at Kakashi. He then bowed to his sensei, surprising Kakashi; again, and when he brought his head back up, he still had the smile on his face. "Arigatou sensei." He said. Kakashi simply smiled back at his student wondering if this is how his sensei must have felt about himself a few years ago…He then looked at the moon, his eye widening somewhat when he noticed that it was well past midnight. 'That took much longer than I anticipated. Time sure flies.' He mused to himself. He then put a hand on Naruto's shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze to get his attention, then started to direct him back to Tazuna's home.

"I believe that we've been out late enough as it is. Don't you agree?" He asked while smiling his infamous U-eye smile at his pupil.

"Yeah I believe so. Oh, I almost forgot. Sensei, do you believe that I could um, ask of you a uh…personal request?" Naruto asked losing some of his earlier exuberance and looking a little timid. "It doesn't have to do with training, just something I was planning on doing after we got back to Konoha." He added quickly while looking slightly downward as to hide his slight blush of embarrassment on his cheeks; and casting quick glances at his sensei to see his reply.

'Now what could it be that would make his attitude change so quickly?' Kakashi thought to himself before replying. "I don't see why not. What is it you would like Naruto?" He asked, looking at his student with curiosity.

"Well, as soon as I get my pay check from this mission, and my savings from home, do you suppose you could uh…come with me to um…well help me out when I uh, go get some new clothes?" He asked with the last few word barely audible and while still walking to Tazuna's house.

'Now that wasn't what I expected. You never cease to surprise me Naruto.' Kakashi thought to himself.

"Why would you need me to accompany you? Shouldn't you be able to go yourself?" he asked with slight curiosity and a bit of worry for the blonds' attitude.

Naruto sighed. "I would if I could sensei, but you forgot about how the villagers treat me like. The last time I attempted to change my wardrobe was 2 years back after I had failed for the first time at the academy. I thought that if I had a change in outlook I would be able to get some help in my studies so when I tried to get into a shop, I was tossed out and was threatened by them saying they would call the ANBU if I tried it again. That happened to every place I went. This orange monstrosity of a jumpsuit I've had on for over 3-4 years now was the only thing they were willing to part with, even at the outrageous price they gave. I couldn't buy any food for at least 2 weeks it cost so much. The main reason I wish for you to come with me sensei is so that I can get into a damn shop for one, two choose something without being threatened by the shop keeper or any other customers they might have at the time, and thirdly so that I can at least get a decent price for what I choose to buy. I understand if you don't wish to, it's alright. I'd just like to get some clothes that don't scream 'HERE I AM! KILL ME NOW!'" he finished sarcastically. Kakashi frowned one again at the unfair treatment Naruto receives from the village, again. 'I'll have to report this to Hokage-sama. This has to stop.' He then turned to Naruto with a smile.

"Don't worry Naruto. I'll be glad to help you out." He said, taking note of Naruto's slight disbelief on his face.

"Really sensei?" Naruto asked to confirm if he hadn't imagined it.

"Really. Now how about we get inside now and get some sleep, ne? We'll need it for the training we've got planned." He said as they finally reached Tazuna's front door. As Kakashi opened the door to let Naruto inside, Naruto replied "Sensei, thank for everything." with a yawn, then gave a nod and retreated into the house. Kakashi could only smile at both Naruto's excitement for the training that they had planned and for Naruto's thanks for helping him out. As Kakashi went into the house al he could think about was 'Naruto, I'll do all I can to help you get through this. It will get better I promise. You will become one hell of a ninja as well, no doubt about it and soon.'

He doesn't know the half of it.